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10 Best Wheelbarrow Reviews 2023 [Comparison + Buying Guide]

A wheelbarrow is a small cart that has a single wheel in the front as well as two supports at the rear end for stability. There are also two outstretched handles right above the supports for controlling the direction in which the wheelbarrow moves. Wheelbarrows could possess two wheels, three wheels, or even four wheels according to the shape of a wagon. 

Wheelbarrows are one of the essential tools we use in our everyday lives. The best wheelbarrows have invaluable functions, especially in construction and agricultural settings. These tools have the immense capability of making work easier and faster as it could be used to move lumps of loads like fertilizers, concrete, plants, building tools, garden tools, and weeds that would have taken a longer time to pack.

Quick Answer:- The 10 Best Wheelbarrows

For those who wants to skip straight to the final verdict, here are our top picks.

best value

  • 4 cubic-foot poly tray
  • 2 wheels design for any terrains
  • Solid and sturdy steel frame


  • 4 wheels design
  • Made from commercial grade carbon steel
  • Quick release dumping mechanism

Why Do You Need A Wheelbarrow?

The choice of the best wheelbarrow in carrying out daunting tasks is one that transcends time. It's been instrumental in the giant strides being made in the construction industry.

Wheelbarrows are used to move tools as well as sand, gravel, and cement during construction work. When it's time to batch and mix the concrete, wheelbarrows also come in handy and make the whole process seamless. Furthermore, wheelbarrows are quite important when it comes to gardening and weeding. You could always rely on the wheelbarrow to deliver when there's a need for you to lift heavy garden waste from one point to another.  

The good thing about Wheelbarrows is the fact that they do not require any form of fuel; all that is required is regular servicing of its part from time to time. Therefore, the importance of wheelbarrows cannot be over-emphasized, and there's a need to pick the best one to get the best out of the tool.

Table of Comparisons

We have designed a comparison table below for your easy reference.

However, it is important to note that the positions are in no particular order of importance. Some models may be preferred by others, therefore, please do read in details, which one may suit you the best. 

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard
Dimension: 36 x 27.5 inches

Volume Capacity: 5 cubic-ft

Max Load: 300 lbs

Weight: 29 lbs


Price: $

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Gorilla Carts GOR6PS
Dimension: 40 x 25 inches

Volume Capacity: 6 cubic-ft

Max Load: 1200 lbs

Weight: 60.35 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

WORX WG050 Aerocart
Dimension: 18 x 12 x 42 inches

Volume Capacity: 3 cubic-ft

Max Load: 300 lbs

Weight: 17 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart
Dimension: 65 x 29 x 29 inches

Volume Capacity: 10 cubic-ft

Max Load: 400 lbs

Weight: 49 lbs


Price: $$$

More Details

Rubbermaid FG370712907 Cart Pallet
Dimension: 7.5 x 4 x 42.5 inches

Volume Capacity: 3.25 cubic-ft

Max Load: 200 lbs

Weight: 14.7 lbs


Price: $$$

More Details

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow
Dimension: 36 x 25 x 20 inches

Volume Capacity: 5 cubic-ft

Max Load: 330 lbs

Weight: 26 lbs


Price: $

More Details

John Deere Steel Kids’ Wheelbarrow
Dimension: 11 x 16 x 34 inches

Feature: Wooden Handle


Price: $

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The Ames Companies M6T22 Jackson Wheelbarrow
Dimension: 58 x 25.5 x 27 inches

Volume Capacity: 6 cubic-ft

Weight: 20.3 lbs


Price: $$$

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Garden Star 70019
Dimension: 37 x 25.5 x 27 inches

Volume Capacity: 4 cubic-ft

Max Load: 300 lbs

Weight: 20.1 lbs


Price: $

More Details

Polar Trailer 8449
Dimension: 50 x 28 x 29 inches

Volume Capacity: 7 cubic-ft

Max Load: 400 lbs

Weight: 35 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

Top 10 Product Reviews of Wheelbarrows

1. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard (Editor's Choice)

best wheelbarrow

This model is a two-wheel barrow that essentially gets the job done in no time. It features a rust-resistant poly material tray that contributes to its compactness and sturdiness. The most desirable selling point of this barrow is its weight. It weighs just around 29 pounds, and this essentially makes it one of the most lightweight in its class.

