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10 Best Garden Hose Reel Reviews In 2023 [With Buying Guide]

Working in your garden is a relaxing activity, but a bit stressful if you don’t have the right tools. Garden hose reels manufacturers focus on features that will help you complete your task fast. 

Choosing the best garden hose reel is easy but requires several factors to consider. Admittedly, everyone wants a reasonable offer, but it has been proven time and again that quality is indispensable.

This is why we have put up this top 10 reviews to help you choose the right one. We have also included a buying guide so you will have an idea on what to look for.

Quick Answer:- The 10 Best Models

For those who wants to skip straight to the final verdict, here are our top picks.

best value

  • Great for small garden or small compound usage
  • Comes with multi-pattern nozzles,  retractable hose
  • 180-degree swivel system


  • Automatic rewind system helps retract smoothly
  • Tangle-free 
  • Latching mechanism locks the hose

Why Do You Need A Garden Hose Reel?

If you own a large garden, then you will have experienced some issues with hose pipes that are too long. Making use of a long hose pipe may be helpful, but there is a downside to it. It gets increasingly difficult to pack up after working hard on your garden.

Garden hose reel is the solution to this problem. They have an automatic mechanism that retracts the hose back to the reel while rolling it neatly. It is less time consuming than manually rolling the hose pipes up.

Also, with garden hose reel, you get rid of tangles and too much exposure to the sun issues that affect the shelf life of your hose pipes.

Comparison Table

We have designed a comparison table below for your easy reference.

However, it is important to note that the positions are in no particular order of importance. Some models may be preferred by others, therefore, please do read in details, which one may suit you the best. 

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Liberty Garden 712 Hose Reel
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 125 ft

Weight: 15 lbs

360-degree pull up knob

90-degree solid brass swivel


Price: $$

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Eley / Rapid Reel 1041 Wall Mount Hose Reel
5/8-inch for 150 ft

3/4-inch for 100 ft

Weight: 20 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

Goodyear 27527152G Retractable Hose Reel
Hose Size: 3/8-inch

Hose Length: 55 ft

Weight: 13 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

Eley / Rapid Reel 1043 Two Wheel Reel Cart
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 150 ft

Weight: 33 lbs

Flat-free 10" turf tread tires


Price: $$$

More Details

Tacklife Hose Reel
Hose Length: 65 + 7 ft

Weight: 26.1 lbs

180-degree auto reel

8-pattern nozzles


Price: $$

More Details

Strongway Wall Mount Hose Reel
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 150 ft

Weight: 22 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

Suncast Resin Swivel Hose Reel
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 225 ft

Weight: 24.3 lbs

360-degree swivel


Price: $

More Details

Giraffe Retractable Hose Reel
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 65 ft

Weight: 18.7 lbs

180-degree swivel bracket

9 hose nozzles


Price: $

More Details

Suncast Powerwind Automatic Hose Reel
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 100 ft

Weight: 27.8 lbs


Price: $$

More Details

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel
Hose Size: 5/8-inch

Hose Length: 65 ft

Weight: 26.6 lbs

180-degree swivel bracket

8-pattern nozzles


Price: $

More Details

10 Top Rated Garden Hose Reels Product Reviews

1. Liberty Garden 712 Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel

best garden hose reel

The Garden 712 hose reel is on our list of best garden hose reel because of its ability to hold a large amount of hose up to 125 feet 5/8 inch hose.

This garden hose reel is made of heavy-duty steel which makes it durable. With its extra coat finish that provides a bronze styled look, it can withstand different weather conditions.

Additionally, the hose reel has a handle made up of rubber that is easy to navigate. This heavy duty garden hose reel includes an extra storage space to hold other tools.

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2. Eley/Rapid Reel 1041 Wall Mount Reel

The Eley/Rapid hose reel is one of the most useful garden hose reels. This hose reel is made with rust resistance die-cast aluminium. It is lightweight as compared to others.  The size of this hose reel is a plus. It can hold up to 150 feet of five-eighth inches and 100 feet of three-quarter inches of hose for seamless use.

This outdoor hose reel can be mounted on the wall when in use and when storing it. Available for both right hand and left-hand users, it comes with a brake that you can use to control the movement of the hose.

