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Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews [Discover the 3 Best-Selling Models]

In recent years, more and more homeowners have been replacing their kitchen sinks. Reasons for that are water saving, lower risk of leaks thanks to the implementation of the new technology and the sophistication new faucets have to offer.

In this article, we will be focused on the Moen kitchen faucet reviews and have tested the 3 best-selling models. Let’s see why they are so popular.

best value

  • Duralock system
  • Aerated stream feature
  • Value for money
  • One handle - simple control


  • Touchless Technology
  • Long reflex system
  • duralock system
  • Power Clean

Best-Selling Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen kitchen faucet reviews

The Moen Arbor is known as one of the most desirable faucet to have. The main advantage is its impressive reflex system which allows you to use it for multiple operations.

Another advantage is its extreme quality and strength. This unit is compatible with 1 and 3 hole sinks. It also looks great and will blend-in most kitchens with modern and traditional décor.

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One of the best value for money faucets is this model. We appreciate the one handle usage which is simple and great for busy homeowners. The faucet will look perfect in all kitchens and it will stay practical for decades. Yes, the quality of this faucet is amazing.

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This was or better said, is still one of the best kitchen faucets thanks to the presence of the most advanced features and best systems of Moen.

First of all, its quality is superb and made to last for a very long time. Next is the installation. The faucet we tested is easy to install thanks to the duralock system. The installation can be completed within 10 minutes.

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Buying Guides: Kitchen Faucets

First of all, Moen kitchen faucets are advanced and sophisticated models, so you will need to know a point or two before you decide to get one.

This obviously means that you need a buyer’s guide which will help you determine the best one among so many available choices. Below are the main factors which every homeowner should consider before getting a new faucet.

The Size

The size is obviously the main factor to consider. It is linked to the size of a sink you have, and these two elements must be paired perfectly. Simply said, if you have a big sink, you will need a tall faucet. If you have a small sink, a small faucet is mandatory.

Let’s just say that there are two main sizes to choose from. The first one is all the faucets which are taller than 8 inches. They are known as goosenecks or high-arc models and they are used for bigger kitchens and bigger sinks.

The second type is smaller, under 8 inches of height faucets. They are known as low-arc and they are obviously reserved for smaller sinks. At the end of a day, it is up to you to decide which model you actually need, but only if you are remodeling the entire kitchen. If no, then you must take a look at your sink, as we have mentioned earlier.

Temperature Monitoring

Nowadays faucets come with advanced features such as temperature reading. In essence, a faucet will; provide you the water temperature reading as long as you use it.

This can be the most essential, advanced feature of them all and it is definitely important. Don’t forget that not all models come with this system. As a matter of fact, it is still rare and reserved for high-end units.

Sensor or Handle

How will you turn the water on and off? There are three options. The first one is the manual faucet which is the most common and the oldest of them all. As the name suggests, it has a handle which will be used to turn the water on or off.

Sensor models come in two variations. The first one is a touch sensor, meaning that the water will be released as soon as you touch the faucet. In the second case, we have faucets which use motion sensor. All you have to do is to place your hands under the sink and the water flow will start.

Gallons per Minute

GPM or gallons per minute is the water flow rate of a faucet. It can be as low as 1 GPM or as high as 3 GPM. For you, it is important to know that faucets with a higher water flow are more desirable for more demanding operations. For example, commercial faucets usually have very high water flow.

If you are looking for a way to save water and get an affordable faucet, a lower GPM rate may be a better option. These faucets are also more affordable and smaller compared to high-water flow versions.


There are a few materials which are used in the manufacturing process of a faucet. The most common is stainless steel. It is the strongest and usually the first option you will encounter. We will only add that stainless steel 304 is the best alternative.

Brass models do exist, but they are reserved for homeowners who want traditional and classic faucets. They are also very durable, immune to corrosion and look special. Plastic models are popular as cheap alternatives but they are irrelevant in this case scenario.


Valves are basically small elements which will be used to stop the water flow. They can be made of plastic, which isn’t a good alternative, of brass, which is much better and of ceramics.

Ceramic valves are the best and some of them have been rated for up to 1 million cycles. They are also immune to the leaks and they work perfectly. If you are planning to get a high-quality faucet, make sure the ceramic valve is implemented.

Moen is the most reliable kitchen faucet brand precisely due to the fact they use high-quality valves.

Looks of Faucet

Look of the faucet is better known as a finish. You can get chrome models, which are the most appealing to some of you, but they are not immune to scratches and they require frequent cleaning.

Stainless steel models are slightly more common and they are more durable.

The last, but not least is the brass finish. It is reserved for high-end, vintage faucets and it may be the best choice for those who want this look and this design.


How easy or complicated a faucet to install is?

Usually, all models are reasonably simple, but some are extremely difficult to install. Make sure you understand this feature before purchasing a faucet.

Always read the user manual and if you are unable to install it all by yourself, hire a professional.

Final Verdict

We hope that our Moen kitchen faucet review is able to help you in your buying decision. Our conclusion is, the Moen Arbor One-Handle is suitable for those who want a decent mixture of the features and the price.

The Moen 7295C Brantford is the best choice for all of you who seek a single-handle faucet and the last model, the Moen Arbor Motionsense is the obvious choice if you want a sensor-powered faucet.

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