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How to Replace The O-Ring In A Pressure Washer Wand? [5 Easy Steps]

how to replace the o-ring in a pressure washer wand

Pressure Washers are convenient and useful products. Once you get the engine running, the cleaning is probably an easier experience. However, if the hose gets leaky, the pressure is also weakened, decreasing the efficiency of the washer. The leaking hose means that there's a problem in your hose.

There are a lot of possible reasons why a hose system leaks water. Perhaps the wand has cracks on it due to freezing or impact damage. Possibly the hose has small holes, which makes the pressure weaker. But commonly, a leaky hose is usually because of a faulty torn o-ring.

In this article, we will guide you on how to replace the o-ring in a pressure washer wand properly. What are the things you will need to get the job done? Read on to find out more about how you can fix this easily.

What you’ll need to replace o-rings?

If you’re experienced in repairing o-rings, you can replace one in less than 10 minutes. Besides, the ease of replacing these seals will depend on the type of your pressure washer.

Some units don't need any special tools, while other times, you need a table-top vise grip. Here are the things you might need in replacing the o-ring:

  • Screwdriver / Pick / Nose Flier
  • Wrench
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Table-top vise grip

Depending on your pressure washer wand, you might or might not have to use the table-top vise grip and the wrench. However, if you’re using an older model, you might have to use these two tools to separate stuck parts.

5 easy steps On How to replace The o-ring In A Pressure wand to stop it from leaking

1. Set up your workplace

You need to set up a table for this repair for easy access to tools and the o-ring replacement. Lighting can be omitted if you’re doing it during the day. But if you’re in a place with poor lighting, using a flashlight should be enough for illumination. Sometimes, the o-ring is in a deep position to be seen properly.

Once the tools are ready, make sure that the washer is not on, and the hose is removed from the main water inlet. Please wait till the part from the trigger to the nozzle is completely dry. If the insides of the wand are still wet, it will make replacing the o-ring trickier.

2. Remove the pressure washer wand

To work on with the repair, you need to remove both the nozzle and the wand from the trigger. It will make cleaning the parts less pain in the neck.

To remove the nozzle, pull back the coupler that connects it to your pressure washer wand. And that's it for the nozzle.

If the wand is not stuck to the trigger, you can twist it and pull the wand out. However, if the connection is stuck, put the wand handle in the vise grip. Use a wrench to separate the wand. When it’s a hopeless case, a small amount of lubricant can help loosen up the connection. 

3. Check and remove the damaged o-ring

An o-ring is like a small rubber band with the size of a wedding ring located inside the fitting where you connect the trigger gun or the wand. It is usually black or blue, depending on the brand of the product.

The most common causes of o-ring replacement are when the original one has already been destroyed because of regular use. If it's bad, you can see its parts deteriorated, and it is harder to pick out.

Use the end of your screwdriver to hook up the damaged o-ring and remove it in the hose. If you can’t do it with a screwdriver, a pick can also do the job, provided that the majority of the o-ring is still intact.

When all else fails, use a nose flier to get all the pieces of the ring. Clean the connection before installing the new o-ring in place. There are models where you need to replace two o-rings, which are connected in the fitting itself instead.

4. Put the new o-ring

This is the perfect time to know the size of the o-ring to use if you haven’t figured out the right size. You can buy a packet of o-rings online, or you can visit the nearest hardware shop. There’s no right or wrong way of inserting the ring to the hose.

However, a lot of people like to pinch the ring in half before pushing it inside the hose. For those with models that uses two o-rings, use the ring’s elasticity to force it in place.

Once the o-ring is secured, continue pushing with the pick or a screwdriver. Just make sure that the ring is nicely fitted in the hose and not skewed or twisted. If this is not done right, the hose will still have leaks even after you replace the o-ring.

If you can’t adjust the ring anymore, then it is snugly fitted.

5. Reinstall everything

Don’t forget to clean and lubricate the fittings before installing back the trigger gun or the wand. Install the nozzle back and test for leaks.

Hopefully, this repair fixed the leak in your pressure washer. If not, you might have to replace the whole wand, as it might be the problem and not the o-ring alone.

Importance of installing the o-rings correctly

An o-ring is a torus-shaped part which is usually found between two connecting parts of the hose.

It is generally made out of rubber material that forms a seal to the gaps between the connecting parts to avoid any leaks.

This way, the liquid will not leak via the gaps formed where two parts connect. 

Due to the constant stream of water and the force of pressure, o-rings tear down over time. When this happens, the seal that it makes is not as effective anymore.

Thus, the liquid goes out via the gaps in the o-ring to the gaps in the connected parts, forming a leaky problem, which is annoying. Therefore, make sure you install the o-rings correctly. 


We hope you enjoyed our post on how to replace the o-ring in a pressure washer wand. It can be quite time-consuming when performing this task, probably within 15 – 30 minutes, depending on your skill and experience. However, it will be surely worth your time as you will save more on your water bills.

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