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Best Treadmill For Home Use In 2023 [Top 7 Reviewed + Buying Guide]

Using a treadmill for home exercises makes an excellent investment. While a classic gym can provide more machines and equipment, having your own treadmill gives you extra options when your time is limited and you simply cannot go to the gym.

Using a treadmill in the gym is one thing, but finding the best treadmill for home use is completely different. Why? Simple! You do not have too many options in a gym – you work with what they have. When you have your own, you want a good price for the quality and a durable item.

It is imperative to research your options, as well as the best brands when you are about to establish your own home gym. Some products might cost up to 5 times more than others, while features make the difference in the long run. Go through this exclusive guide and consider the reviews for a more informed decision.

For those who wants to jump straight to our final verdict, here are our top picks.

best value

  • Foldable and space efficient
  • Multiple workout programs
  • Quiet during operation
  • Value for money


  • Oversized running surface
  • Multiple inclination settings
  • reduce shock absorption by up to 40%
  • comes with cooling fans & LCD Display

Lists Of The Best Treadmill For Home Use

We have summarized a comparison table below for your easy reference. However, it is important to note that the positions are in no particular order of importance.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Proform 400i
55 x 20-inch tread belt

2.5 CHP Motor

10% incline

ProShox™ cushioning

18 workout programs


Price: $$

More Details

Ancheer Folding Treadmill
2.25 HP Motor

Tread track 49.5 x 14.0 inches

12 preset programs

6 level dampening system for low noise

3 incline levels


Price: $$

More Details

​Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill
Motor - 2.2 CHP

Tread track - 22″ x 60″

9 workout programs

CushionFlex Whisper Deck

3 Inclines – 0%, 2%, 4.37%


Price: $

More Details

Sole Fitness F80
Motor - 3.5 CHP

Tread track - 22″ x 60″

6 workout programs

CushionFlex Whisper Deck

Incline – 30 levels (maximum 15% grade)


Price: $$$

More Details

Schwinn 830
Motor - 2.75 CHP

22 workout programs

20 x 55 inch cushioning running belt

Incline – 0-12 degree

Comes with 3 speed fan


Price: $$$$

More Details

Nordictrack T6.5S
Motor - 2.6 CHP

Tread belt dimensions: 55 x 20

Incline: Automatic, 0-10%

Console: 20 workout programs


Price: $$

More Details

XTERRA Fitness TR6.6
Motor - 3.0 CHP

20 x 60 inch running belt

XTRASoft Cushioning system

15% incline


Price: $$$$$

More Details

Top 7 Treadmills for Home Use (Reviews)

1. ProForm 400i - Best For Running

Best treadmill for home use

The 400i unit is known as the best commercial treadmill from Proform is ideal for home uses due to its durability and features.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, which tells you everything you need to know about quality standards. Furthermore, small parts come with a full one year warranty, while the motor is guaranteed for 25 years.

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ANCHEER folding treadmills are built to accommodate walkers and joggers of any shape. The lack of side bars and handles allows more room for moving, without feeling restricted by space.

It comes with a full one year warranty for the motor and frame, as well as detailed video instructions on the installation.

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This model from Sunny Health & Fitness has just the right features for complete and varied workouts. It is not designed to impress with bells and whistles, but to make the difference in your fitness, stamina and looks.

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Sole F80 is likely to dominate the manufacturer's range as well. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor, frame and deck, as well as five years on electronics and two years on labor.

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Schwinn is one of the top rated treadmill brands for home use and its products can certainly make the difference. The 830 treadmill features the right elements to help you meet your fitness goals.

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Featuring a series of futuristic features for a more individualized experience, this treadmill from NordicTrack's is less likely to disappoint you. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame, 25 years for the motor and a year for parts.

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7. XTERRA Fitness TR6.6 - Best Folding Type

Looking for a powerful treadmill that can be conveniently stored when not in use? Search no more! The XTERRA's fitness TR6.6 comes with a capable motor, plenty of running space and an efficient folding mechanism.

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Buying Guide

There are several things to look for when buying the best home treadmill. Generally speaking, it depends on your personal needs, expectations and goals.


Just like for everything else in life, your finances dictate your limits.

Sure, everyone would buy the most expensive high end treadmill to make sure they have everything they need (and do not need), yet you will have to stick to your budget. Check out the market and some local shops to get an idea about price range.


The horsepower given by the motor is directly responsible for the quality of your unit, as well as your workouts. If this is the first time you deal with fitness equipment, figuring out such technical specifications can be a bit tricky.

Generally speaking, opt for at least 1.5 horsepower if you plan to use the treadmill more than three times a week. If you want to do it more often, shoot for 2.5 horsepower or even more.

Your weight is just as important when deciding on the horsepower, as more weight obviously requires more power.


Specifications often underline the most suitable treadmill based on your needs. There are some basics though. If you want to run and jog, opt for a wide belt. It should be over 45 inches in length for a comfortable run.

The speed varies from one unit to another, but you should be able to run at 10MPH or more if you want to. The inclination adds to your workout and could go over 10%.

Do not overlook cushioning for the belt to absorb shocks, stability when you run and a good control panel that you can reach while running.


Make sure you actually need these extras before feeling overexcited. Some of them are nothing but bells and whistles – exciting at first but useless after a few weeks. Some of the best rated treadmills come with both walking and running programs. Others have heart monitors as well, not to mention connectivity to certain applications.

Some treadmills can fold (ideal for little space). Consider the maintenance too, as well as the most important feature you want.

If this is the first time you will use a treadmill, it might be worth going to a local gym or fitness shop and becoming familiar with features before deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I choose a good treadmill?

To choose a good treadmill you need to consider your heights. People up to 6 feet should get a model with a 54-inch belt for running.

2.How much Is the Price Range Of a good Quality treadmill cost?

The price range for a good quality treadmill is between $1000 to $2000 which has all the features you need and is well-built. Professional units are more expensive.

3.Which treadmill is More Suitable for home, manual or automatic?

The automatic treadmill is a better choice. It requires less effort from you and it is better made than a manual model.

4.How long do treadmills last?

Treadmills last between 8 and 12 years with proper maintenance. 10 years is average according to users but some models can last longer.

5.Do treadmills have weight limits?

All treadmills have weight load limits. Entry-level models are rated for up to 300 pounds, while professional units have a weight load of 300-500 pounds.

Final Verdict

Proform 400i Treadmill

Our Rating

As a short final conclusion, choosing the best treadmill for home use depends on multiple factors. There are numerous considerations to think about.

While they all provide similar results and features, avoid spending money on things that you do not need. Instead, focus on your goals and expectations, but also invest in quality.

Based on our research, specifications and reviews, ProForm 400i is probably the best on the market for home use purpose. It features one of the most powerful and durable motors on the market, proper cushioning, multiple workout applications and a good size.

It is sturdy and can take everyday uses for ages. Its exquisite warranty makes it obvious that the manufacturer does stand by its product.

ProForm's 400i model is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Over 72% of all buyers find it perfect or almost perfect, so you simply cannot go wrong with it.

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