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Get RXd Xebex Air Rower Review [The Best Cross-Fit Home Machine?]

Get RXd Xebex Air Rower

Xebex is a company known for quality cardio equipment such as treadmills, indoor bikes, and rowing machines. One of the more popular Xebex products is the Xebex Air Rower. To learn more about the Xebex Air Rower, we have created this comprehensive Xebex rower review. 

We will show you why most fitness enthusiasts feels that this unit is worth the investment as a home workout machine. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this rowing machine.

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Xebex Air Rower Review: Main Features

Xebex air rower is built for the gym but is also designed for the home users. Its damper settings let the user change resistance from 1-10, with 10 as the highest.

Lower levels imitate water rowing near the surface with less resistance, while if you set the damper to level 10, the resistance is similar to deep water rowing and provides you a more strenuous exercise. 

However, before purchasing a Xebex rower, it is best to check out the different features you should be looking for to make sure this unit is for you.

Air Resistance

Xebex fitness rower machine features an air resistance system of motion. If you pull the handle, it causes the flywheel to spin which moves air in front of the fan. This generates resistance that you are working against.

As you row faster, the flywheel moves more air, which means you need to work more against the increased resistance. It’s because of this why resistance machines are also called as variable resistance systems – this means the more you work, the more resistance you experience.

Training on an air resistance machine lets you imitate the type of resistance you get every time you row on the water.

The problem with air resistance system in the Xebex rower is that it is bit loud. This is common to all air rowers.

Damper Setting

Not all Xebex Rower CrossFit machines have a damper, but Xeber Air Rower does which is a significant plus. It is found on the flywheel housing. It appears as a resistance change lever.

The damper controls the flow of air into the flywheel. Damper affects the feel of the workout, instead of the resistance. This mimics the gears on a bike.

The Damper rating of this rower runs between 1 and 10. You can set it between 1-5 if you want a light, fast row and set it between 6 and 10 for a heavy, slower row.

Padded Seat and Handle

Most of the time the seat height on the Xebex Rower is higher, sitting at one inch from the floor. Making it easier to get on and off the rowing machine, particularly for the elderly. The seat has an added level of padding as it is contoured bucket type. You will not feel any pain on your butt after a long hour of rowing.

Xebex Rower handle grips feature soft grips to make sure you will not develop any callus and prevent sweat slippage.


Xebex rower monitor is efficient and functional. The LCD in rower is big enough to display essential data as you are further away from it as compared to the treadmill.

The monitor shows the readout of your vital training diagnostics such as distance, calories, time, strokes per minute, heart rate, stroke distance and watts. You can also personalize your workout where you can input your target distance, time and calories.

When it comes to monitoring, Xebex Air Rower vs. Concept 2, the Xebex computer does not calculate drag factor. Concept 2 is more accurate than Xebex.


The Xebex Air Rower can be compacted down for easy storage. If you are done using Xebex you can store it away by pulling out a pop-pin to fold the seat rail. You can easily bring the seat rail up into position. After completing the folding job you can store it away, its overall length is reduced significantly.

This Xebex rower comes with 4 transportation wheels, enabling you to move it around easily. The stored footprint of Xebex is half of what it is when in use.


If you are a fan of this brand and you weigh around 200 kg, do not worry as the Xebex Air Rower can accommodate up to 227 kg or 500 pounds. If you are a 6 footer, you can use this machine comfortably since it has an extra-large monorail at 55 inches.

Children are also welcome to use the machine without encountering any issues. It has an elevated seat height, making it a perfect choice for elderly who have limited mobility.


Setting up your Xebex Air Rower is easy. It will only take you around 45 minutes to complete the job. All the tools are included in the package, so you don’t have to worry about it.


GetRx’d the manufacturer and distributor of Xebex offer a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2 years on Xebex rower parts.

Key Specifications

  • Folding frame: rower folds in half for easy storage

  • Grade: Commercial

  • Handle Bar: padded, slightly angled for a natural grip

  • Maximum User Weight: 226 Kg

  • Monitor feedback: time, pace, heart rate, calories, distance, speed

  • Pedals: Efficient one-touch food pedal adjustment

  • Programs: Programmable interval functions, time tracking and set distance

  • Resistance: Adjustable flywheel damper offers 10 levels of resistance

  • Seat Height: 53 cm

  • Transport wheels: 4 wheels allow you to move the rower easily

  • Weight: 43 kg

The Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money

  • Good build quality

  • Seat height is recommended for elderly and children

  • Foldable for easy storage

  • One-touch footrest adjustment

  • Very sturdy even if you row hard

  • Well-padded handle


  • Monitor offers a bit limited information than Concept2

  • No PC connectivity or online functionalities

Benefits of Using Xebex Air Rower

Rower machine will not just work on your upper or lower body; it is a full body aerobic exercise that involves all vital muscle groups. But athletes use rowing as a substitute for running. Because of the complexity of rowing, the user can burn more calories as compared to the treadmill.

Also, you can improve endurance and strength by using the Xebex Air Rower. The strenuous workout involves in rowing; you will be able to strengthen your muscles and joint mobility as well as promotes burning of fat. The rowing machine is recommended for beginners and even for professional athletes.

Xebex Air Rower vs. Concept 2

The Concept 2 rower is the standard setter for rowing machines. So if we compare Xebex what will be the result?

One of the great features of Xebex that may have surpassed Concept 2 is its compact foldability. Since you can fold Xebex about half of its regular length, you can easily store it in your garage. On the part of Concept 2, you need to turn it on its side. Because of this, the machine remains tall and is difficult to pass through the garage door.

Unlike Xebex, Concept 2 does not have wheels so you can’t transport it easily. This only means that Xebex has the edge over Concept 2 when it comes to foldability and portability.

Concept 2 is far more convenient for children when it comes to seat height. Xebex seat height is recommended for those who have knee problems and for the elderly. The foot pegs on both brands are very much the same.

When it comes to resistance, feel and smoothness they are similar. It’s because they have the same flywheel. When it comes to programming and analysis Concept 2 can provide better service.

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Final Verdict

Xebex Air Rower

This machine is priced reasonably and possesses all the great features that you are looking for in any rowing machine. Xebex is an excellent addition to any home gym. For those who have bad knees or have trouble sitting down in a low chair, this machine is “a must” for them. We also highly recommended this rower for beginner to the intermediate level. 

Last but not least, we hope you enjoyed our Xebex Rower review. Share this post if you find this article helpful.

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