The marathon yard rover is an exquisite piece of engineering that has become one of the most widely accepted in the market. Its ergonomic design, as well as lightweight nature, makes it quite suitable for domestic chores like gardening and lifting debris or soil.

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2.Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

The Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart is everything you’d always wanted in a barrow. This four-wheel design wheelbarrow is of excellent quality as it's made from a commercial-grade carbon steel material that can stand the test of time. One intriguing feature of this cart is its quick-release dumping capability, which ensures it unloads its contents within the twinkle of an eye.

The four wheels are made of oversized tires so that you can pull through the toughest terrains while also giving it much needed stability. It also features a 2-in-1 technology handle that makes you choose between hooking it behind your tractor for quick mobility and doing it the old-fashioned way, pushing the cart by yourself.

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3. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-purpose Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly 

The Worx WG050 is one piece of equipment that is classic due to its multipurpose nature and appealing design. This extremely innovative equipment has been constructed to perform eight (8) separate functions, and this effectively eliminates the need for multiple dollies and barrows.

The wheelbarrow possesses a very sturdy build that’s devoid of any bolts or joints. Its multipurpose nature makes it capable of functioning as a dolly or even hand truck when the need arises. It has a tub that boasts of a three (3) cubic feet capacity and an ability to lift loads weighing up to 300 lb. The WORX Aerocart is ideal for moving the heaviest materials due to its extremely low center of gravity.

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4. Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart 

This cart offers style and performance in one single unit. The cart weighs just about 49 lbs., which makes it quite easy to move around. One aspect that will appeal to its potential users is the wheels that are made from tough rubber tires.

This cart is constructed for all of the rugged tasks around the household. It consists of a highly sturdy polyethylene tub that provides enough resistance against corrosion or cracks while offering durability simultaneously. The tub comes in handy when there’s a need to move items such as firewood, rock, dirt, and grass.

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5. Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 Lawn Cart Pallet 

The Rubbermaid lawn cart makes good use of plastic innovation to deliver one of the best carts in the market today. It has two fixed wheels that are made of plastic, and these wheels give it excellent maneuverability during transportation.  

Furthermore, users will be delighted by the way the handle of the cart is integrated into it. This ensures the handle is quite tough and durable. There's also a beverage holder that can hold a bottle of drinks for added comfort while operating the cart. This product is ideal for anyone who’s looking to get a cart that will handle everyday lifting around the house with comfort assured.

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6. Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow  

It's safe to say that not all domestic and landscaping activities require huge size wheelbarrows. Some of those big wheelbarrows are heavy and tend to take up more space. The best choice dual wheelbarrow serves as the perfect answer to this dilemma with its small yet sturdy frame.

Boasting of 13-inch rubber wheels, this product is capable of delivering the best on any surface. The huge wheels also ensure stability, when there's a need to transport things from one location to another. The sturdy nature of the frame makes it quite ideal for lifting materials such as sand, rocks, grasses, plants, and fertilizer.

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7. John Deere Steel Kids’ Wheelbarrow - Designed for Kids

If you’ve ever wanted to keep your kids busy and also have them participate in gardening as well as other household chores with you, then this wheelbarrow is quite ideal. The John Deere Steel kids’ wheelbarrow was built to meet the specifications required for little kids.

The construction features heavy-duty steel that’s complemented by a green, rust-resistant coating. The cart also has extremely rugged wheels that are capable of delivering on any terrain. The manufacturers have also taken time to design a kid-friendly vinyl hand grips that are sure to have a firm grip.

