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Broan QS130SS Under Cabinet Range Hood Review – VerellenHC


The Broan QS130SS is quite a powerful rangehood that operates quietly and provide the brilliance of halogen lighting to a cooktop.

It has a sleek appearance and has an allowance of 30 inches width to fit comfortably a standard cooktop and cabinetry.

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Broan rangehood review

Broan is one of the best range hood brands that provides the biggest selection of hood on the market, offering more options as compared to other brands. Their website enables you to look for through the 495-plus range hoods by size, airflow power, color, lighting type and sound level, so it is easy to find the item that fits your needs.

This brand also makes it easier to find ADA capable hoods, filters, Energy Star certified options, and replacement parts for your hood.

Broan products vary in price. The price usually starts at around $45 for the regular models, but it can go as high as $3,000 for models with complete features and island designs. These models can be a sale at stores like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes.

Those who buy the Broan hood ranges praise the designs, fan power, and noise levels. The company also includes a one-year limited warranty to all their range hoods.

The Pros and Cons of the Broan QS130SS



    Has a unique axial blade technology.


    The brand provides replacement filters and parts.


    Energy Star certified and ADA capable hood.


    Easy to install underneath the kitchen cabinet.


    Quite powerful range hood


    Includes energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting



    You can’t purchase the brand directly from their website.


    It only offers one-year limited warranty.

Benefits of Using A Range Hood

Before we enumerate the benefits of adding range hood in your kitchen, you must first understand what it is and how it functions. It is being called by many names, but the most common is an exhaust hood or vent hood. The range hood is a fan enclosed in a canopy mounted directly above your cooktop or stove. Below are five benefits of using the product.

1) Keeps the Air Clean

The essential benefit you can get from using range hood is, it removes toxic pollutants and gasses from the air in your kitchen. When preparing a meal, you need to deal with steam, grease, and smoke. All of these can pose a danger to you and your family’s health when inhaled. 

The range hoods will get rid of these undesirable particles away from everyone in the kitchen. It does not only reduce the amount of harmful air that you may breathe in, it likewise cut down the growth of germs, bacteria, and mold in your kitchen.


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2) Eliminates Excess Heat

The range hood helps eliminate heat from the kitchen. Whether the heat comes from your cooktop or coming from the food, the hood will help in stopping it from getting into your face and make the area more comfortable. You can concentrate on your recipe and will not get annoyed by the sweat on your face. Its built-in fan blower feature sucks away the excess heat generated by heaters and stoves.

3) Better Lighting in the Kitchen

The range hood provides extra lighting. With this, you can see clearly what’s going on your stove. This is helpful for both cooking and cleaning purposes.

It is essential that you see the food being cooked to prevent it from burning. 

Having an extra light on the hood, you will be able to see all the grease and dirt in crevices and hard to reach parts. Removing that grime and gunk will keep your kitchen appliances and stove-top looking new and work as they should.

4) Enhances Your Property Value

In today’s modern houses, range hoods are found in every kitchen. If in case you don’t have one, it could affect the resale value of your home. People might think twice about buying your home. So, if you have a plan on selling your house and you still don’t have a range hood, it is best to add it now.

5) Comfortable Cooking and Living

The most enjoyable advantage you can get from having kitchen range hoods is the everyday joy of cooking and living comfortably. It helps create a comfortable, clean environment in your kitchen. The hood reduces the effects of unpleasant odors and stuffiness. It gives you the freedom to be creative with the way you cook your meals.

Different Types of Range Hood

In choosing the type of range hood, you need to consider the layout of your kitchen. In selecting the right size make sure that the model you consider is as wide as your cooking surface. Here are the different types of range hoods you can consider.

Undercabinet Hoods

As the name implies, the hood is mounted underneath a wall cabinet. It has ductwork inside the adjoining wall, soffit, ceiling, or chase can exhaust the fumes and smoke to the outside. Usually, the kitchen cabinets stretch out halfway across the stove, and this routes smoke and steam away from the cabinet and back into the range hood suction end. Other models of under cabinets range hoods can be found here.

Island Hoods

This model is installed to and vented into ductwork in the ceiling. They lack cabinets or wall alongside them to help funnel fumes thus it should be wider than the cooking surface.

Downdraft Hood

This type of range hood reverses the direction of rising fumes and smoke and exhaust them via ducts underneath the floor.

Test done to this type of hood shows that it among the least effective at removing heat and smoke. You can use them anywhere in the kitchen.

It can be installed in islands where it is not possible to place ductwork through the ceiling.

Ductless Hoods

This type of hood directs steam, smoke, and heat away from the stovetop, but not in the kitchen. Its filters trap oil and grease droplets scattered in the air above the range, and sometimes it has a carbon filter to reduce odors. This type of range hood is not recommended since it can take the smoke and odors away from the stovetop but disperses them throughout the kitchen and your home.

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