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35 Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers That Can Be Used At Home

best gifts for fitness lovers

We all have that one friend whose entire existence is about being fit, fitness trends, healthy diets, and stuff like that. Very often, it seems that fitness has embedded their genes, and there is no way around it.

Logically, the best gifts for fitness lovers are the ones that are related to the fitness field. Anything beyond that scope can be considered somewhat of a risk in terms of whether he or she will like it.

That is why we’ve made this list for fitness fanatics, so you will be able to hit that sweet spot with your gift. Here’s what we got:

Best Gifts For home Fitness lovers [Top 35 Reviewed]

1) Survival and Cross Jump Rope

This jump rope from Survival and Cross is simple, lightweight, and very effective. No fitness lover can resist a good jumping rope, and as it turns out, this is one of the best ones on the market. It has easily adjustable ten-foot cable and five-inch handles. It's a lightweight (2.88 ounces) jump rope, and it can be fitted pretty much everywhere.

2) TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

Our addiction to our smartphones and our dependence on them is nothing new. Fitness enthusiast are no exception; they too like to have their smartphone close to them even when they are in the gym, hiking, running, or just walking.

This water-resistant smartphone armband case is made of top-graded materials like polyurethane, neoprene, and lycra. All that combined into a smartphone armband that feels comfortable and doesn’t slip. Plus, it offers full touchscreen functionality.

3) Run Fast. Eat Slow [A healthy gift to get]

Healthy food and fitness go hand in hand, and there is no way around it. That's something that every fitness follower knows. This Cookbook is a New York Times Bestseller written by chef Elyse Kopecky and 4-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan. In our opinion, this is the perfect gift for healthy living.

4) BlenderBottle ProStak System

No fitness fan can resist this all-in-one solution that can deliver smooth shakes over and over. The wire whisk makes sure that all the content is properly and evenly mixed.

Then there are the two storage units complemented by the Twist n' lock technology. On top of everything, you have the space-saving pill tray.

5) Tribe Resistance Bands Set

This resistance bands set consists of five resistant tube bands, two deluxe handles, one door anchor, two ankle straps, one waterproof carry bag, and one exercise eBook.

Additionally, the resistant tube bands are color-coded so that the user can recognize their weight tension. That's pretty much irresistible to almost all fitness enthusiast.

6) Manduka Cork Yoga Block

If your friend is into Yoga, then you might want to consider this yoga block. It is made of sustainable rock, it's easy to grip, and has enough firmness to make you feel secure. It weighs 2.5 lbs, while its dimensions are is 9'' x 6'' x 4''.

7) Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

You need proper boxing gloves to be a boxing champion. Tested and designed by professional boxers, Sanabu boxing gloves take you through many rounds.

They are gel-infused to absorb the hardest hits and once strapped on your hand they feel like an extension of your body. Their mash palms are breathable and will keep your hands dry and clean while you practice or spar in the ring.

8) Trideer Exercise Ball

This is the perfect exercise gift for yoga and pilates goers. Furthermore, it’s also perfect for pregnancy gymnastics and abdominal training. It can resist up to 2200 lbs and is made of non-toxic material. The ball is available in five sizes and multiple colors.

Every Trideeer Exercise Ball comes with a one year warranty and 30 days, a no-hassle period in which the buyer can return the exercise ball.

9) CAP Barbell Standard 47 in. EZ Curl Bar

Can’t go wrong with this curl bar if your friend is all about fitness. Its made from solid steel that has a top layer made of chromium. It can fit all standard plates with a 1-inch hole.

Furthermore, it features two grip positions to increase the intensity of the isolation and build both triceps and bicep muscles.

10) Homgeek Personal Mini Blender

Every fitness addict has a blender, and if he or she doesn't have one, then it is their friend's responsibility to buy them one. This mini blender uses a 300watt electrical motor that can hit a maximum of 23000 rpm. Thanks to that, it can crush ice, vegetables, and fruits, with ease and speed.

11) Gaiam Yoga Mat - Best fitness gift for her

Every yoga or pilates fan needs a great yoga mat. This extra-thick yoga mat weighs just 3.43 pounds and measures 26.8 x 9.4 x 0.1 inches. It is a very stable, non-slip mat that is also very sticky.

