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Electric Chainsaw Vs Gas Chainsaw [Which Is Better And Why?]

electric chainsaw vs gas

At a first glance, differences between an electric chainsaw vs gas are not so obvious when it comes to the final results. After all, they work on similar functionality principles – they have small motors and sharp chains that can cut through different objects. With all these, a deeper research will reveal some differences that may affect your operation.

Running Time

Electric chainsaws can be corded or cordless. The corded ones are excellent because you can use them for hours without worrying about running out of power. However, the cord is a limitation sometimes. On the other hand, the cordless version runs with batteries. You have freedom of movement, but you do not have too much time, so you will have to rush.

Gas powered chainsaws can be fueled within seconds. If you run out of gas, just add some more. They are cordless and provide more flexibility.

Operation Type

The power dictates how comprehensive your sawing operations can be. When comparing an electric chainsaw vs gas, you should know that no matter how much power they come with, electric models are far from gas alternatives. They do work for regular work in your backyard, such as trimming bushes, cutting limbs and even small trees. They have smaller motors, so they are more compact and easier to use.

Gas powered chainsaws come in more sizes, ranges and lengths, so you can easily tackle large trees and tough wood too. You are less likely to see a professional using an electric model. However, it all depends on what you need it for.

Discomfort and Nature

A gas chainsaw has a loud engine. You should use hearing protection when operating it. It will still annoy your family, as well as your neighbours. Some gas chainsaws exceed 120dB in noise. They are not too environmentally friendly either, as they release harsh emissions. Simply put, they work like cars.

Electric models have smaller motors, so they are quieter, yet you should still wear hearing protection. They are more environmentally friendly too. Since there is no gas involved, maintenance is a breeze – no messy spills or poisonous spots around your lawn.

Small Differences

Apart from operation, power, discomfort and maintenance, there are more differences to think about when comparing an electric chainsaw vs gas chainsaw. An electric one is usually started with a simple button. Push it and you are ready to go.

Gas chainsaws require mixing oil with other chemicals first. You have to keep an eye on its fluids at all times. As for starting it, you might need to exercise a little in order to pull that string.


As a short final conclusion, both gas and electric chainsaws can get the job done, but it depends on the job. Determine why you need an actual chainsaw before making the comparison between an electric chainsaw vs gas. Different people have different needs, so what works for some will not work for everyone else. Also, check out a few reviews regarding the best rated items for a more informed decision.

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