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Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

The Schwinn 470 is one of the best-looking elliptical machine out there. It is modern, sophisticated and each element is developed to perfection. There are no issues with the design and over the years, it is made to impress even the most demanding users.

Our Rating

In our review, we will explain all the systems, features, pros and cons of the tested model. Let’s just say that there are quite a lot of cool features to mention.

1) Two Displays

One of the first things we want to mention is the presence of the two displays. It means that you will get up to 13 information displayed at any given moment.

This makes the entire machine even more desirable for professionals and for those who have a need to make the best out of their workout.

The two displays are nicely divided and only displays the information you will need while exercising.

2) USB Port

Most users focused on the USB port. It is available in this model to allow you data export from the machine and to recharge any device you may use. With the Schwinn 470, you can recharge a battery while exercising on your smartphone.

3) Schwinn Connect

The program allows you to export the data you gathered while exercising and to set up individual goals. This is one important feature that will help you in losing weight and reaching your goal with motivation. It is relatively easy to set up too.

4) 29 Programs

There are 29 programs to choose from and switching between them is easier than ever. In a nutshell, you only need several seconds to choose the one you like.

We recommend you to try out all the programs. This can help you maximize the workout, getting the most out of the Schwinn 470. It is also a nice thing knowing which program is the most beneficial for you.

5) 20-inches Stride Length

The stride length is 20 inches, which is more than other similar models out there. This makes the overall exercising more focused and advanced.

The overall experience is slightly different when compared to what others have to offer. Yes, it is more demanding but it has a much bigger effect on engaging the muscles in exercising and burning the fat. You will reach your goal and progress quicker.

6) Incline System with 6 Positions

All premium elliptical machines comes with an incline feature. In this case scenario, we are looking at 6 different positions. The electric motor that is responsible for the feature is 10 amps and it is one of the most powerful in the class.

Incline system allows for you to adopt training and make it more usable, more focused on your unique goal. It is also the most essential system for professionals and those who want the ultimate elliptical machine experience.

7) 25 Levels of Resistance

Adjusting the resistance comes in 25 different levels. As you can assume, it is higher than many other models in the market today, and it is worthy of the price tag.

Don’t forget that if you are looking for a true elliptical workout, the resistance levels are the main factor to consider when looking for an elliptical machine.

8) Two Handlebars

In order to make the user as comfortable as it gets, the tested model comes with 2 handlebars. One of them is movable and is used when users want to exercise their upper body muscles.

The second handlebar is permanently fixed and this will make the exercising more comfortable and appealing at the same time.


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9) 300-lbs Weight Load

The weight load is 300 pounds. That number is more than what other machines has to offer. The Schwinn 470 elliptical dimensions are also perfectly suitable for meeting this weight load and as such, we can recommend it for overweight users as well.

10) Warranty

The warranty is another important factor we considered. The warranty on the frame itself is 10 years! Similar models comes with a warranty of only 5 years, so this is one of its main advantage. 

The warranty on the mechanical parts is 2 years and the one on the electric components is 1 year.

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The Pros and Cons



    Massive weight load


    Superior design


    29 programs


    25 levels of resistance


    Comfortable to use



    Quite heavy and bulky

Final Verdict


Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review

Our Rating

So, the bottom line here is that the Schwinn elliptical machine is made for those who wants a high-end model with all the features and systems ever invented.

As such, this is a sleek looking elliptical machine that is suitable for those that uses the machine frequently. After all, it is a premium model designed with all the best features.


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