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Moen vs Delta [Comparison of The 2 Top-Notch Kitchen Faucets Brands]

With the increment of earning capabilities and demands of lifestyle nowadays, homeowners are paying more attention to invest in top notch quality home furnishings. These may include a good set of sofa, a comfy mattress, premium quality electronic appliances etc.

For those who go after a beautiful interior design, one may not neglect furnishings especially kitchen and bathroom faucets with attractive finishings and colors to uplift the mood in the space. Therefore when it comes to the realm of the best faucets across the globe, Moen and Delta are the two major competitors striving to give their customers the best.

Therefore, as a smart consumer, you ought to go through this Moen vs Delta comparison to find out which brand suits your needs before spending your money.

Background of the 2 Brands


moen vs delta

Delta Faucet Company was established in 1954 by Masco Corporation. It started with a single-handled faucet, and after 70 decades, the company has become one of the innovation leaders in faucet not just in America but around the globe. 


The other shaker and mover is Moen which kicked into the market in 1937 with a two-handle faucet which was old-fashioned. The mastermind behind the company is Al Moen. The company later incorporated non-tarnish finish which is the favorite of many even today.

Comparison between Moen vs Delta Faucets

1) Models

Moen has produced more than 173 faucet models which vary in designs, colors, and appearances. Their styles range from modern to basic, transitional to traditional. Most of its faucets come in stainless steel, brushed bronze, metal, chrome, and ivory. If you like to see it’s best selling models, feel free to check out the reviews here.

Delta, on the other hand, has also released various models ranging to around 106 to date. The models are diverse with finishes like steel, bronze, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and black colors among others. It’s best selling models can be found in this article.

Our Winner – Moen

When it comes to models, Moen carries the trophy maybe because of its earlier establishment. However, both brands are very active in producing new models.

You can take advantage of these many faucet models of Moen and Delta companies and make your kitchen, and bathroom sparkling.

2) Finish

Both Delta and Moen have great finish options ranging from chrome, bronze, stainless steel and matte black. They both use scratch resistance coating technology hence making their products durable.

Our Winner – Delta

When it comes to having more color choices and shades, Delta takes the lead. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean Moen doesn’t have much choices. If you want your kitchen and bathroom to look great, finishing is a factor you cannot afford to ignore.

3) Design

Now, this is a very interesting factor to consider. Moen faucets are well known for their sparkling and attractive design that can illuminate your bathroom and kitchen. There is no need to go for those costly faucets to make your sinks attractive. Oh, and another advantage of Moen faucets, they are very easy to use.

Delta designs slightly lose in this department. However, this does not mean that they are not attractive, it is just that Moen faucets are too stunning. Both faucets brands are designed in a way that they naturally add value to your home. Whether you want to boost your property value or to make it look attractive, you will not go wrong from these brands in the faucet industry.

Our Winner – Moen

Moen wins in this department, no doubt. Just take a look at how attractive this model is.

  • MotionSense Wave

  • Spot Resistant

  • Great Flexibility

  • Attractive Design

4) Costs

If you are looking for cheaper yet attractive faucets, then you should go for Delta brands. Most of these Delta faucets have prices ranging from $75 to $585. You don’t have to struggle when thinking of where to buy these faucets. Just get them from online stores, hardware, and other physical stores.

Moen faucets are slightly expensive because of their establishment in the market which is associated with the quality of their products. The prices of Moen faucets range from $80 to $700.

Our Winner – Delta

Delta emerges as the champion in this category. They are approximately 15% cheaper compared to Moen. This Delta model is our favourite. Totally worth every penny!

  • Diamond Seal Technology

  • Touch Screen Spray Holes

  • Value For Money

  • Many Designs Available

5) Features

Moen leads when it comes to the number of handles, arc shape, number of holes, and spouts among others. Their faucets may also come with filtering systems while others have soap dispensers.

Delta faucets comes with similar features but they come in high and standard spouts whereas for Moen, they come in low and high arcs. You got some options to choose from. Find out what’s the difference of spouts here.

Our Winner – Draw

It goes without mentioning that both of these faucet brands comes with outstanding features. It depends on the user preferences. Therefore, no winner for this category.

6) Technology

Delta Technology

You don’t have to turn on and off the water with your soapy hands because Delta has brought the Touch2O technology. You can touch any part of the faucet with any part of your arm/body to switch on or off the water.

Delta also has the ShieldSpray technology which takes away whatever is sticking on your utensils. The Delta Leland has all these technology. It’s features are mentioned below.

  • Delta Touch2O Technology

  • Temp Sense Technology

  • Easy t​o use and install

  • High Quality

  • ShieldSpray Technology

Moen Technology

Moen takes it a notch higher by bringing in MotionSense technology. In this alternative tech, you need to motion your hand near the sensor of the faucet either on the neck or at the base. Moen also got Power Clean Tech to take away particles from the utensils easily.

The Moen Arbor Motionsense has all these technology. It’s features are mentioned below.

  • Motionsense Technology

  • Power CleanTechnology

  • Modern & Sophiscated

  • High Quality

  • Easy Installation


As you may have seen, these two brands are undoubtedly great and are closely attached in their styles, innovation, and designs. If you are looking for other alternatives, check out these brands.

Our conclusion is, if cost is an issue for you, go for Delta. However, if you are into great looks and design, then go for Moen. Nevertheless, both brands will deliver the services you need to deal with your kitchen problems. Their customer service are superb as well.

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