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7 Gymnastics Tricks/Skills for Beginners to Master [With Images]

Gymnastics is not just a sport or a play but it is a comprehensive platform to showcase a blend of strength, grace, agility, concentration, and coordination. Without this blend, no individual can ever become a successful gymnast.

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Several young kids are quite keen on shaping their career in the field of gymnastics. From a young age, they get the training of all the required acrobatic and rhythmic routines.

However, this simply does not ensure that they cannot learn or master the different tricks useful at a later stage in this career.

As a progressing gymnast, you only need professional guidance at the right time for learning and mastering any specific form of gymnastics. With this goal in mind, this post shares some of the most useful gymnastics tricks with you. Some of them can be even done at home.

Gymnastic Tricks [Top 7 Explained In Details]

Grasping these skills initially can seem complex and confusing. However, it is best to consult your own coach to help you do these tricks effectively as well as efficiently. Let’s now explore these tricks for beginners.

1) Forward Roll

This is an easy trick for the beginners who can even practice it at home. You may have done this move during your childhood.

For this trick or skill, just ensure that sufficient space is there to perform it. Investing in a quality gymnastic mat will help you practice with more confidence and comfort.

To do it, start by bending your knees in a standing position and gradually lower yourself to the ground with your hands. Then, just roll forward and stand again at the end.

2) Front Split

This trick or skill has received a mixed reaction: Simple for some and tough for others! Well, frankly, assessing the ease of this trick depends on the individual anatomy, especially the bone structure. Still, many of them have mastered it.

Just start with a few stretches that can show you the trick of how to relax your muscles, make your hips flexible, and extend your hamstrings.

A few tips to try for learning splits without any hesitation include performing muscle warmup stretches, practicing daily with consistency, using props for support, and relaxing and focusing on your breath.

Consider using some more stretches for making your hamstrings and hips flexible prior to entering into the pose of the split. Come in contact with your toes, stretch like a butterfly, and open the lower back for preparing your body for splits.

3) Cartwheel

This is another basic trick or skill in gymnastics, which you should learn in the beginning itself. If there is enough space, you can practice it at home.

To perform this trick, be in a standing position, raise your arms, and gradually bend and position them on the floor followed by rolling over with the support of your hands.

For many, this trick may not happen precisely when done for the first time. However, it is surely grasped after a few tries.

4) Handstand

This is another basic trick or move a gymnast should learn in the early days. Initially, it is vital to practice this skill against a wall. This will help you to maintain your balance more easily. Investing in a balance beam for home can greatly help this purpose.

To perform this trick or skill, be in a standing position, bend down, position your hands on the ground, and raise your legs up touching the wall. 

Even this skill is something that you may not be able to get it right in the first trial, especially if your shoulders are less flexible. However, practice is the key here.

5) Bridge

This skill forms the basis of the front and back walkovers along with some more skills.

If you learn to form a good bridge, you can easily boost your shoulder’s flexibility, which is a precious strength of any gymnast. However, you would need sufficient upper arm strength.

To make a bridge, start by lying with your back. Then, bend your knees and lift yourself up by relying on the palms onto the floor and your hips. Just ensure that you do not pressurize back to go beyond the tolerable limit.

6) Kip

This is a mount skill often done on the low bar. To perform this trick, you need to jump and grab the gymnastic bar while retaining the legs in a linked position.

Now, slide forward such that the body extends completely to bring the toes to the bar and then lift the body upward once the swing positions the body backward.

When the hips are against the bar, it marks the end of this trick.

7) Handspring on Vault

This is the primary skill or trick on the basis of which all other vaults of upper levels can be mastered.

If you do not know this vault, it will be quite challenging for you to succeed at twisting vaults.

For learning this skill well, it is essential for you to run fast, fly confidently, jump hard off the springboard, and make up for an ideal handstand atop the vault table. Remember to protect your landing with a trusted tumbling mat.


1) By when can I start learning gymnastics tricks or skills?

Well, there is no specific age! You can start learning the skills at any time.

2) What should I wear for learning or practicing these skills?

For safety, close-fitting clothes should be your top priority, especially when a prop or equipment is involved. For girls, leotards or bike shorts are fine.

Cotton socks should be avoided, as there is always a risk of slipping. Leggings and sweat pants can be worn for maintaining warm legs. Other things to avoid include jewellery and belts. For boys, shorts and T-shirts are fine. Avoid anything that has clips, zips, or snaps. If glasses are used, a safety strap should be worn to retain them in their place. Otherwise, rotations and flights can damage them.

3) How long does it take to acquire and master a trick or a move?

Well, it depends on how physically strong and flexible you are! It also depends on how much time you are willing to spend for learning the same skill over and over again. Consistency is also key.


The gymnastics tricks shared above should be mastered to comprehend the basics of the routines. Doing so also gives you a clear idea of expectations judges and coaches would have from you.

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