This makes the perfect fitness gift for her because for every purchase, Gaiam Yoga Mat buyers are granted free access to a downloadable yoga workout class.

12) UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel - [Pro Series]

Folks that have been involved in yoga classes know how beneficial this yoga wheel can be. It is one of the strongest yoga wheels as it can withstand up to 550lbs. Unlike its competitors, this one doesn't flex at all and can provide support to complete every exercise.

13) Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Backpack

All fitness people can't even imagine themselves without their backpacks. Buying one for them is a no-brainer. This one comes from the Under Armour brand, which is well-known among the fitness community worldwide.

It is made from 1005 polyester, and its dimensions are 18.9" high x 13.6" wide. It has a 15" shoulder drop and has a zipper closure.

14) Bala Bangles Adjustable Wearable Wrist & Ankle Weights

Dumbells are great, but how about some wearable weights. These are easily attached to either the wrist or ankle and can provide comfortable resistance to the workout. Many people regard this wearable as the best workout gifts out there today.

15) TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Check out this patented foam roller that is very rigid and durable. Even after long usage, it will keep its original shape and will not bend. The foam roller is often used by professional athletes, trainers, and therapists as it is the perfect accessory for muscle recovery, improved flexibility, and pain relief.

16) GreaterGoods Bathroom Smart Scale

Weight is something that matters a lot for every fitness fanatic. But they also care a lot about their body fat, bone mass, water weight, and BMI. This smart scale measures everything, and it can send it to an app. There is an app for both iOS and Android users.

Thanks to the app, the user can track his or her progress. The smart scale connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

17) CAP Barbell Tree Storage Rack

Most fitness enthusiast like to exercise at home. This storage rack is perfect for those that want to exercise at home. It has a double coat finish that can resist scratches from even the biggest gear. The Car Barbell Tree Storage Rack is designed for the standard barbell, as well as the 1-inch weight plates.

18) Polar Aurora 4'x10'x2 Thick Folding Gymnastics Mat - Perfect gift for fitness girl

This multi-purpose mat is perfect for gymnastics, Yoga, or any other types of exercises. Its made from environment-friendly EPE foam and is covered by PU leather that is both durable and resilient. The mat consists of four panels, each measuring 4' x 2.5' x 2". There are Velcro straps on each end if you need to add more panels.

19) Hydro Flask 64 oz Oasis Water Jug

How about an excellent water jug that can maintain the same temperature for long periods. This one is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, it’s phthalate & BPE free, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you are at the beach, at the neighborhood playground, or some campsite, you will want some refreshments. Thanks to its double-wall, vacuum insulation, the Hydro Flask water jug can hold hot for up to 12 hours, and cold for twice that much - 24 hours. 

20) Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station

This is one of the best dip bars for a full-body workout at home. It’s perfect for building arms, shoulders, and chest muscles. It comes with a foam hand grips, safety connector, and a solid steel frame. It measures 46L x 26W x 30H and weighs just about 18 pounds.

21) Fitbit Inspire HR - Recommended Gift for active woman

Fitness lovers like to track every moment of their workout and how they did in each session. The Fitbit Inspire HR is one of the best accessories for that cause. It can track all sorts of activities like heart rate, calories burned, distance, steps, active minutes, and so on.

Furthermore, it can be used underwater up to 50 meters, and at altitudes no higher than 28,000 feet. The Fitbit can work only at temperatures that range from 14 to 113 degrees.

22) Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Does your friend spend long hours sitting? If so, then Gaiam’s classic balance ball chair is the perfect gift. This revolutionary desk has been created by fitness experts and physicians to provide a healthy sitting solution that relieves back pain and promotes proper alignment.

The set includes a chair base, metal ball holder, removable exercise ball, support bar, four wheels, air pump, and exercise guide.

23) TRX GO Suspension Training

How about a suspension training that uses your body weight and gravity resistance. Thanks to the TRX GO Suspension that can be achieved both at home and outdoors. There are over 10 exercises that can be completed with the help of the TRX Go. 

