Which Chainsaw Works Best For Me And How To Buy the Right One

If you think that chainsaws are only to mow down large trees, then you are completely wrong. Chainsaws are available in all kinds of sizes and types and can be useful for cutting requirements in your home as well.

But since the market is flooded with a lot of brands of chainsaws, it is important to choose the right one that suits your requirements. In this article, we’ll go over every details of the best chainsaws to help you pick the right one.


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Types of chainsaw

1. Electric Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaw are your ideal chainsaw that helps in accomplishing light tasks in your home including lighter cutting and pruning jobs. They are lightweight and easy to start. They are also much quieter than gas powered ones and requires less or no maintenance at all.

Unlike gas powered chainsaws, the electric chainsaws don’t require fuel to run, but just a power source and cord to start running it. They also cost less when compared to the cordless and gas powered ones. 

2. Gas Powered

Gas powered chainsaws are the most preferred chainsaws among professional and home owners as they are easy to maneuver. These chainsaws come equipped with powerful 2 stroke engines that requires a mixture of oil and gasoline to run effectively. Gas powered chainsaws are more expensive than the electric ones and are also large and heavier than the electric chain saws. They are best suited for heavy duty tasks like cutting down large trees.

Poulan pro chainsaw reviews have been fairly positive and can be a best buy for chainsaws.

3. Cordless

Cordless are lightweight chainsaws that are ideal for lighter jobs like pruning, trimming and cutting small trees. Unlike the Gas powered chainsaws, these chainsaws doesn’t have any engine and hence doesn’t require any fuel to run it.

Also, they are cordless and don’t require any extension cords as well. They are powered using rechargeable batteries and requires only less maintenance when compared to electric and gas powered chainsaws.

Ego chainsaw review and Echo chainsaw reviews from many customers have been positive and most of the rave about the ultimate control and power those chain saws provide.

Things to consider while buying a Chainsaw

If you are looking to buy the best chainsaw, then there are certain things that need to be considered before buying a chainsaw as outlined below:

1. Primary Use

If you are a typical homeowner only needing a chainsaw on odd occasions for lighter cutting and pruning jobs then it is better to go for an electric chainsaw. On the other hand, if you are a professional or need to cut trees occasionally, then you definitely need to go for a gas powered chainsaw with a powerful engine.

2. Safety

Buying a chainsaw is not your normal everyday buying product as it can be a considerably dangerous product when compared to other items. There is always a possibility of a risk of an injury and unless you are a professional, you need to follow some basic rules to stay out of any trouble. It is important to look for safety features like a chain brake that is designed to stop the chain saw when it encounters any problems. It is also important that you wear all the safety equipments when handing these equipments to be safe.

3. Personal Fitness

If you are fit and strong and can handle heavy duty equipments, then you can definitely go for gas powered chain saws that are large and heavy. But if you are old but still have odd requirements to prune trees, then you can go for a handy electric chain saw. With electric chainsaws, you don’t need to worry about how to sharpen a chainsaw as it is extremely easy.

4. Noise

Using a chainsaw will make some considerable noise around and hence you need to take this factor into consideration while buying the best chainsaw. If you are looking for a chainsaw that doesn’t produce much noise then electric chainsaws are your best option as gas powered ones make considerable amount of noise enough to wake up your neighbor. If you look at most of the Remington chainsaw reviews, then you easily say that those chainsaws are noiseless and easy to handle.

5. Cost

Cost is another important factor that needs to be considered before buying the best chainsaw. You need to understand the maximum budget you can afford for the chain saw and look for a chain saw in that range. You easily buy electric chainsaws right from $50 - $250 and gas powered chainsaws can be go from $100 to $300. If you are looking to invest in chainsaws in the range of $400 - $500, then you can look at all the positive reviews of Husqvarna 460 rancher reviews and Husqvarna 455 rancher reviews, some of the best chainsaw in this price range.

But you also need to understand that more the price will you have more power and control on the chainsaw. So if you are professional and looking for a quality chainsaw then it is important to invest in a quality chainsaw that comes for a long time. The chainsaw bar’s length depends on the cost you can shell out and if you looking at how are chainsaw bars measured, then it as simple as measuring from the front to the last cutting tip of the chainsaw.

Who Makes the Best Chainsaw?

When it comes to the best rated chain saw, there are several companies that make the best chainsaws and we’ve listed out a few that you can depend to get quality and dependable chainsaws.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker is a renowned brand that makes quality chainsaws that are largely appreciated by many. The hundreds of positive reviews explain the people’s response to these chainsaws. One of the important factors that many like about Black & Decker Chainsaws is the battery life which is considered to be better than most of the chainsaws in the market. They are also easy to control and accomplish the tasks easily.


Craftsman is known for producing some of the best electric and gas powered chainsaws. Their chainsaws provide the best value for money with ultimate power and control. Even though there are some reviews about the chainsaws cause some starting problems after continued use, most of the reviews have been fairly positive about their ease of use and handling.


Echo is another popular chainsaw supplier that comes with quality electric and gas chainsaws at reasonable rates. The ultimate power and the ease of use are the two big factors that makes these chainsaws favorite among many people. Also, many customers rave about the ability to carry out heavy duty tasks easily with these chainsaws.

Tanaka Chainsaw reviews have been fairly positive and can be a best buy for chainsaws.

Best Place to Buy a Chainsaw

Finding the best chainsaw is not at all a difficult task nowadays, as there are many online websites and stores make you shopping for the best chainsaw much easier than before. If you are looking for buying the best chainsaw, then these are best places that provide great customer service and after sales support:

  • Amazon

  • The Home Depot

  • Lowe’s

  • Walmart

  • Ace Hardware