The Different Types Of Gymnastics Equipment For Home: (Buying Guide For Gymnast)

If you watched the Olympic Games and you were focused on gymnasts, you already know something about the benefits and possibilities this sport has to offer. In reality, there are a lot more benefits and advantages gymnastics provides.

Here we will be oriented towards those benefits, different gymnastics equipment for home and so much more.


gymnastics beams for home

Different Types of Gymnastics Equipment For Home Use And How It Benefits You?

There are a lot of different pieces of gymnastics equipment that can be placed at your home. Each piece is designed and made to offer a unique benefit or benefits. Now we will discuss some of the most common, most beneficial and therefore the most appealing pieces of gymnastics equipment.

Balance beams

gymnastics equipment for home

Gymnastics beams are more than just beneficial. They are important for improving the coordination, learning the basic moves and also for boosting self-confidence. 

You will want to start with a floor beam if you are a beginner. It is also a mandatory piece of equipment for kids. After some time, you will be able to move to the elevated beams.

Trapeze and Rings

Here we can see another, popular and desirable piece of gymnastics equipment. Both, trapeze and rings or hybrid equipment are designed for improving the upper body strength.

They are essential for all of those who are planning to become semi-professionals and professionals.

The best part is the fact they can be installed in any home and are very affordable. Most importantly, they can help you learn some of the most important moves in gymnastics training!

Gymnastics Bars

This piece of equipment is the best-known and usually considered as the most important of them all.

The benefits start with the upper body development, but they move towards the complicated moves which boost the coordination, cognitive skills and so much more. The Tumbl Trak shown on the left is one of our favourite.

Keep in mind that gymnastics bars for home are desirable for those who are planning to learn more advanced moves.

Don’t forget that you can also mix this equipment with many gymnastics bar games that are incredibly popular at the moment.

Gymnastics Mats

All the mats used in gymnastics are mostly there for safety purpose. However, these mats are also essential for kids and for beginners who have just started learning the basic moves and positions.

Nowadays there are countless types of gymnastics mats out there. You can get different mats that will meet your unique requirement. Check out this article to find the our list of top rated gymnastics mats for all ages.

Tumbling Mats

These tumbling mats are usually considered as a sub-type but they are very popular at the moment. Hence, we will have to mention them separately.

The biggest advantage is that the system allows for you to link multiple mats and create a much bigger, safe zone. In addition, they are essential for martial arts, cheerleaders and more.

Balance Trainer

A balance trainer is a desirable piece of equipment. It is designed to obviously improve the balance of the body. However, it is also helpful in making the muscles stronger, for providing the cardio workout and so much more. They are easy to use and they are suitable for all gymnasts.

Gymnast Vault

A gymnastics vault is one of the most advanced piece of equipment. It is used by professionals for performing some of the most complicated and the most demanding actions.

Basically, each move is based on the run, the contact with the vault and the after flight. It is also something that makes gymnastics training special and so much better for all of you.

Gymnastics Grips

Gymnastics grips are used for protecting the hands of an athlete and for enhancing the grip. They can be divided into two main groups. The first one is palm grips.

They are used by beginners and they are essential for those who perform basic swings.

Dowel grips are designed for professionals who perform on horizontal bars.

Gymnastics Equipment Needed For Athletes Of Different Levels

All the equipment in this field is considered desirable and useful, but there are some differences. It can be categorized according to your level of expertise and gender. Below we will explain which gymnastics equipment you need and when you need it.

1. Beginner

The first level is a beginner. In this case, you will need gymnastics grips in order to get the safety and a better grip. Don’t forget about mats, which are essential at every levels.

Gymnastic beams are highly recommended at this point as well. A gymnastic balance trainer is desirable as well. Combining both equipments will help you boost your strength, balance, coordination and prepare for the next level.

2. Rookie

During this level, you will start using the gymnastics bars. Of course, we are referring to the initial and basic moves that are relatively easy. A gymnastic bar will be needed alongside the previous pieces of gymnastics equipment we have mentioned.