Whether you are interested in losing weight, improving your overall condition, or toning your muscles, this bad boy got you covered on all fronts. It can be easily attached to any door, tree, a pool, or whatever can hold the suspensions tight.

24) Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Machine

This is the perfect machine that can bring anyone into shape. The SF-E902 offers a full-body workout that one could get from running, skiing, stretching, and aerobic dancing. All that without the danger of injuring yourself or straining certain parts of your body.

The SF-E902 comes with an LCD screen that displays calories, total distance, count, and time. It runs smooth, noiseless, and can withstand a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

25) Ajeta 8FT Long Gymnastics Balance Beam

If you need to buy a gift for a gymnast, then Ajeta’s 8ft long balance beam might be the perfect gift. It is a pro-grade balance beam that has been tested and recommended by professional athletes and trainers. This balance beam also tops our list of gymnastics beams reviewed.

26) Pure Wave CM-7 Massager - Perfect fitness christmas gift

All fitness lovers have one thing in common - they have all suffered some injury at some point in time, and they all need recovery time from hard exercising, even if they are not injured.

For this upcoming Christmas, we recommend you to get the Pure Wave CM-7 massager for them. Trust us, they will really appreciate this Christmas gift.

This massager is designed for muscle massage and anyone can use it. It has been recommended by some of the most renowned sports trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Check out more about this massager here.

27) Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

There are a lot of exercises and exercise equipment designed to help people get in shape, build muscles, or lose weight. However, there aren't that many workout devices and workout stations that impact balance, stability, and coordination.

This set consists of a roller and a board that can make a sudden impact on the user’s balance, stability, and coordination. The set is regularly used by professional athletes that come from sports where balance and coordination play a major role.

28) MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband - A Cool Fitness Gift

Are you looking to get a cool looking fitness gift? Check out this brain sensing headband. This is a device that can guide you through your meditation. It pickups brain waves and tells you what to do to get to a meditative state as soon as possible.

This meditation assistant can be easily connected to an app (iOS and Android) so that the user can review his data. It weighs just 0.16 ounces and is so small that one can easily carry it anywhere.

29) Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

Music and fitness always go hand in hand. The only real issue is the wires that often get in the way of that. The Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds are wireless, which means no wires to tangle up. Instead, they are powered by Li-ion batteries that can be recharged thousands of times.

They come with a two-year warranty and can run up to 5 hours without recharging.

30) Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker can come with you wherever the workout is and can deliver top audio. Apart from that, it's waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, and its battery can run up to 20 hours. It is a military-grade speaker that is build to last and play even in tough conditions. 

31) Opove G3 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The best thing after a hard workout is a massage. The Opove G3 Pro is always ready when there isn’t any human to give a massage. It is a wireless massager that can treat sore muscles, sore joints, and other muscle-related issues. Its intensity can be easily adjusted, it runs quietly, and uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery.

32) Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Very often, it is the legs that suffer the most pressure. The Reflex4 is designed to provide relief to tired feet and calves that had been under a lot of pressure. It is the perfect machine that can restore them to their natural equilibrium and its no wonder why this model makes it into our top 5 foot massager in the market today.

33) Polar Ignite - Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

This is so much more than just a fitness tracker as it tracks sleep patterns, heart rate, calories, and everything in between. It absorbs all sorts of data and offers recommendations on how to structure your training plan so that you can reach your fitness goals faster.

Furthermore, it comes with a GPS tracker, route tracking, and notifications for emails and calls. One can recharge it overnight.

34) Bowflex Adjustable Bench

Fitness fanatics love their benches, and that's something you can put your money on. If you are buying something for someone that's very much into fitness and exercising, the Bowflex Adjustable Bench is more than perfect.

Its dimensions are 61.3 x 28.1 x 49.5 inches, and it can hold weights of up to 600 pounds. 

35) Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

One can't go wrong with these high-tech adjustable dumbbells. Each of them can be adjusted from five to fifty-two pounds. They are made from military-grade steel and come with a two-year warranty. They can also be paired with the Bowflex SelectTech training App (available for both Android and iOS).


So there you have it, the best gifts for fitness lovers. What do you think of this recommendation list? Did they love your gift? Do remember to share your comments in the comment section below.

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