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8. The Ames Companies M6T22 Jackson Steel Wheelbarrow 

The Ames companies M6T22 Jackson steel wheelbarrow is one of the toughest and most reliable wheelbarrows in the market today. It offers excellent value for quality, durability, and performance. This heavy-duty cart is equipped with proper grade steel undercarriages as well as sturdy handles.

It features a single tire, and this tire is equipped with a tube to guarantee optimal durability. The tray is quite large and measures up to 6 cubic feet in capacity. The low center of gravity of its tub ensures this wheelbarrow is quite easy to maneuver and doesn’t flip over while the content is being unloaded.

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9. Garden Star 70019 

If you've ever needed a wheelbarrow that's not too large and gets your entire job done, then the Garden Star 70019 should rank high on your shopping list. Boasting of a poly tray capacity of around four cubic feet, as well as a very sturdy steel frame, this wheelbarrow is the real deal.

Furthermore, the garden star wheelbarrow has two durable wheels that ensure that it moves quite well on any terrain. The wheels also give it much-needed balancing. The inclusion of a loop handle also makes it unique as this handle makes it easy to push even when fully loaded. With a capacity to take up to 300 pounds of load, this wheelbarrow fits all of your gardening needs.

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10. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart 

There aren’t many heavy-duty carts that are as lightweight as this cart. It packs toughness, efficiency, and durability in one strong metal frame. The tray is constructed with polyethylene material, and this guarantees toughness. 

One nice attribute of this model is the presence of an inbuilt ball bearing that makes it suitable for virtually every terrain. It can take a load capacity of around 400 lbs, and this is more than satisfying for a cart that weighs just about 35 lbs. It's built with an all-steel frame body with coated finish supported by two tough tires.

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Buying Guides of Wheelbarrow

We all need a wheelbarrow at some point or another. It could be in the garden when you need to move gardening produce away from the garden. There are also times when you need to do some maintenance work around the compound, and there'll be a need to move concrete and other bulky stuff from one point to the other. You'd agree with me that continuous straining of one's back in the process of heavy lifting could have severe consequences for one’s health and posture.

As earlier mentioned, there are different tasks for which you might need a wheelbarrow. Some of these tasks involve heavy-duty lifting or otherwise. There's a need to put some factors into consideration when you want to go shopping for that ideal wheelbarrow.

The first thing to consider is what exactly you need the wheelbarrow for. You might even end up picking a cart instead of a wheelbarrow as carts are more suited to domestic chores and are quite more comfortable to push around. 

This article looks to give you all of the necessary information you’d need when it comes to picking the ideal wheelbarrow for your work.

Types of Wheelbarrows

There are different ways of classifying wheelbarrows based on how they function, and whichever you choose entirely depends on how suitable they are for the task at hand.



Build Material

Wheelbarrows could either be classified as the plastic frame or metallic frame, and some recent products have tubs made of polyethylene material, which is usually durable. This classification also extends to the type of material used in producing the tires. This could either be plastic or air-filled rubber tires

Number of Wheels

A wheelbarrow could have one wheel, two wheels, three wheels, and even four wheels. The ones on four wheels are generally referred to as carts


Wheelbarrows are traditionally known to have straight handles that ensure one can easily flip, tilt, and dump the content without much stress. Newer models are equipped with ergonomic handles that make the pulling of the wheelbarrow seamless

Size of Tray

Wheelbarrows have varying sizes, and while some have huge trays, others have smaller counterparts

Having classified wheelbarrows, here are things to consider while selecting your ideal wheelbarrow:

  1. 1
    Weight Limit
    Wheelbarrow producers usually make public the amount of load their wheelbarrow can take. This weight is typically dependent on the construction pattern of the wheelbarrow. This means sturdy wheelbarrows can usually handle more load. However, the recent adoption of polyethylene materials means wheelbarrows can now be lightweight and still be able to lift heavy loads
  2. 2
    Rust Resistance
    Wheelbarrows are usually used in outdoor environments, and there's a need to have protection over the reaction to outside elements. Metallic wheelbarrows are usually prone to getting rust after a while. That's why it's important to look out for rust-resistant wheelbarrows that will stand the test of time
  3. 3
    Cargo Volume
    This is an important aspect to consider when acquiring a wheelbarrow as it goes a long way in determining how productive the wheelbarrow can be. Cargo volume is an indicator as to how much space you can use in the wheelbarrow. This is quite different from the weight the wheelbarrow can carry as weight arrangement matters when it comes to volume
  4. 4
    Handles are usually fitted with grips, and a quality grip surface ensures accurate maneuverability and better offloading
  5. 5
    Ball Bearings​​​​
    Ball bearings are as vital to the carriage capacity of a wheelbarrow as any other part mentioned here. Quality ball bearings determine how smoothly the tires of the wheelbarrow would move as well as how much load the tires can withstand. A quality ball bearing is guaranteed to last long during usage
  6. 6
    Support Stands
    The importance of support stands in wheelbarrows that have one or two wheels cannot be overemphasized. These stands serve the purpose of stability when the wheelbarrow is not in use. Proper quality support stands do not bend under heavy load
  7. 7
    Ease of Use
    Whichever wheelbarrow you're going to choose, it has to be one that will not require much effort to push and pull. It should be one that can be easily maneuvered in any direction you desire. It should also not require any extra efforts to offload its content
  8. 8
    If you’re the type that’s interested in aesthetics, appeal, and style; there's a need to choose a wheelbarrow that looks pleasing. You might even decide to convert it to a flower vase or nursery bed in your garden
  9. 9
    To get the best out of your wheelbarrow, you must buy one from brands that offer excellent warranties. Having a standard warranty means you can rest assured of getting the best when it comes to service delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all wheelbarrow tires have tubes? 

This is entirely dependent on the brand of the wheelbarrow as some wheelbarrows have tubeless tire while others are made from plastic.

2. Do wheelbarrows come assembled? 

Not all wheelbarrows that are preassembled; some may require you to tighten one or two bolts and nuts before you can start operating them fully.

3. Do all wheelbarrows have one wheel?  

Not all wheelbarrows have one wheel, some of the latest type wheelbarrows tend to have up to four tires to enhance maneuverability.

4. How many loads can a wheelbarrow carry?  

This depends on the capacity of the wheelbarrow, and the producing company usually releases the weight limit of most wheelbarrows. However, the arrangement also matters when it comes to lifting items with the wheelbarrow.

5. Can wheelbarrows dump contents by themselves?  

Wheelbarrows are designed in a way that there is usually a need to tip the tray forward a little bit to have the contents unloaded. However, some modern wheelbarrow brands have developed a way to make their wheelbarrows dump their content automatically without the need for tipping the tray.

Final Verdict

It's easy to see why wheelbarrows have come to become an essential part of our everyday lives. They are tools that make carrying out of chores quite seamless and stress-free. This article has covered the 10 best wheelbarrows in the market today and why you should have them on your shopping list.

Furthermore, there's a detailed buying guide that essentially points you to what to consider when you want to acquire the best wheelbarrow that suits your needs.

A standard wheelbarrow has a tray or tub that could be made from steel, wood, or even polyethylene. Getting the best wheelbarrow does not only save you from worrying about fixing up broken parts every day, but it also helps to increase your productivity in the long haul. 

Having taken time to analyze the merits and demerits of each wheelbarrow on our list, the Marathon Dual-wheel Residential Yard Wheelbarrow stands out. It is the best due to the quality materials used in its production, as well as its high maneuverability. Also, the Gorilla Carts G0R6PS serves as a very popular opinion amongst our pick due to its quick-release feature that saves one from the stress of having to tip the tray forward. 

Finally, the Garden Star 70019 stands as the most valuable pick amongst the lot.

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