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Broan PM390 Power Pack Range Hood Insert Review

This is arguably the best range hood insert you can find in the marketplace. We chose this brand because it has created a name for itself for many years and it’s still impressive to use.

The Broan PM390 is a 6″ round duct backdraft damper that is structured to fit flush with cabinets or custom hood installations. This device is also suitable for Broan’s Box or T design custom liner.

This model gives you a brighter cooking environment and improves ventilation thus making you comfortable while cooking. It comes with 100 CFC 1.5 and six sones.

The 6-inch duct gives you the chance to make the best installation decision in your kitchen. It is suitable with LT30, LB30, LT36 and LB36 liners (but are purchased separately). The dimensions are 11-1/4” D x 9-5/8” H x 20-1/2” W.

With a one-year warranty that comes with this product, your purchase is fully covered.

The Pros and Cons



    Powerful & quiet.


    Improves a huge amount of air.


    Suitable for different liners.


    Great for the price.



    Installation instructions could be difficult for some.

The Range Hood Insert FAQs

What Is a Range Hood Insert?

It is a mechanical device that’s used in the kitchen for keeping the air clean and fresh. A perfect range hood maintains a suitable temperature and prevents foul odors. It is environmental-friendly and can also give your kitchen a beautiful appearance.

Why Do We Need Vent Hood Inserts?

We contemplated for so long before deciding on buying this gadget in my kitchen. However, taking this decision was one of the best we have ever made. The benefits of owning this type of range hood includes the following:


    It filters the polluted air that contains smoke, steam, grease, and even hazardous carbon monoxide which is a direct by-product of cooking. Having them refresh the air by getting rid of those harmful particles.


    Vent hood inserts maintain a moderate temperature, so you don’t have to worry about excessive heat.


    Getting rid of all the harmful substances in the air makes you breathe fine, thus protecting and improving your health.


    It gives you comfort. When cooking, there are two critical things needed to have a wonderful experience, and that’s a suitable temperature and clean atmosphere.


    It boosts the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Any reviews you see must talk about the amazing style and value this device adds to your kitchen. It’s designed for not only keeping the air clean but for also adding beauty to your kitchen.


    Aside from the health benefits, it also offers a brightened environment for effective cooking. We weren’t aware of this feature before buying mine, so we were astonished to see this fantastic feature.


    It keeps your kitchen clean by preventing the growth of grease and moisture, making it easier to keep your kitchen neat.

What Is the Best Way to Clean the Filters and How Frequent?

The filters are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleaning. Wipe off excess grease thoroughly before inserting in the dishwasher. Cleaning should be carried out once in a month.

Does This Device Come with a Warranty?

Most of the top reputable manufacturers include Broan give at least one-year warranty. It is always recommended to buy a product which provides at least one-year warranty.

Different Types of Range hood

How your kitchen appearance has more to do on which kind of range hood that will be suitable for it. To make the right decision, ensure that the size of the range hood model you are going for is wide enough as the cooking platform it goes above. Below are the different types of vent hood to look out for.

1) Under Cabinet Range Hood Insert

Just as the name, these hoods are mounted beneath a wall cabinet. Chase, ductwork in an adjoining wall, ceiling, or soffit can exhaust fumes and smoke to the outside.

In some models, a shallow hood comes out from the top of the kitchen cabinet when needed.

Typically, a kitchen cabinet extends about halfway across the stove, thus directing smoke and steam away from the face of the cabinet and back to the suction end of the vent hood. This kind of design takes more cabinet space. For people who can’t achieve the preferred stove-to-hood exhaustion with a definite under cabinet hood structure, this might be their best choice to go for. You can check out our reviews on the under cabinet range hood here.

2) Wall-Chimney Hood 

This type of hood insert works where there is no cabinet over the range and mount with open vent stack on the wall to route to the outside.


3) Island Hood

This type of hoods is mounted to and routed through ductwork in the ceiling. They don’t have cabinets or wall to help direct fumes, and smoke so should be broader than the cooking platform.

4) Downdraft Hood

This hood reverses the directions of rising fumes and smoke and vents them via ducts running under the floor.

From my findings, we discovered that this type of range hood is the least effective when it comes to getting rid of steam and smoke.

Although you can use it in any location in the kitchen, it is best suitable in an island where it’s rarely possible to vent ductwork via ceiling.

5) Ductless Range Hood Insert

This is a general option to consider in range hoods, whether wall, island or under-cabinet. This kind of hood directs heat, smoke, and steam away from stovetop, but redirect them back into the kitchen. The filters of this hood are capable of trapping grease and oil droplets, and in some cases, a carbon filter is present to reduce odor.

We won’t recommend a ductless hood for you because it takes odors and smoke produced by the stove and spread them all over the house. Of course, this is not something you will want for yourself. If you want to look for more range hood choices, click here.

Final Verdict


Broan PM390 Insert Range Hood

Our Rating

There are different types of range hood insert available in the marketplace, but you should get the one that will serve you best. From all the range hood insert we have researched, we highly recommend the Broan PM390 Power Packed.

Although it is not 100% perfect, it has fantastic qualities that make it stands out. It doesn’t take too much effort to install, and it improves a considerable amount of air. So, on a scale of 5, we will give it 4.9.


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