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Napoleon Rogue 425 Review [An Excellent Propane Gas Grill]


The Napoleon Rogue 425 Review

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The Napoleon Grill Rogue 425 is an attractive and efficient unit designed to take your grilling experience to a whole new level. It is a full-size propane grill equipped with three 304-grade stainless steel burners which can deliver up to 45,000 BTUs on the main cooking surface.

The Rogue 425 features the Jetfire ignition system which guarantees safe lighting every time the start button is pressed. Upon pressing the start button, a small gas jet will cause an electric spark, which will then ignite the flam over the burners.

Each burner on the grill is guarded by 5 stainless heat tents which gives enough room for the drippings to collect on the sear plates. The grill features WAVE reversible cooking grates, with one side of the grates designed with a small channel for capturing all the juices as they fall and converting them immediately into vapour for more flavour.

The other side of the grate will beautifully create the badge of honour usually enjoyed by most outdoor chefs. Also notably present is a side burner with an infrared sizzle zone which allows for the preparation of quick meals.

On convenience and ease of use, the Grill Rogue 425 has double-wall stainless steel with an aluminium trip. On the sides is a condiment rack for storing sauces and other grilling essentials. Also featured in the design is a folding and removing table with tool racks on each side to bring more efficiency to the grilling process.

What Makes This Grill Stands Out?


    Stainless steel wave pattern rod grids


    Infrared Sizzle Zone side burner


    Jetfire ignition system


    Convenient condiment rack


    Sturdy and stable design


Dimensions: 25 x 51 x 48 inches

Weight: 148 pounds

Power Source: Propane

Material Type: Stainless Steel

What Is a Propane Gas Grill?

A propane gas grill refers to a grill that has propane as its fuel source. The gas flame can cook food directly or heat the grilling elements that radiate food needed for cooking.

Gas grills makes it easier to prepare meals because they usually have a precise temperature. 

napoleon Overview 

Usually, most people tend to associate Napoleon with grills that pack a punch regarding power, but not spectacular in appearance.

This grill negates such opinions as it not only has a surprising amount of power, it is a visually striking stainless-steel grill.

Any grill that is made mainly of the stainless grill has a class of its own and does not compare to so many other grills on the market today.

However, the inside of the grill is what counts and not the appearance. This appliance is one of the best to be created so far by Napoleon.

Napoleon did not only cover the basics of this grill to an extreme degree, but it also went an extra mile in manufacturing this grill to fully assert the quality, power, and class of this grill.

This Napoleon propane gas grill may not be the first thing on your list of possible grills to purchase, but its combination of high quality and spectacular features will convince you to make a priority.

Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill Review

This is a middle range gas grill that addresses most of the problems you might face while deciding on the grill to purchase.

Most times, people are torn in their decision because they don’t know if they should buy gas grills or charcoal grills.

With this Napoleon propane grill, such a problem is solved because it has the option of a tray that can convert the grill into a charcoal pit.

The Napoleon stainless steel 425 is an excellent appliance through which you can make a mark while cooking, and as well perform culinary magic while feeding a group of people.

It is perfect for an average sized family or a small sized cookout. With a capacity of grilling directly or indirectly over controlled heat and three main burners, you can prepare tempting and tasty meals.

This grill is of high quality, and it’s manufactured in such a way that it lasts and cook with even heat.

As part of the Rogue collection, it offers high performance in a compact body.

It provides a wonderful outdoor grilling experience, and it is perfect for smaller areas.

For further clarification, this review will provide you with the specs, features, pros, cons, warranty and some frequently asked questions of this gas grill.




    It has a total of 45,000 BTU, a maximum output of 36,000 BTU for the three main stainless-steel burners (12,000 BTU for each) and 9,000 BTU for the standard infrared side burner



    Total Grilling Area of 425 square inches


    A ‘Jetfire’ ignition that is electric


    Liquid propane fuel type


    It has side storage shelves and a compartment for inside storage


    Height of 47.5 inches, width of 51 inches and depth of 25 inches


    109 square inches chrome warming rack size


    Optional Napoleon charcoal trays


    It has an ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge


    Wave stainless-steel grid


    It comes with installation and operation instructions

Main Features Of The Napoleon Rogue 425

1) Cooking Capacity

Everything else pales in light of the importance of the cooking system. So many grill makers put more emphasis on the flash of the exterior rather than the substance of the grills.

