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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5720 Rowing Machine Review


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5720 rowing machine is extremely efficient and presents a top-notch functionality. Many customers reported that they managed to lose weight and get fit fast. On top of this, one can set it up easily, even without the manual.

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Detailed Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine Review


The rowing machineSF-RW5720 by Sunny Health & Fitness is the newest release. The incline full motion rowing machine is very popular for its quality and its durability. The fitness equipment presents an original and creative design plus the possibility of working out with five different levels of incline.

It also enables you to perform workout on major groups of your muscles, especially legs and arms. Moreover, this machine is excellent for those looking for a high level incline challenge.

Main Features of the SF-RW5720

Key Specifications

The machine is 55.5 inches long, 21.5 inches wide and 18 inches in height. Unlike other machines that use other types of tension system, this product uses the incline resistance, which requires more strength of your body.

The maximum incline here is 17 inches. The slide rail length is 29.5 inches. The product weighs 39 lbs. and can handle up to 350 lbs.


    5 different incline levels


    The product dimensions are 55.5 x 21.5 x 18 inches


    The item weighs 39 pounds


    The seat dimensions are 14 inches by 11 inches


    Full motion handlebars


    Foot pads


    Digital monitor


    Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs


    Maximum incline: 17 inches


The SF-RW5720 has a smooth and strong rail which inclines with the movement of your body and creates an efficient leg, arms and ab exercise. Besides, the machine has dual individual handles so that you can have a great arm workout.

Comfort and Protection

It is essential to look after your safety during the workout as many individuals have an accident during the training. The rower offers a comfortable and padded seat so you can exercise with safety, protection, and comfort. 

Moreover, the anti-slip paddles have a pedals strap. The straps assist keeping your feet stable and secure while you are rowing. Thus, you can have a safe workout without any accidents.

Digital Monitor

The excellent rowing machine offers you an LCD monitor. This digital device enables you to track your workout progress, and how long you have been working out for. Also, you can check the number of calories burnt, the repetitions per minute and the total count. Moreover, you can also attach your mobile phone or tablet in the holder, so that you can enjoy the music while working out.

Full Motion Arms

Unlike the standard rowing machines, this rower provides you with full motion arms. This feature provides you with a real rowing experience. The movement you make while working out targets the major group of muscles, like back, arms and legs.

Levels of Incline

The equipment provides five different levels of incline. This incline feature enables you to develop a dynamic and effective motion which improves the abdominals and legs exercises.

On top of this, you can regulate the level of incline. The machine can offer you up to 29.5 inches of incline which guarantees an efficient and potent exercise.


SF-RW5720 has an aluminum slide rail which is nearly 30 inches in length. You can click here to read more about this metal. On top of this, this great machine is easily moved around as it contains transport wheels. Moreover, the product provides a quiet and slick movement and ride as you push.


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5720 review

The machine is extremely practical and compact. It only weighs 39 pounds. It is very easy and simple to store and relocate with minimal efforts. If you wish to store it, all you have to do is incline and roll it on its wheels.


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How to Operate SF-RW5720

When it comes to installing the machine, once you buy the product, you will receive a Sunny rowing machine manual. This guidebook will provide you with the product’s setting up information.

However, if you still have some doubts, you can take a look at YouTube tutorials for some assistance. You can also contact the customer service for additional information and guidance.

On top of this, working out in the machine is very simple and straightforward. Once you are in the equipment and start rowing, the seat will incline every time you pull the handles.

The Pros and Cons



    The machine offers five levels of incline


    It targets each big muscle group including, arms, legs, and abs


    It provides an efficient cardio and strength exercise session


    The machine transportation is easy as it contains wheels


    It contains a non-slip foot pad


    The mobile phone or tablet holder comes handy


    The full motion arms’ workout provides a real rowing experience



    May need to invest in a workout mat as the product may slide around on the floor


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there a minimum or maximum suggested height someone can have to use the equipment? 

Both short and tall people can enjoy working out on the machine. One can either be 5’2” or even 6’2” and can still use the machine without difficulties.


2. What is the product’s warranty? 

The product has a three-year warranty for its structure. The other parts and elements of the product have a limited 90-day warranty.


3. Does the machine always incline all the way up?

While doing the exercise, as you row, the machine inclines. The inclination is adjustable, so you can keep it high or low.


4. Can I store it anywhere?

Due to its dimensions and transportation wheels, the machine can be stored in any appropriate place.


5. In the video, it only shows the highest incline. However, can it also go lower?

The machine provides different incline level, which ranges from one to five. If you select the one option, you will obtain an incline of about 22 inches.


Final Verdict


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