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Best Elliptical for Home In 2023 [Top 6 Popular Machines Reviewed]

Choosing the right elliptical machine that you can use at home is not easy. There are over 30 brands that manufacture these low-impact machines, so how will you know which is the best model to use at home?

We have written this best elliptical for home article to help you decide and narrow down your options. Included in this post are the top 6 popular elliptical machines you can consider buying.

What is An Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical machine or cross-trainer is stationary workout equipment which can be used for walking, sprinting, stair climbing or running exercises. It is a recommended low-impact cardio machines that burn calories.

To take advantage of the many benefits of this machine, you need to know how to use the equipment effectively without hurting yourself. Here are our top picks.

Comparison Table

We have summarized a comparison table below for your easy reference. However, it is important to note that the positions are in no particular order of importance.

Product Features Our Rating

Nautilus E614
22 programs: 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 custom, 2 fitness test & 1 quick start

20 levels of resistance

DualTrack LCD displays



Price: $$$

More Details

Schwinn 430
Schwinn Connect goal tracking

22 programs, 2 user settings

20 levels of resistance

Dual track two LCD window



Price: $$$$

More Details

​ProForm 150i
12 pre-programmed workouts

12 resistance levels

EKG heart rate monitor

iFit compatible



Price: $

More Details

Schwinn 470
Schwinn Connect goal tracking

29 programs, 4 user settings

25 levels of resistance

Dual track two LCD window



Price: $$$$

More Details

Nautilus E616
29 programs: 12 profile, 9 heart rate control, 4 custom, 2 fitness test, 1 recovery test, 1 quick start

25 levels of resistance

DualTrack LCD displays



Price: $$$$$

More Details

ProForm Hybrid Trainer
Cardio recumbent bike workout + a total toning Elliptical Program

16 workout apps

16 levels of resistance



Price: $$

More Details

6 Best Elliptical To Use At Home

1. Nautilus E614 – Best Buy Elliptical Machine

This elliptical machine is perfect for the entire family. It has 20-inch stride length and 22 workout programs.

Keep in mind, it only contains two user profiles. Thus it is only recommended for a family with children who are not old enough to visit the gym.

The equipment has acoustic chambered speakers that provide a clean, big sound. The grip heart rate provides an accurate reading to keep you safe and healthy while using the equipment.

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2. Schwinn 430 – Best Elliptical Machine under $1000

This elliptical machine is an entry-level machine with some fantastic features to let the users enjoy their workouts and track how they perform from workout to workout.

To motivate the user, the machine has heart rate monitoring, ability to download to MyFitnessPal and pre-programmed workouts. It offers 6 position incline and 20 settings of resistance that are not usually found on an entry-level machine.

The Schwinn 40 is designed for sharing and can hold two user profiles. They can create and save two workout programs, and 20 exercise programs are set already.

Two fitness tests, eight heart rate controlled workouts, nine profile programs, and manual mode are some of the essential features of this machine. To save the heart rate programs, it has contact sensors.

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3. ProForm 150i

This elliptical machine is one of the latest addition on the list of machines that ProForm has manufactured. It is a budget home elliptical workout equipment that is best as a standalone unit and part of a home gym.

The ProForm 150i is recommended for full-body and cardiovascular workout. Also, it has a cordless feature which makes it easy to use for your convenience.

This fitness machine is a sturdy machine even if it does not have the size and strength of a gym-grade elliptical. Its frame is designed with durable steel tubing.

The pedals and flywheel covers are the only parts of the machine that is made of ABS material.

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4. Schwinn 470

Schwinn is a cheap elliptical cross trainer but with lots of good features. The stride length is 20 inches which are the standard length for an elliptical machine. It has power incline to shape lean muscle.

The Schwinn 470 console can store up to 4 user profiles. The Bluetooth is on board for data transfer and wireless heart rate monitoring.

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5. Nautilus E616

The company is known as one of the best manufacturers of fitness machine all over the world. If you buy one of the Nautilus equipment, you will surely get one with the best quality.

The Nautilus E616 is strong and durable, and it has a 10-year warranty that this equipment is sure to last longer.

This elliptical comes with amazing features such as 25 levels of resistance and motorized incline. Equipped with DualTrack console full with features such as 29 programs.

