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Best Pressure Washer Guns In 2023 [Top 8 Reviews]

Removing dirt, mud, paint, dust, and mold on surfaces such as vehicles, buildings, and other surfaces are stressful to clean with the hand. A high-pressure machine such as the pressure washer gun that produces pressure from 5-200 MPa or more is required to remove dirt with ease.

In this article, we will focus on providing you information regarding the best pressure washer gun.

For those who wants to skip straight to the final verdict, here are our top picks.

best value

  • Fits M22 thread and 14mm inner fitting
  • Max flow: 3.96 GPM
  • Pressure up to 3600 PSI


  • Can be extended from 18 to 24-feet
  • Max flow: 7 GPM
  • Max pressure of 4,000 PSI


A pressure washer gun is a piece of high-pressure spray equipment built like an actual gun that uses water or any form of liquid to clean and remove any form of dirt. The first model was invented in 1982 by Lonnie Johnson.

The importance of the pressure washer gun is so underestimated because this equipment can make cleaning faster, easier, and also enjoyable. The washer gun is used for industrial cleanings such as the removal of surface coatings, indoor cleaning, and a lot more.

8 Best Pressure Washer Gun Product Reviews

1. Apache 99023801 (Editor's Choice)

best pressure washer gun

The Apache 99023801 2600-PSI is considered the best for us because of all the accessories and its user-friendliness. The Apache is already known for manufacturing pressure washer hose and other washer accessories.

This spray gun comes with an extra ward, nozzle kit, and different color-coded spray tips that enable you to use it in different ways. The wand also includes a variable angle spray nozzle tip that allows soap dispensing. It has a security trigger for safety, which can be locked to prevent a kid from getting hurt and also prevent unintentional operation.

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2. Tool Daily Pressure Washer Gun

Tool Daily is a well-recognized company that manufactures pressure washer accessories. The tool daily long gun is a versatile model. This product is about 41 inches long when fully extended plus an additional 19 inches with the rod, which allows you to clean hard to reach areas.  

This spray gun is created for tough gigs and works with a lower PSI mark. It has multi-length and can be adjusted for easy use. This Tool Daily model comes with a detachable brass coupler to fit with an extension rod and M22 fitting.

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3. AR North America ARTEL-24 AR 24-Feet Fiberglass Telescoping Wand

The AR North America Telescoping is a very effective model. The fiberglass pipe material has a temperature capacity of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This Telescoping wand is compatible with the AR Blue Clean pressure washers and the majority of other pressure washer accessories.

It is used more for environmental cleaning. It has a length of 24 inches when fully extended, and it carries its water through a single steel braided 1/4 inches hose.

With this Telescoping lance, you don't need ladders. You will easily reach gutters, barn lofts, and other high surfaces. This machine provides maximum pressure, which makes cleaning easy and quick.

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4. DUSICHIN DUS-422 High-Pressure Spray Gun

The DUSICHIN pressure washer-gun has a brass fitting, and it requires a pressure of about 275BAR-4000PSI. It is an ideal pressure washer for cars, driveways, and the kitchen. The pressure washer has a snub nose that can move easily around wheels, the entire undercarriage, and tough areas. It produces a lot of pressure, and at 3 GPM, it can blast out dead bugs and mud with ease.

It has a brass fitting of M22-14 thread (inside diameter of 14mm) and also a ¼-inch outlet quick disconnect fitting. This spray gun comes with a replacement extension wand for pressure washers. It is a model for both electric and gasoline pressure power washer.

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5. Sooprinse 3000PSI High-Pressure Washer Gun

This spray gun comes with 5-colors connecting nozzles. Each of them operates on different degrees and also serves different purposes. This equipment has a comfortable grip to fit your hands, making it easier to clean.

The outer body comprises of engineering plastic. The internal part is made with stainless steel and brass, which makes it sturdy and durable. This product has a maximum PSI of 3000. This product also comes with a safe handle to prevent unintended use or accidental spraying.

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6. Twinkle Star 4000-PSI Telescoping Pressure Washer-Wand

This Twinkle Star model comes with four color-coded tips, and they all change the shape of the spray. It also comes with a very durable brass fitting. The Twinkle comes with a 21-inch replacement wand in case the other one breaks. 

This equipment provides additional strength to get into tough places that are often neglected. It gives that satisfactory feeling of a job well done. They can generate angles ranging from 0 to 40 degrees, which provides you with the ability to target messy and tough areas easily.

