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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review – VerellenHC


The Concept 2 Model D is a premium rower that provides you with a low impact exercise and also tracks your performance with a performance monitor. You can note the workout details and even play some games during the workout.

On top of this, the machine allows you to connect using wireless Bluetooth for monitoring heart rate and other applications. Additionally, you can save the workout data to a USB drive and track the progress.

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Key Specifications


    Product Dimensions: 96 x 24 x 44.5 inches


    Uses air-resistance flywheel


    Ergonomic handle


    Performance Monitor 5 (PM5)


    Wireless connectivity


    Adaptable Footrests


    Transportation wheels


    Weighs 57 pounds


    Easy storage


    Can connect a variety of popular fitness apps


    Separable into two pieces for easy storage


    User capacity – 500 lbs

Main Features of The Concept2 Model D

1) Form 

The model D rowing machine offers a paddle strap to keep you safe while you are doing your exercise. On top of this, the machine provides comfort to every individual, no matter if you are short of tall. The seat height is 14 inches plus it contains adaptable footrests and ergonomic handle.

2) Style

This unit contains a powder coat finish that provides a more beautiful and durable paint. On top of this, the equipment contains a nickel-plated steel chain, which requires a bit of maintenance.

Also, the front legs are made of aluminum, and the rear legs are constructed with steel.

3) Progress Monitoring

The model D provides the public with the opportunity to track the progress with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5). With this advanced LCD monitor, you can monitor the distance, time, strokes per minute, and the number of calories you are losing.

On top of this, the PM5 provides a backlit display with a USB flash drive so you can keep the record of your workout data. The monitor also offers a wireless Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with ANT+ so you can supervise your heart rate.

You can also join the online challenge and compare your workout results with others. The monitor also allows you to connect with many popular apps.

4) Flywheel and Spiral Damper

The machine makes use of air-resistance flywheel which gives a similar feeling of rowing on the water. The flywheel’s function is to reduce the machine noise, so it is created to offer you silence while you workout. Besides, the spiral damper enables you to regulate the flow of air to the flywheel.

5) Games

Sometimes the workout can become monotonous, especially if it requires the same movement for a long time. However, this rowing machine by Concept2 will make your workout time much more fascinating and interesting as the machine provides you with fun games.

 Fish Game, Darts Game, Target Training, and Biathlon are some of the options available to have fun during the workout.

6) Foldability

The product has a quick-release feature, and no gadget is needed. The machine quick-release is due to the excellent framelock mechanism. So, it is very easy and simple to disconnect the equipment for storage.

In addition, the Concept2 model D wheels assist you to roll the fully-assembled unit into storage.

7) Concept2 Rowing Machine Accessories

The accessories include a user manual, tools, illustrated instructions, quick start guide, and a digital monitor.

8) Warranty

The company stands behind their products and offers 5 years warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on parts.

Ease of Maintenance: How to Operate?

1. Chain

Even though the equipment is very practical, some maintenance is necessary. As the chain is made of nickel-plated steel, you need to add oil after every 40 hours of using.

2. Installing the Machine

One of the Concept 2 rowing machine accessories is a manual. So, it is very easy and simple to set up the machine. All you have to do is unfold it and take it apart and place it wherever you want. 

Concept 2 Model D & E Rowing Machine


The Concept2 rowing machine comes in two variations of models, namely D and E.

The model E weighs 65 lbs. and sits six inches off the floor, which is perfect for those with mobility issues.

Moreover, the Concept2 model E is made of welded steel, and the monitor is made of aluminum. The product’s chain is nickel-plated steel, so your equipment has extra protection against dust and dirt. On top of this, the equipment has a shiny finish, which gives an extra visual appeal.

The model D is designed to offer an efficient cardio workout. The product focuses on all the major muscle groups of the body. The air-resistance offers a rowing motion just like rowing on water. Considered the best compact rowing machine, it enables you to workout in many positions as you can adjust the angle and height.

The Pros and Cons



    You can track your workout progress with the Performance Monitor 5


    Wireless connectivity


    It connects with many famous fitness apps, such as ErgData, LiveRowing, BoatCoach, and RowPro


    Air-resistance flywheel reacts to any rowing movement


    Doesn’t make much noise


    The LCD monitor has a backlit display, so your eyes are protected


    The machine provides some games so your exercise can be more enjoyable


    You can join online challenges


    Easy transportation using caster wheels


    It is available in two colors: black or light gray



    The indoor rowing machine can only be shipped within the United States


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it needed a mat for exercise?

Unlike other rowing machines, this one doesn’t need a mat. However, if you have wood floors, it may be advisable for you to use a mat.



2. What is the product’s warranty? 

The company offers a warranty of five years on the frame and a two-year limited warranty on the parts.



3. Does the rowing machine take much space when one is working out?

It takes approximately 9 x 4 feet. Also, it is essential to keep a 1′ or 2′ of extra width for your arms to use it. To store it, the product takes about 2 feet by 3 feet of ground space.



4. I live in a building, can I still workout in my rowing machine without worrying about the noise?

The machine is very quiet, so you can do your exercise without worrying about the sound. Due to the lack of noise from the machine, you can even listen to music and watch TV.

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Final Verdict


Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine Review

The Concept2 model D equipment is an excellent alternative if you wish to improve your health and fitness. It provides you with great features and the machine is of high quality and durability.

This rowing machine is perfect if you have a busy lifestyle but still wish to take care of your health. After considering all the aspects, we rate this product 5 stars out of 5. We could not find any cons with this model.

Our Rating
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine review

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