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Top 6 Famous Gymnasts [Female And Male Legends]

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Are you thinking of becoming a famous gymnast one day? If yes, then going through the accomplishments of the world’s top gymnasts (men or women) can keep you inspired. Where there is a will, there is a way that can remove all hurdles to pursue your dream. This is regardless of whether you are a man or a woman and it is exactly what several men and women gymnasts have proved.

Revealing profound skills, strength, and agility; these gymnasts have earned name and fame at both national and international level. Let’s check out the top 6!

1) Shannon Miller

Shannon is a popular gymnast from the United States whose achievements continue even today to inspire others. Her specialty is her ability to excel at the international level when it was too competitive to win in an all-around competition.

Per nation, only three contenders were allowed to participate all-around finals.

Her accomplishments started with the most esteemed all-around silver in the world-famous Olympics of 1992 and continued in 1993 and 1994 with revered titles.

Notably, Shannon was yet a medal challenger in the until 1996. Post a few errors although she had completed eighth, she grabbed the beam title in the 1996’s Olympics and gained a gold medal for the U.S. team in the same year.

Overall, this courageous lady won two revered titles, respectively and four national titles in distinct competitions. Her eminence over a period of several years perhaps makes her the best American gymnast.

2) Simone Biles

With an accomplishment of 19 titles including both of the Olympics and world championship events, Simone is perhaps the most garlanded American gymnast. Interestingly, she had grabbed this title from the best American gymnast, Shannon Miller.

As a senior, Simone has proved herself to be the most brilliant and leading gymnasts the nation has ever seen.

She has won three world championship and three world floor championship titles along with two world balance beam titles. In the Olympics of 2016 held in Brazil’s Rio, this festooned gymnast grabbed a gold. She also was in the gold medalist team, which was popularly recognized as the Final Five.

Currently, her records accredit her for earning the most golds in the single Olympics’ field of gymnastics. Simone has even got the top honor of being an all-around American champion in national events. Well, reverently, she has managed to get this honor for not only one time but four times.

One more notable victory in her name is the defeat of Shannon and Nastia in championship events at the international level.

3) Nastia Liukin

Nastia is also a great inspirer for other women to shape their career in gymnastics after pushing herself in the list of top U.S. gymnasts of all time.

What made her reach this level distinctively was her achievement of all-round gold in the Olympics, which was what Shannon could not achieve. Even today, she does not have this one accomplishment.

Nastia has won five total medals in just a single Olympics held at Beijing namely, silver in bars and beam, team; all-around gold; and bronze on a floor. 

Those who know Nastia will agree that she had an extraordinarily celebrated career. At nine, Nastia was neck to neck with Shannon in terms of world medals. Right from 2003 to 2008, she grabbed all national title on bars along with several all-around, floor, and balance beam accomplishments.

However, it is fact that Shannon yet leads by grabbing medals while competing in two Olympics and accomplishing the world all-around title two times.

4) Shawn Johnson

The popularity of Shawn is similar to Simone in the field of gymnastics in the United States. She has managed to grab three golds during her debut in the world championships event held in 2007. These were for team, floor, and all-around.

In the Olympics of 2008, she grabbed four medals, including gold on beam and three silvers in team, beam, and all-around. While this record of her was at an international level, Shawn also showed her excellence in senior nationals. Here, she managed to grab four specific event titles and two senior all-around titles.

While the framed lady only showed her skills at a single Olympics and a single world championships event, she was highly successful at both. Yet, it is a fact that the permanence of other gymnasts pushes them higher on the ranking list.

5) Peter Glen Vidmar

Peter is another popular American gymnast who has won a medal at the Olympics. In his career, he has won both gold and silver medals in his name.

A gold medal has been awarded to him in the pommel horse and in the men’s all-around team competitions.

A silver medal was won in the all-around individual gymnastics event for men in Los Angeles when Olympic games of summer were held in 1984. With two gold and one silver medals, Peter has grabbed three Olympic medals.

Interestingly, he is one of those three athletes who was introduced two times in American Olympic Hall of Fame. Peter was initially introduced as an individual and then as a player of the legendary American men’s gymnastics team of 1984. In the history of Olympics, Peter is perhaps the highest-scoring gymnast of America.

6) Kohei Uchimura

This Japanese gymnast enjoys his hard-earned pride of grabbing seven Olympic medals. He has won four silver and three gold medals for team, all-around, and floor competitions at the Olympics. 

Kohei has also won almost 19 medals in world championships in parallel bars, horizontal bars, team, all-around, and floor exercises.

He is known for being the first ever gymnast to grab each main all-around title in a series of single Olympics. This encompasses five sequential world titles and the all-around champion title in 2002. He has also won an all-around silver medal in the Olympics of 2008.

Unlike other gymnasts, the 30-year old is admired for graciously presenting the challenging routines. Even the International gymnast Magazine has admired his talent as a blend of distinct elegance and utmost consistency.


Considering the accomplishments, these famous gymnasts are truly all-time inspirers for many learners and seekers. Do they inspire you? Feel free to comment below and share this post with your friends.

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