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3. Goodyear 27527153G - Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel 

Goodyear has over the years created quality mechanic equipment due to their tireless research and excellence-driven team. Consequently, the Goodyear reel is not an exception. It is built with durable polypropylene material that accounts for its lightweight. The Goodyear garden hose reel possesses an automatic rewind system that retracts the hose without any tangles.

Unlike other garden hose reels with a moveable lead house, this retractable garden hose reel has a stationary lead hose which makes it unique from others. You can lock this reel's hose easily regardless of how long it is. This will reduce the wearing out of the hose.

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4. Eley/Rapid Reel 1043 2 Wheel - best hose reel cart with wheels

This hose reel is unique as it comes with two wheels for ease of maneuvering. The wheels are made of plastic which makes it durable. Also, the Eley two-wheel garden hose reel has a body made of die-cast aluminum as well as a plastic handle to navigate the reel seamlessly.

Because it is made of high-quality materials, it is considered as one of the top choice. The swivel is made of brass while the inlet hose is made from polyurethane. It also includes a metal connector for easy coiling of the hose into the reel and regarded by many to be one of the best hose reel carts with wheels in the market today.

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5. Tacklife Hose Reel 

If you are looking for a hose reel that is easy to rewind, then the Tacklife hose reel is for you. This hose reel has an incredibly seamless rewind system that only requires you to release the latch on the hose and drum of the hose reel. This reel comes with a brake mechanism that allows you to halt and a rewind system to easily rewind the hose.

Additionally, the Tacklife hose reel has a layering system that lets it coil neatly without any kinks or tangles. You also do not need to bother about the wall bracket system as it goes all the way to 180 degrees for seamless control.

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6. Strongway Wall Mount Steel Garden Hose Reel  

Strongway is a heavy-duty hose reel made with steel material, which provides it a durable built. The hose reel body has a powder coat finish which makes it corrosion resistant. Strongway hose reel has fittings made of brass which makes it strong enough to withstand different weather conditions. 

This steel garden wall mount hose reel can hold around 400 feet of 5/8 inches garden hose, which makes lugging a huge amount of hose in the garden worry-free.

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7. Suncast Resin Swivel Hose Reel 

The resin design of this Suncast hose reel makes it stand out among other garden hose reels. With its sturdy build and quality material, it can withstand different weather conditions.

The hose reel has a secure winding mechanism which makes winding and unwinding of garden hose kinks and tangle-free. Also, this hose has a 360-degree swivel base that allows you to direct the hose in any direction.

Comes with a cover that makes storing easy without fear of wearing out or damage. It also has a crank handle that allows you to control the reel at will.

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8. Giraffe Retractable Hose Reel 

The Giraffe retractable garden hose reel is designed with a rubber hose for a tangle-free recoiling. This hose reel has a quality guide arm that can take up three different positions. With its lock system, you can easily put the hose in any position and can be mounted either on the wall, floor, or ceiling.

The durability of the Giraffe hose reel is guaranteed as it is made with steel and a rust-resistant powder coating. The swivel of this hose reel works seamlessly, for ease of navigation when in use. Its release hatchet allows it to take up any position that you desire.

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9. SunCast Powerwind Automatic Hose Reel 

The Suncast hose reel is one of the most stress-free hose reel available in the market. It has a 100-foot hose pipe capacity and comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. It has an inbuilt foot pedal that enables you to retract your garden hose without bending over.

Additionally, the battery life of this rechargeable hose reel can last longer and can take you through the summer. The Smart-Trak hose guide system allows the garden hose to wind and unwind easily and tangle-free.

It also has a storage bin that you can use to keep your garden supplies safe. Another perk of this hose reel is the fact that it comes fully assembled. You don't need to stress yourself out when setting it up.

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10. RL Flo-Master Retractable Portable Hose Reel

The Flo-Master hose reel is definitely recommended for those who have a small garden that doesn’t require much hose pipe length. With its slow retraction, it is user-friendly and can be mounted on the walls easily. Also, this hose reel comes with an automatic guide that prevents overlapping when retracting.

The Flo-Master hose reel has a mounting bracket that can swivel 180 degrees, for a wider reach. Besides the mounting bracket, it has a carrying handle that allows you to lug it quickly while using it. This hose reel is very portable since it is made of lightweight materials.