One of the best programs is the 12 workout profiles that are pre-loaded in the machine.

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6. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

This elliptical machine is designed for low-impact exercise. It can perform as an elliptical trainer and a recumbent bike with moving armbars. It has 16 training programs and with iFit for unlimited workouts.

The ProForm hybrid trainer is the entry-level model. It has a very light drive and with a short stride. The machine warranty includes 5 years on frame, 90 days on parts and 90 days on labor. It is also being offered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The ProForm fitness machine has a 15 inches stride. The drive on weighs 13 lbs. and 16 levels of resistance. This trainer does not operate quietly. It produces a squeaky sound. The resistance system is magnetic.

The machines have oversized pedals that are designed to keep you secure. The built-in workouts and data are shown on a 3 x 4 inches LCD monitor. Your pulse can be checked with a grip monitor.

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The Benefits of Using the Elliptical Machine at Home

Elliptical treadmill machines offer a low-impact workout as you exercise both your upper and lower body. The equipment is also a perfect choice for a senior citizen. It can be forgiving to older joints while providing you a better aerobic workout and helps you burn calories.

Listed here are some benefits of using a cross-trainer machine.


    Working out using the elliptical machine can help reduce stress and strain on your legs and knees.


    The machine movements mimic the normal path of the knee, hip joints and ankle during jogging, running or walking, thus further reduce the strain on your joints


    The machine provides a weight-bearing workout which is vital in inhibiting the onset of osteoporosis.


    It works both on your upper and lower body. It helps you workout using your hamstrings, back, quadriceps, biceps, glutes, chest, and triceps.


    It helps you burn more calories fast.


    The machine is equipped with different challenging workout programs that mimic hill climbing. It has a wireless heart rate control.


    The machine requires less maintenance because of its low-impact elliptical motion.

Buyer’s Guides: Things to Consider

Home use elliptical machine is an excellent equipment to invest in. But before buying, you need to make sure that you are aware of all the features that are essential in the machine.

Here are some of the features you need to focus on:

1. Stability

Stability is a necessary feature of an elliptical machine. It is best that you concentrate on your session while working out.

A heavier elliptical tend to be more stable. With the higher-end machines, most of them are of better design support weight and offer enough stability.

2. Tension Resistance Types and Levels

Machines with more resistance levels make the workout more challenging. Lower increments of resistance level may force you to make a jump in the workout challenge that you are not prepared for.

When it comes to types of resistance there are two styles:


    Fan Wheel Resistance – This type of resistance can offer a smooth ride and may employ on lower-cost elliptical.


    Magnetic Resistance – It is the most consistent, natural feeling workout and it does not produce any annoying sound.

3. Display

Not all machines have a display, but if you are looking for one, there are things you need to look for.

The display should be clear and easy to read. It will be a plus if it has a backlight.

The elliptical display should be able to provide data such as stride speed, heart rate, distance, and time of the session. You can likewise upload your data online or to external devices to track your progress.

Elliptical with computer display let you pre-programmed your workouts and geared toward cardio, weight loss, intervals, and others.

4. Incline Adjustment

This feature is the ability of the machine to change the degree of your incline. Most users prefer an easy-to-use power incline controls rather than the manual incline. This feature certainly makes workout challenging.

5. Stride Length

The stride length differs from one machine to another, and some people think it is essential. Some users believe that 15 inches length is enough. However, if you are tall, you will need a longer stride length. 20 inches is the ideal stride length for both short and tall users.

6. Adjustable Foot Pedals

To mimic the actual stride motion and prevent injury, choose a machine with adjustable foot pedals. Having a large pedal is also an excellent pick to accommodate any foot size.

Some elliptical machine has a two-degree inward slope that according to them reduces stress on the user’s ankles and knees.

7. Flywheel

This feature helps produce a fluid and natural momentum which keeps your workout from being jarring and jerky. It copies the natural motion. The Dual Direction Flywheels is a good feature that enables changing your rotation for an exercise of the other muscles.

8. Hybrid Trainers

Other elliptical machines combine exercise bikes and recumbent bikes. With this sort of dual trainer, you will get two for one piece of machine.

