How to Choose the Best Rangehood

Whether you are looking to replace your old rangehood or remodeling your kitchen, one of the important appliances that you need to consider is choosing the best rangehood for your kitchen.

If you are already using a stove and your kitchen has limited ventilation, then it is important that you invest in the best rangehood that would easily absorb all the unhealthy smoke and odors quickly leaving a fresh environment in the kitchen all the time.

However, choosing and reading the best rangehood review can be a tough task due to the many brands available in the market. Hence, in this buying guide, we’ll provide you with all the information we have researched that can help you to choose the best rangehood for your kitchen.


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Why buy Rangehood?

Rangehood also called vent hood, apart from removing the unhealthy smoke from the kitchen also provides various other benefits including:

  • Vent hoods provide you with additional lighting in your kitchen that helps you to cook safely
  • They also help in keeping your kitchen fresh and clean as it absorbs all the smoke or else if the smoke spreads around it will make your walls look dirty
  • The smoke coming out while cooking contains carbon monoxide that can be dangerous to your health if you continue to inhale it regularly. But the range hoods help you to breathe only fresh air all the time as they absorb all kinds of unhealthy smoke.
  • They also help in removing the excess heat and keeps our kitchen cool

An example of a good rangehood for you to consider reading is the Zephyr range hood reviews.

Types of Rangehood

When it comes to rangehood, there are several different types of rangehood on offer. Let’s look at some of the basic types of rangehood available in the market:

1. Under Cabinet Range Hoods

One of the most common and affordable range hoods are the under cabinet range hoods. These best under cabinet range hood are installed under your kitchens cabinet and right above your stove, so that it absorbs all the smoke that comes out of your stove and protects your cabinets from getting dirty with all the smoke. These are relatively easy to install, but there are some models that come with a duct that will push the smoke outside of your kitchen and are somewhat difficult to install.

Do read our articles on the Kobe range hood reviews and Broan range hood reviews as they are considered to be the finest under cabinet range hoods out there.

2. Wall Mount Range Hoods

If you don’t have cabinets in your kitchen, then you can go for wall mount range hoods. They are also called as wall-mounted chimneys as they somewhat resemble the look of a chimney. These wall mount range hoods come with a wider bottom that allows it to cover the entire stretch of the stove. Hence, it can capture all the smoke billowing out of the stove easily.

3. Island Hoods

These type of rangehoods look similar in design with wall mount range hoods are mostly preferred for in kitchens that comes with the hood not attached to the wall. So, the vents need to be connected to the vents in the ceiling instead of the ducts in the wall. These rangehoods are considered to be the most expensive ones and also look sleek than the others.

4. Insert Hoods

These range hoods offers you much more flexibility in terms of installation when compared to others as it can easily inserted into any kind of space. Hence, if you are looking for a kitchen with a specific aesthetic design, these insert range hoods would be a viable option.

5. Downdraft Range Hoods

If you are looking to hide the vent and only rise it when you are cooking, then the downdraft vents are your best bet. 

Things to Consider before buying a rangehood

When it comes to buying the best rangehood, there are certain factors that need to be considered before buying one as it would help you to the choose the rangehood that suits your complete requirements.

1. Your Budget

Rangehoods come in various price levels, where the basic version may cost about $100-$200, some of the most hi-end rangehoods can run into several thousand without including the installation costs. While some basic models at lesser price can still do a decent job, the priced ones are mainly for their stylish look and additional features. If you are looking for budget vent hoods, then you can go for the under cabinet hoods that comes at affordable prices.

2. Size

It is also important to consider the space available under your cabinet, if you are looking to go for under cabinet hoods as it can only fit in the space below the cabinet. For other types of cabinets, size is not an issue, but generally it should cover the entire stove area so that it captures all the smoke and odor effectively. We recommend you to read the Akdy range hood reviews for a good size rangehood.

3. Power

It depends on the type of cooking. If you are looking for a rangehood for a restaurant then it needs a powerful vent as there is a lot of cooking involved. The power for range hoods are measured in CFMs (cubic feet per minute). But generally the more the powerful your vent, the more effective in absorbing the smoke quickly.

4. Noise

Some of the common complaints received from customers is the noise emanating from these range hoods. Hence, look for a vent hood that is much quieter and provides less noise. We recommend you to read our Tatsumaki range hood reviews for a quiet rangehood.

5. Ease of Installation

Another factor that needs to be considered is the kind of installation required for the type of rangehood you buy. When some may require a complicated installation process like the downdraft range hoods, others like the insert range hoods can be easily installed.

Read here on how to install range hood easily in your kitchen

Who makes the best rangehood?

When it comes to the best range hood, there are several brands available right from Zephyr, Proline, Broan, Z line, Kobe, Island, Range Cavaliere, Xo, Tatsumaki and Xtremeair etc.

You can even read some of our best range hoods reviews on these brands including the Proline range hoods reviews, Z line range hoods reviews, Island range hood reviews and the Range hood insert reviews

If you are looking for good wall mount types of rangehoods, we recommend you to read our Cavaliere rangehood reviews, Xo range hoods reviews, fotile range hood review, and Xtremeair range hood reviews before making your decision.

Best place to buy rangehood

When it comes to buying the best rangehood, they are available in various online websites. But if you are looking for the best place to buy best range hoods, then you can check out some these websites:

  • Wal-Mart
  • eBay
  • Costco
  • Sears Outlet
  • Wayfair