3. Professional

Once you are a professional, all the equipments we have mentioned above are needed and mandatory. But, you will have to add 2 additional pieces of equipment.

The first one is a vault. As we have mentioned earlier, it is used for performing advanced exercises and moves.

Now that you are a professional, learning those moves are mandatory. The next piece of equipment is the ring or swing. It is used for enhancing the upper body muscles and performing body rotation moves, alongside jumps in the air. The benefits of gymnastics rings are more than just important. Click here to find out how!

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t use pieces of professional equipment if you are still a beginner or a rookie. They require special skills and body strength that may still be an issue for you.

Gymnastic Equipment For Men And Women

Believe it or not, men and women use different equipment. It isn’t mandatory, but if you are planning to become a professional and to compete, you will want to know which equipment is the most beneficial for you. Also, gymnastics equipment for men and women offers different benefits and is specifically designed for each gender!

For Men

Men will have to use A-frame bars, bar trainers, vault and adjustable height parallette. This equipment is more than just beneficial and important for men and as such, it is considered the most preferable of them all. Don’t forget that a gymnastic vault for men is slightly taller and bigger! Here is what its like to perform a gymnastic vault.

For Women

Gymnastic equipment for women is different, obviously. You will have to consider especially on the balance beams, uneven bars, and vault. The equipment in question should be recommended and used by women of all expertise levels. The exercise routine will vary as well.

Benefits Of Gymnastics Training

As we have mentioned, gymnastics training offers several benefits. Most of the benefits are implemented on your body and mind. You can find most of the gymnastics equipments online and have it installed in your own home. Let’s see the main benefits first.

1. Helps you boost coordination

One of the first benefits you are going to get is improved coordination. Obviously, gymnastics training requires performing precise and complicated moves.

In order to complete them successfully, you are going to need a much better coordination. Over time, your coordination will improve significantly.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have top-notch coordination at the moment. All of us were beginners at some point, so you should take your time and just focus on the moves and accurate performance. In addition, better coordination has a positive effect on our body alignment which will help us look better while walking, jumping and moving.

2. Better flexibility

In order to perform complicated moves that are required in gymnastics, you will need much better flexibility. You will develop your flexibility gradually while performing gymnastics.

Almost all of the exercises and moves have a positive effect on the flexibility. Therefore, it is just a matter of time when you will start reaching your toes with your hands and able to perform more complicated moves.

However, injuries may happen sometimes so it is important to learn more about gymnastics injuries (and how to prevent) and be less affected by them. 

3. Improved discipline

In order for a gymnast to advance in this sport, he or she must follow some strict rules and instructions instructed from the coach. This makes the discipline of that particular individual great when compared to ordinary people. It also improves their listening and following the guidelines. Most professional gymnasts are great listeners and they have perfect discipline.

4. Gain self-esteem

Performing gymnastics moves is far from being easy. A person must know how to appreciate the success and also feel satisfied with the accomplishment. Compared to other sports, gymnastics is better for improving the self-esteem and confidence.

5. You will be stronger

Have you ever seen complicated moves professional gymnasts perform? Let’s say you have. You already know that those moves require strength and power, a lot of it. In other words, you are going to need strength in order to perform those moves.

While exercising, you will use your body weight in order to make your muscles stronger and more powerful. Gymnastics is one of the best activities you can do besides weight lifting exercises.

6. Has a positive effect on social skills as well

It may sound strange but gymnastics also improves social skills. We often see gymnasts surrounded by people who appreciate and love the same things. You will make friends easier than ever and also always have a similar topic to discuss.

7. Boosts cognitive capabilities

As we all know, gymnastics training will boost cognitive skills. For example, you must listen to the instructions and perform them. No matter what, you must always find a way to make them work.

For children, this means that they will perform better at school due to their "never give up attitude" and can easily be among the top students. For adults, it means that you will be better at work and your productivity will be boosted due to your laser focus.

8. You will have a goal

Yes, it is true. Gymnastics training will help make set up goals easier. This is because during training, the gymnast will have to set up their own goals in order to advance to another level. This is a very useful skill especially when they grow up.