These trainers have a seat that is upright like a reclined or exercise bike similar to a recumbent bike.

9. The Available Space

The machine can take up a lot of space, which you need to consider if you live in small areas. Although most of these machines have a small footprint, the handlebars can occupy any extra space.

It is unfortunate for some who purchase the machine and discover that the machine does not fit the front door. Thus, it is vital to measure the floor space that you have before buying your trainer. It is also best to compare these measurements to the dimensions of your chosen machine.

If you have a problem with space, you can also buy workout equipment without the handles. Machines like these do not offer complete body workouts because your hands remain immobile while exercising. But, they tend to cost less and will help you save a lot of space.

10. Your Budget

Before buying equipment, yous should check your budget and constantly check out the best price on the elliptical machine to make sure that they do not extend their purse strings out.

It is normal to be excited and go to the store and buy the most expensive and expert looking trainer; this may lead to getting the machine that you can barely control. If you are starting out with your workout, it is best to choose a cheaper model with basic features.

Keep in mind cheaper machine is much simpler to use. For advanced users, it is best to go for gym-quality equipment, but make sure to compare several machines before deciding.

Check out here for affordable quality elliptical under $500.

11. Drive System

Usually the elliptical machine has three major drive systems: the front, the center, and the rear.

The front drive system is usually accompanied by trainers that boast a drive axle system in the front of the equipment. The users can see the wheel moving while working out. This type of drive system is cheaper as compared to others.

The rear-drive system, this elliptical has a drive wheel situated at the back of the machine, where it is not visible to the users. This system is reliable and more expensive as compared to front drive.

The center drive system has two drive axles and more resistant as compared to others. Because of this, the center-drive system is usually seen in fitness centers and gyms.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which should I choose a rear drive or front drive elliptical?

The majority of club models are rear drive because the drive axle located at the back of the machine can provide better inertia, thus providing better motion with a smooth pedal feel. The front drive is more affordable than the rear-drive models.


2. Is the Trainer machine with a heavier flywheel a good choice? 

The flywheel weight affects the smoothness of the pedaling motion. With a heavier flywheel, the higher inertia makes it simpler to turn the drive system easily.


3. Why is stride length vital in choosing?

You can choose between a variable or fixed stride length. The machine with shorter length will feel bumpier similar to a stair climber. The one with longer stride is similar to a glide and easy for users with longer legs. 18 inches is the suggested minimum stride length. For a front drive, the machine chooses the one with 20 inches stride length.


4. What is the recommended resistance system?

The most advanced quiet drive system today is the eddy-current resistance system. It makes use magnetic braking equipment that is located near to the flywheel, and resistance is increased or decreased by adjusting the magnet closer to or away from the spinning flywheel. Most of the expensive models apply the ECB system.


5. What is an Elliptical Crosstrainer?

The Crosstrainers is elliptical equipment with moving handlebars since it provides the upper body proper conditioning. At present, over 95% of equipment have moving handlebars, and some brands continue to use the term cross-trainer.


6. Do I need to use a surge protector? 

Yes, you need a surge protector. If you buy self-generating equipment, then it is not required, but for the plug-in model, you need a surge protector.


7. What if the heart rate monitor malfunction?

Heart rate monitor on some models have poor quality components and may stop working or not accurate at all. If the problem is sporadic, the way you hold the handlebars could be the cause of the malfunction.


8. Why the pedal arms won’t move?

It could be due to system malfunction or manufacturers error. You might need to contact the tech support.

9. What to do if the resistance is too weak or too hard?

Check the manual on how to adjust the tension cable that is attached to the tension control.


10. What if my elliptical machine is squeaking?

When assembling, make sure that all the screws are tightened firmly, but not over tighten them.


Check the manual on how to lubricate the guide rails and roller wheels. Check the guide rails or pedal arms if they are misaligned.


Final Verdict


Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine

Our Rating

The most essential things you need to consider when searching for an elliptical machine is its comfort, stability, low-impact and challenging exercise.

We find the Nautilus E614 Elliptical equipment as one of the best trainers since it has the best features among the 6 products reviewed. Based on our list of the best elliptical for home, and because of its features and performance, we will rate this product 4.6 out of 5 stars.


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