Regardless of the striking surface of this appliance, it is a high-quality grill with an excellent cooking system.

The grill grates are reversible, heavy and can efficiently transfer heat to food for intense searing notwithstanding the low heat output. 

The standard side infrared sizzle zone burner has up to 9,000 BTU, and it also features a porcelain grate. It allows intense searing of up to 1800F in a steakhouse manner.

2) Storage

This product features side shelves which are easily foldable and made of stainless-steel. 

It also has a spacious compartment for internal storage and a shelf on the exterior side panels that give you plenty allowance for storage.

3) Construction

This appliance has an excellent structure which puts it on par with grills by Weber.

The stainless-steel sear plates, burners, lids, doors and the wave cooking grids are designed with durability in mind, and they will last.

There is also a temperature gauge with which can measure your food’s progress. If you want to check out other grill brands, click here.

4) Ignition System

This appliance has a Jetfire ignition start-up that never disappoints. It provides a reliable, faster and comfortable startup.

It also starts each burner individually which gives you a significant amount of control of the grill.

This Jetfire ignition is a small gas jet which is ignited by an electric spark and shoots flame over burners.

5) Cast Iron Charcoal Basket

This is a feature that allows the gas grill to be compatible with an optional Napoleon charcoal tray that can convert it into a charcoal pit.

6) Warranty

Napoleon guarantees that this product will be free of from defects in workmanship and material from the date of purchase to this period:


    Lifetime warranty on a stainless-steel base


    Lifetime warranty on stainless steel lid and cooking grids


    Ten years full coverage plus 50% off for lifetime warranty on stainless steel burners


    Five years full coverage plus 50% off for lifetime warranty on stainless steel sear plates and a two years warranty for all

Editor’s note: If you are a person who is more concerned about the quality of the product rather than the price, you are so going to love this fantastic gas grill as it comes with some exclusive and innovative features.

The Pros and Cons



    Even and versatile cooking.


    Very high quality and stunning construction.


    It is easier to assemble than Napoleon’s previous models.


    Classy and equally high-quality stainless-steel burners.


    An excellent and durable cooking system.


    Can be converted to a charcoal pit.



    The side burner is lowly powered. However, this can be attributed to the fact that this standard side burner has an infrared side which only needs this amount of heat for intense searing.

About The Manufacturer

If you are in the market exploring for a suitable and quality grill, you should consider Napoleon among the best-fit grills on your radar.

Napoleon is a company in Canada that specializes in the manufacturing of several varieties of smokers, grills, books, and accessories since 1976.

Initially, it started as a small steel fabrication company in Ontario, Canada. However, it later expanded and incorporated the manufacturing of grills and fireplaces. From 1981, demand for Napoleon products skyrocketed, and today, it is the largest privately-owned manufacturer of high-quality gas and wood fireplaces, outdoor grills, and outdoor living appliances in North America.

In fact, users tend to find it difficult not to draw a comparison between a Napoleon grill and a Weber BBQ grill as Napoleon grills have several distinctive features that make them a viable contender in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What certifications does this grill have?

This product is certified under ANSI Z21.58 2015 and Canadian and American National Standards CSA 1.6-2015 for outdoor gas grills, and as such it should be installed in conformity with local codes.


2. Why does this grill emit a slight odor?

This gas grill emits a slight odor only when it is lit for the first time, and this condition is temporary.


However, it is as a result of the ‘burn-in’ of internal lubricants and paints that were used during the manufacturing process.


This can be stopped by running the main burners on high for about one-half hour.


3. What does the ‘50% off for life’ warranty mean?

This means that for the period indicated, the component has a 50% discount off the regular retail price for the purchaser.


Final Verdict


Napoleon Rogue 425 Propane Gas Grill

This Napoleon grill is one of the best smokers available in the market today.

If you are a person who is more concerned about the quality of the product rather than the price, you are so going to love this fantastic gas grill as it comes with some exclusive and innovative features.

It is also very durable. The more you use it, the more you will love it.

Our Rating

What we Liked:



    Great cooking capacity.




    Quality construction.




    Easy to assemble.



What we Disliked:


    Smaller compared to other napoleon models.



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