When a person has a goal, he or she is a happier individual. The world looks so much better and it is easier to understand new things and to fight for reaching the goal.

9. Gymnastics training will increase the ability to learn new sports

Gymnastics bar skills for beginners are probably the first thing you will have to perform. Add a few next steps and you will get a much stronger, more flexible and more powerful body and mind.

All of this simply means that you will be better at learning new sports. Your body will be easily adapted to anything it may encounter.

Best Brands Of The Gymnastics Equipment

There are some brands in the world of gymnastics that makes the best equipment, period. We have found them for you and now we will say something about each one.

  • Tumbl Trak
  • The brand is founded and located in the United States. The founder of the company is Doug Davis who started this business in the 80s. They believe that the best equipment is mandatory for the best athletes and they invest a massive amount of time and money into offering the best equipment for professional athletes.

  • Z Athletic
  • This is another, well-known brand from the United States. They were founded in 1993 and they offer products, supplies, and equipment for consumers and commercial applications. They are also known as a brand that offers excellent value for money.

  • We sell mats
  • Maybe they have the most interesting and direct name in the industry, but they are also known for making some of the best and the most durable mats. Of course, there are a lot of different products they offer and they are very popular at the moment.

    We should add that customer satisfaction is the selling point for this brand. The company is based in North Carolina.

  • Nimble sports
  • Nimble sports is also a United States based company. It is started by a father who built a balance beam all by himself for his daughter. Even today, the company is focused on making the most desirable gymnastic equipment for kids and adults.

    When it comes to equipment for kids, they are one of the best brands in the business. They also try to decrease gymnastics dangers using clever and safe design.

    The Best Place To Purchase Gymnastics Equipment

    As you already know, there are a lot of different ways to buy gymnastics equipment for your home. The first way is simply by walking inside a gymnastics equipment store and purchasing the unit you like. Perhaps it sounds like the best way, but here are some issues.

    The first issue is the fact most of the stores sell Chinese-made equipment. It may sound like great value for money, but it isn’t as durable and the safety guidelines are barely met. In some cases, safety is significantly compromised and this can have a negative effect on the athlete.

    The next issue is with delivery. Most of the stores don’t deliver the equipment you purchase. Some of the equipments are massive, so you will have to rent a truck or find another way to transport it to your home.

    This can be an additional expense that you have to take into account. The last, but not least, you may get inadequate guidelines for assembling the equipment. There is no support either, so you may have to invest countless hours or hire a professional.

    We found that there is an alternative that eliminates all of these issues. It is Amazon. Now you can get entry-level, professional and advanced gymnastics equipment for your home using the internet only.

    All the equipment that is available on Amazon must pass the latest safety regulations. As such, the first issue we have addressed earlier is eliminated. Only the safest and the most desirable equipment is available. The same applies to the quality, so you will be certain that your equipment will last for a long period of time.

    The equipment you order will be delivered to your home within days, which is another advantage. It always comes with the best possible instructions and you even have advanced customer support if you need additional help.

    Let’s not forget that for each piece of equipment, you can read valuable reviews and comments from existing customers. This way, you can study the pros and cons of each piece before actually purchasing it. As such, we must deduce that Amazon is simply the best place to purchase gymnastics equipments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.What are gymnastics floors made of?

    Gymnastics floors feature spring design. They are made from steel tubes or springs and layered with foam or plywood which absorbs pressure.

    2.What are the floor activities in gymnastics?

    Floor activities in gymnastics are all the exercises performed on the floor. The term used to define these activities was FX it is performed on 12x12m.

    3.What is the most popular type of gymnastics?

    The most popular type of gymnastics is known as artistic gymnastics. It is divided between men and women gymnastics with different exercises.

    4.How are gymnastics scored?

    Gymnastics are scored by getting 10 points at the start of the performance. After that, points are deducted accordingly to the success or possible errors. More information can be found in this article.

    5.Is gymnastics a dangerous sport?

    Gymnastics isn’t considered as a very dangerous sport. However, mistakes can cause broken bones and strains which are common.