Finding the best household tools/equipment is not as simple as some people would think it is. You need to have some knowledge about the product or brand before you decide to buy it. This is one of the reasons why we put up Verellenhc.

Our primary objective is to help homeowners find the perfect household tools/equipment to have a comfortable and clean home. Owning the house of your dream is an accomplishment. Maintaining it and keeping it at its best condition possible is not easy.

With our product reviews and bits of advice, your dream house will maintain its appearance longer as if you just bought it yesterday. Always keep in mind, your dream house does not have to be expensive.

Having a clean, well-maintained and comfortable place to live on is enough to say that you are living in your dream house.

Why Us?

What does make us your best option? We are a team of professionals and experienced staff that can provide the best answers to your inquiries. At Verellenhc, all the help, information and details we offer are from our own experience, thorough research and analysis, and product testing.

Are you confused as to what tool/equipment to buy? Do you need assistance? Look no further as Verellenhc is here to help!

Verellenhc has been conducting researches and testing products like household hardware, kitchen tools, home fitness equipment, water heater, garden tools, and others to provide you the most accurate reviews of the equipment.

Our product reviews include vital features, pros and cons, and recommendations. If you have the right tools/equipment, nothing will go wrong. Our concern is to ensure that you will have a clean and comfortable place to live in.

Also, there are lots of helpful ideas and information you can get from our blog. You can check out our outdoors and indoors tools/equipment recommendation.

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Last but not least, get to know our team better.

The team

Verner Ellen - Owner/Author

Hi, my name is Verner Ellen.  I am very much into house improvement and maintenance.

Maintaining a clean and comfortable home is my lifelong passion.

Thus, I end up launching this business to share my knowledge and experience. I also love fitness, cooking, and grilling.

You probably want to know why I put up Verellenhc. When I was a child, I dream of having a big house with all the luxurious things inside.

As I grew up, I realized that it is not having a big house that will make a person eager to come home every day. 

It is how comfortable and relaxed they feel each time they enter their house. I want to share with everybody the things I learned on how to keep a clean and comfortable place to live with.

Elle Lori - Author/Editor

Hi, Elle here. I am a simple girl that loves gymnastics, cooking, fitness and of course, pampering myself with a good massage after a hard day at work.

As an editor, I combine my passion for developing reviews and content to help my readers get what they want.

I can give accurate reviews even to the most sophisticated equipment used in maintaining a house.

How I do it? By studying every detail about the product. I make sure that every feature has been mentioned in detailed to help you out in making a smart decision.

Jeremy Delores - Author

My name is Jeremy, and I am here to help you get the right tools and equipment for your yard and garden.

Being obsessed with them for almost a decade, I know how important quality and reliability is when using them.

For this reason, I will focus on creating and sharing content, providing insights on the best products that will suit your needs and requirements.

I know exactly what you are looking for. I have the knowledge and experience that makes me the authority when it comes to garden and yard equipment. I make sure what I write is exactly what the readers want to know.

Delma Miranda - Social Media Manager

Good day! My name is Delma, and I am here to update you on the latest and freshest household tools/equipment through social media.

I am exposed to hardware industries because of my dad. I can fix a leaking kitchen faucet easily. Don't get surprised.

My father has taught me a lot of things from cutting the grass to changing an electric bulb that you thought only men could do. 

When I am not active on Facebook, I am probably busy fixing something in my house. If you are looking for a lady plumber or electrician, you can get my service as I do that as my part-time job. 

Who could post the most accurate updates on social media than the most experienced and knowledgeable one? Every post and updates you see from me are not just taken online or the result of my researches. Most of the time, they are based on my experiences. 

Frank Derrick - Marketing Director

Hi there! I am Frank - a father to two lovely ladies, Sarah 5 and Michelle 7.

I have worked in an advertising company for ten years and was able to buy a house out of my salaries. 

I go to the gym once in a while to keep my body fit. If I have free time, I would take my family out on a beach or somewhere else to relax and have fun with the kids.

I believe that the secret of long term relationship is not just to provide what the customers need but also to have close ties with them. I don't just implement and develop marketing plans; I am also an adviser and friend to our present and future customers.