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Nautilus E616 Elliptical Review [Should You Get This Machine?]

There are a lot of great elliptical machines available, which makes finding the best one a tricky business.

Luckily for you, we invested time into testing one of the best models. This is the Nautilus e616 elliptical review and we will cover all the main points of the unit.

Our Rating
Nautilus e616 elliptical review
  • Very well built and premium quality
  • Two displays
  • Works with RunSocial App so you can track your activity
  • 25 levels of resistance

The Nautilus E616 is far from an ordinary elliptical machine. It is one of the most sophisticated and the most developed machines of this kind on the market.

You will enjoy the superb quality, attention to details and the advanced features. Nautilus E616 elliptical is by far one of the most popular types and it is definitely worthy of your attention.

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, the machine comes with a superb resistance system. It is smooth, offers great performances and it looks better than competitor models. In a nutshell, the entire machine offers advanced systems designed to make the exercising more appealing, better than ever and easier at the same time.

The comfort you are going to get is impressive as well. The entire machine is based on the latest research, so it will protect your joints and wrists while exercising. After all, the Nautilus E616 is a high-end machine of the modern generation.

The bottom line is that this unit is preferable for all of those who need a professional elliptical to use frequently and for the most advanced exercises. And yes, you will have to consider the price, but it is a decent value for money.

Great Features of Nautilus E616 Elliptical

Below we will list all the features this model has to offer. As you can see, they are impressive and they make the entire machine even more desirable and appealing in the lack of a better word.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Obviously, a high-end elliptical machine like this one has to have Bluetooth. This one uses the latest Bluetooth connectivity in order to connect with the Nautilus Trainer 2 App or any other app which allows you to track fitness progress. Setting it up is a quick and simple process that will require a few minutes. 

This is an advanced and important feature which makes the elliptical a masterpiece and a more desirable unit. Now we can get the modern exercising advantages which are very beneficial for all of us.

RunSocial App Running

If you like running from the comfort of your home on some the best destinations in the world, you will like this app. What it allows for you is to ‘’run’’ on 19 locations from all parts of the world with 27 different routes. You will basically run with real people in real time.

The app simulates the routes in question. It will measure and compare the times of all the participants. The accuracy is to the point and probably one of the best systems we ever saw of this kind. Anyway, it is the perfect system for those who want more and who find conventional elliptical machines too ordinary.

25 Levels of Resistance

As you may know, the more levels an elliptical machine offers, the better. In this case scenario, we are looking at 25 levels.

This means that the model is suitable even for professionals and for those who want the ultimate adjustability. The possibilities are truly endless and there are so many advantages.

As a beginner, you will have to start with the initial level and slowly built your way up. Of course, you will have to gradually increase the intensity as you progress. This feature also makes the tested model suitable for gyms across the planet.

29 Programs

Yes, the number of programs is an advantage as well. In total, we are looking at 29 different programs.

They include different tests, recovery simulations, heart rate options and additional programs that make the machine a masterpiece in the lack of a better word.

In order to choose the best program, you will have to read through the nautilus e616 elliptical manual.

We recommend you to try different programs and to memorize which ones are the best for you at which particular moment. Then, you can get the most out of them and maximize your workout.

Dual LCD Displays

As you can see, the tested model has 2 displays. They are added in order to make the exercising better and simpler than ever before. You will appreciate the fact you get the most information displayed to you at any given moment.

Yes, you will need some time to get used to this design, but once you do, you will get the most out of it.

The displays have a decent resolution and offer great visibility in all situations. Once again, you will have to read the user manual in order to get the most out of this system.

Smooth Operations

The flywheel built-in here is an advanced unit of the modern generation. It makes the entire machine easier to use and more desirable as well.

It is an inertia powered flywheel which comes with high-quality components. What this means is that you can get the most out of your exercise and you will appreciate the smoothness of the machine.

MP3 Port

Now you can listen to the music directly from your elliptical machine. The MP3 port is compatible with all devices and it is easy to use. We tested it with different devices and we were impressed with the simplicity. Keep in mind that this is just one of many, advanced features which are present here.

High-Quality Speakers

Yes, those holes at the front are for speakers. There is no need to use your smartphone as a sound source or to use any other device.

The speakers are implemented for your comfort and they make the usage even better. Nautilus elliptical e616 is one of the best models with this feature on the market. It offers above the average sound quality and the sound is loud so it will meet all the requirements you may have.

An interesting fact is that the speakers in elliptical machines are more than just beneficial when it comes to the duration of a session. They make it longer and make exercising easier than ever before.

Other Brands of Elliptical:-

Charging USB Port

Obviously, an elliptical machine of this price range and this class must come with a USB charging port for your device.

Obviously, you don’t get a USB cable in the package, but you will appreciate the feature in question. All modern and currently used smartphones and tablets are compatible with the system.


A built-in fan has two main features. The first one is to cool you down while exercising and the second one is to simulate actual movement.

Both of these features are desirable and appealing to all users. Obviously, it had to be mentioned in our Nautilus e616 elliptical review.

The fan is fully adjustable as well, so you can expect to get all the benefits it can offer. We tested it on multiple occasions and we are generally satisfied with its performance.

Moving and Static Handlebars Included

You will appreciate the fact this model comes with two sets of handlebars. The first one is movable and it will be used while you move. The second one is a much smaller, but it is equipped with heart rate sensors and they are permanently positioned.

Each user is free to choose which set of handlebars he wants to use and at which moment. Both of them are comfortable and ergonomic, so you can expect the best comfort at all times.

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The Pros and Cons


  • High level of quality
  • Great flywheel
  • Two displays
  • Two handlebars
  • RunSocial App
  • Compatible with Nautilus Trainer 2 App


  • Assembly requires approximately 2 hours

Final Verdict

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

Our Rating

In our Nautilus e616 elliptical review, you were able to discover all the features, the pros, and cons of this model.

We rate it 4.9 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to users who are looking for the best elliptical machine with the latest features.

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