Discover The Different Types Of Portable Massagers and Its Benefits

Anyone can feel muscle pain or stiffness due to their work habits by sitting in front of a computer or having a job that requires standing for a long time. After a long day of work, you may feel desperate for a good massage.

You can definitely visit a massage center everyday that may end up costing a lot after some time. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase reliable portable massagers and see this more as an investment that will pay off in the long run.


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These portable massagers comes in various types, sizes and price ranges. The reason these portable massagers are widely popular is because they are lightweight, easy to carry along and the best alternative to visiting expensive professional massage centers.

But choosing the best portable massager can be a tough task. This is why in this article, we focus on the various types of portable massagers and their benefits that will help you with your buying decision.

Electric Pulse Massager

An electric pulse massager is a type of portable massager that involves a new and innovative approach to massaging. It works by stimulating the muscles through electric signals and then tries to relax them. This will reduce the pain in the massage area and also minimizing the stress levels. 

Unlike other type of massages that just stimulates the nerves, these electric pulse massagers can be used in any parts of the body including your neck, shoulders and back. Check out Healthmate Forever reviews.

Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Some of the benefits of electric pulse massager includes:

  • Reduces stress levels to a great extent
  • Helps in the recovery of muscle spasms
  • Assists in the release of tension in the muscles
  • Regulates the blood flow in your body
  • Provides quick relief from acute pain
  • Helps with chronic pain
  • help to sustain muscle flexibility

Read the review of Hi Dow TENS AcuXP Micro to find out why this model one of our favorite electrical pulse massager.

Unimed TENS Unit Massager Muscle Stimulator

The Unimed Tens Unit Massager is one of the best electric pulse massagers that sends voltage pulse to your body and stimulates the nerve fibers to block the pain signals from being sent to your brain.

It also helps in the release of endorphins, the natural pain reliever present in our body itself. And with the Unimed Massage muscle stimulator at your disposal, you don’t need pain pills any longer. 

These massagers comes with 6 programmed massage modes and with a single charge can be used effectively for 20 hours. The strength intensity of the massager can be adjusted by up to 20 levels.

Read our full review here.

Hand Held Massager

Hand held massagers are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays as people are looking for a quick and efficient way for recovery from muscle pain and stiffness. These massagers are lightweight, compact and easy to carry along. You can get instant relief from any joint pain, muscle pain or any other sort of body pain.

They comes in various types and sizes and the most popular handheld massagers are the electric handheld massagers. With these massagers, you can easily adjust the speed and intensity based on the areas of application.

Benefits of Hand Held Massager

Some of the benefits of handheld massager includes:

  • Get quick relief from pain
  • Portable
  • Reduces stress to a great extent
  • Improves your sleep
  • Helps to make you skin look better

Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager

If you are looking for the best handheld massagers in the market, the Pure-Wave Cm7 cordless massager is your perfect choice.

It features a variable speed controller that allows you to set your desired speed levels. 

It is actually a two-massager in one as it provides both percussion and micro vibration therapy. One of the interesting aspects of the Pure Wave CM7 is that it penetrates into the skin and the muscle tissues to provide instant relief. For detailed review of this model, click here.

Don't quite get the difference between percussion massager and shiatsu massager? Perhaps you should do some readings.

Hand Massager

A hand massager can provide a lot of benefits as often, we feel some pain in our hands when we use it for a long time performing activities like gardening, washing, lifting heavy objects, etc. A hand massager can provide a quick relief from muscle spasm and pain. It also helps in improving the blood circulation and concentrates on the major acupressure points in your hand.

Benefits of Hand Held Massager

Some of the benefits of handheld massager includes:

  • Helps in instant pain relief
  • Improvises blood circulation
  • Enhances the range of motion in your hands

Breo iPalm520S Electric Hand Massager

The Breo iPalm Electric Hand Massager is specially designed to provide a relaxing hand massage that soothes your hand and rejuvenates the muscle tissues in your hand. 

It also removes the stress and strain caused to the daily activities with its heat compression functionality. It comprises of various features including smart auto timer, adjustable air pressure, heat compression and is perfectly suitable for home and office.

This model is indeed the best portable massager for hands.

Neck Massager

Neck pain is a common problem that is seen affecting many people of all ages. This can be caused due to improper sleeping positions or sitting positions. Continuous neck pain can be extremely uncomfortable. A neck massager plays a vital role in helping you alleviate the neck pain and get instant relief from muscle spasms in the neck.

Benefits of Neck Massager:

Some of the benefits of neck massager includes:

  • Get instant relief from Neck pain
  • Provides relief from stiffness in the neck
  • Relaxes the muscles in your neck

Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

The Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back massager is one of the best neck massager with heat in this category that promotes muscle recovery and relives the tightness in your neck and back muscles.

The shiatsu massage nodes takes care of soothing the aching muscles and the rolling massage nodes stimulate your muscles.

It comes with adjustable 3 levels of massage intensity along with various massaging functions. The cordless massager can reach even the lower areas of your back and comes included with a lithium-ion battery for recharging.

Portable Back Massager

When you have a job that involves sitting in front of the computer for a long time, you are defiantly prone to getting back pain and stiffness in the back area. And instead of spending money on pain pills or visiting a massage center, a back massager can come handy and could provide instant relief for your back pain.

Benefits of Back Massager

Some of the benefits of back massager includes:

  • Get instant relief from lower back pain
  • Improves your sleep
  • Helps in the healing process
  • Increases blood circulation

Brookstone S8 Shiatsu Massaging Topper

Best massager for lower back pain

The Brookstone S8 Massage Topper can turn even a normal chair into a professional massage chair.

It provides a deep-kneading shiatsu massage that relieves the stiffness and aids in muscle recovery.

It can reach the full length of your back and comes with 3 pre-defined massage intensity levels.

Read our article for its full review.

If you are looking into a great product to target your lower back, Naipo Shiatsu full back & neck massage seat cushion is another great option. ​Click here to read the detailed review.