The Twinkle Star comes with a trigger and an accompanying safety lock to prevent unintended use or accidental spraying.

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7. Washer Pro Pressure Washer Gun Kit

This spray gun comes with multiple different stuff plus a fine-looking pistol. It also comes with a 19 inches extension wand, seven sprayer tips, and a pair of adapters. The gun has a piece for every job you want to do.

It comes with five different spray nozzles tips and produces a maximum pressure of 4000 PSI. It is a versatile product and works with both gas and electric pressure washer. This is an excellent product for outdoors, such as cleaning concrete, washing cars, and other areas. The extra five nozzles allow you to spray with different degrees such as 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and 65°.

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8. Powerfit PF31050B Pole Kit

The PowerFit Pressure Washer Pole Kit – 9’ is a product by Powerfit. This product enables you to clean surfaces up to 16 ft with ease and without stress. It was made to clean surfaces where you can't reach and also clean tough areas as well.

The most surprising thing about this product is that it comes with an onboard detergent tank for better results with a deeper clean. The PowerFit Pressure Washer Pole produces a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI.

It is a versatile product because it uses gas and electric pressure washers, including Blackmax. It also has a 3/8 inch quick connect coupler. The PowerFit Pressure Washer Pole Kit - 9' is a universal fit for gas pressure washers.

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Buying Guides

The primary purpose of getting a pressure washer gun is to make sure that the cleaning jobs are done with ease, without stress, quickly and effectively. Whether you have made up your mind to purchase one or you are looking for a replacement, finding and purchasing your first model can make a difference.

Most times, it can be frustrating choosing from the different brands available. A lot of consideration has to be put in before you purchase any model so you won't experience any negativity. Knowing why you need a pressure washer will help you narrow down the available options and prevent a lot of problems.

How much do you intend to spend? 

How long do you want this product to last? 

Why are you buying it? 

Are you aware that there are some products made for gas pressure washer, some for an electric pressure washer, and some made for both electric and gasoline pressure washer? 

Making the right choice will save you some money and stress as well. Below are things to consider.


This should be the first thing to consider in your buying guide. Before picking a product, it is essential to note how much you are willing to spend.

Different factors make up a price for the washer, such as the materials used in manufacturing the product, the accessories it comes with, and so on. A smart purchase is sticking to your budget, filtering the price, and still picking a good product.


This is very important and will also depend on your needs. The pressure is the key. The higher the pressure, the more power is focused, and the easier it becomes to remove dirt.

Every machine has its specification, and it will tell you what the pressure is capable of. The pressure is measured in bars ranging from 110 to 180 bars.


The weight of the washer should also be taken into consideration. Some machines are quite heavy. For instance, you have a lot of areas to cover, and you use a heavy machine, you will end up tired very quickly. In the end, the machine won’t serve its purpose.

If you are going to cover a lot of distance, then you should stay clear from heavy machines.

Hose Length

In case you have a heavy pressure washer, then a longer hose will be useful so that you don't carry the tool around. Also, you will be able to clean tough and non-reachable areas.

Doing some jobs like washing the car, cleaning a high surface, and so on requires you to move around, and a long/adjustable hose makes your job easier.


It is very necessary to use the right accessories for the job. All brands of pressure washer guns come with a variety of accessories for your needs. You must know the various task you will need to do and invest in the machine that has the needed accessories.

Different pressure washers brands have different accessories, the choice is yours to make.


Nozzles are a small part of the machine, but it is one of the most important criteria as well. One of the issues involved with the pressure washer gun is the angle and the focused strength of the water being sprayed. The nozzle controls this, and it is located at the tip of the pressure wand.

Most pressure guns come with nozzle tip of different degrees, and they all serve different purposes.


The durability of the pressure washer gun depends on the material used in manufacturing the washer. The expensive the product, the more durable it seems. You need to check the specification of the products you are purchasing. 

Final Verdict

We are finally wrapping up on the best pressure washer gun review. The products in this article were closely and carefully reviewed for the best product to be determined.

Our top pick is the Apache 99023801 pressure gun. It is a user-friendly product. It comes with a security trigger for safety, and it is very affordable.

If you are looking for a premium choice, ARTEL-24 Telescoping Wand from AR North America is your best bet. Able to generate a maximum pressure of 4000 PSI, and fiberglass pipe material is what makes it so durable in handling powerful wash.

Finally, our pick for the best value product is the Tool Daily Pressure Gun. It is an ideal choice when you are searching for a washer that is both strong and efficient.

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