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Buying Guides of Garden Hose Reel

There are lots of garden hose reels to choose from. Although looks play an integral part when choosing, it is also best to consider other factors. Admittedly, you may be tempted to go for a well-known brand as opposed to quality. But, there are more critical factors that you need to consider.

Types of Hose

Garden hose reels have different builds and designs to suit the needs of people with different preferences. The first thing you should consider is your storage space. The size and strength of the hose reel matter a lot. There are generally four types of garden hose reels available in the market.

1. Wheeled Cart Hose Reels

The wheeled cart hose reel is the ideal choice if you have a huge garden space or if you are trying to cover a large area. Also, if you do not want to store your hose reel outside, the wheeled cart is the best bet for you. Because it is very portable, you can easily wheel it from your garden back to the shed.

Additionally, they operate on a full scale, which means it can carry more than 350 feet of hose at a time. The wheels on this cart hose reel are made of reinforced materials to allow it to move over different terrains comfortably.

2. Wall-Mounted Hose Reels

These reels are used while being mounted on the wall or any surface of your choice. You also have the option of installing this reel either perpendicular or parallel to the wall for a flexible or swivel system. You can swivel it up to 180-degree or more so make sure to mount it before you use it.

3. Retractable Reels

This type of reel is usually recommended for easy or quick jobs, rather than a massive job. You will find that these reels come with a customized hose, swivel base, and nozzle.

Another significant feature is its portability. They can be lugged from one place to another comfortably. These reels have automatic retraction systems that can rewind the hose pipe without using a handle.

4. Box Reels 

This type of reel is the best for you if you prefer storing the hose in a box than mounting it on the wall. The storage box of this reel can accommodate more hose than most conventional reels. Additionally, storing the hose reel in the box protects it from extreme weather conditions.


When purchasing a hose reel, you should consider how portable you want it to be. A portable hose reel is recommended for garden work and if you prefer to lug it around than mounting it on the wall. Also, you should consider getting a portable reel with wheels if you own a huge garden.


The material of a hose reel is another factor to consider when buying. Many garden hose reels are constructed with either metal or plastic.

The metal hose reels may be of aluminum, brass, or steel. Consequently, this is also applicable to the smaller parts of the hose reel. Hence, you should go for reels made with powder coatings that prevent rust. Also, go for reels made of durable metals.


A garden hose reel can also be used for washing your vehicle and others. That is why you should go for durable hose reels. Most of the time, you are tempted to buy the cheapest one, but usually made of low quality. This is acceptable for short term use.

However, if you wish to use this hose reel more often and for the long term, then you should go for aluminum and waterproof hose reels.


Finally, the price of a hose reel is another major factor to consider when buying one. Even if your budget is small, you can still find quality hose reels and can use them for a long time if properly maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material is best for garden hose reel?  

Most people often go for either steel or aluminum as they last longer.

2. Do garden hose reels come with hose and nozzles?  

Yes, a few brands come with different hose sizes and nozzles.

3. Can I control the hose pipe of the retractable hose reel?  

Yes, but not all brands. Some hose reels come with a brake system that will allow you to control the movement of the hose pipe.

4. Are there rechargeable garden hose reels?  

Yes, there are garden hose reels that have rechargeable batteries like the Suncast Powerwind that has a 12-volt battery and charger.

5. Can I reel in my 5/8 inch hose in the Goodyear hose reel?  

No, the Goodyear hose reel comes with a 3/8 inch inbuilt hose.

6. What size of hose will fit the Eley/Rapid 1041 hose reel?   

The Eley/Rapid 1041 hose reel is compatible with 150 feet of 5/8 inch hose and 100 feet of the 3/4 inch hose.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, we nominate Liberty Garden 712 as the best garden hose reel because it is of high quality. 

We also find Eley Garden 1043 as the best suited model for the elderly, as it has a wheeled cart that makes it easy to transport. If you need a weightless and portable hose reel, give Giraffe retractable reel a go.

We recommend the Suncast Powerwind if you are looking for a rechargeable and stylish hose reel. Finally, the most pocket-friendly garden hose reel is the RL Flo-Master hose reel that gives you quality at a low price. 

You can consider your needs and pick yours accordingly. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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