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Danze Faucet Reviews [3 Best-Rated Models for Your Kitchen]

If you are in need of a kitchen faucet with high quality, innovative design that spices up your kitchen looks or efficiency, then the Danze kitchen faucets could be what you are looking for. Explore this Danze Faucet Reviews for information on some of its top rated models.

Lists of Danze Kitchen Faucets

For those who wish to go straight into the final verdict, here is a table of the 3 Danze models for your quick easy reference.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Danze Parma Single Handle Spring Spout D455158
Dimension: 22.8 x 2.3 x 12.2 inches

Mounting: Single wall mounting

Retraction: Spring action spray wand

Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM @ 60 psi

Spout Height & Long: 22.75" & 10"

Type of Cartridge: Durable Ceramic Disc Valves for Drip-Free Performance

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty for manufacturing defects


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Danze Parma Wall Mount Pot Filler D205058
Dimension: 8 x 2.95 x 24.5 inches

Flow Rate: 2.2 GPM @ 60 psi

Spout Height & Reach: 3.6" & 22"

Type of Cartridge: Durable Ceramic Disc Valves for Drip-Free Performance

Spout Swivel: 22" two-point articulating spout

Others: For cold water supply only

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty for manufacturing defects


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Danze Opulence D401557
Dimension: 12 x 2.4 x 11.3 inches

Mounting: 2-Hole installation

Spray Function: Single, steady stream & powerful spray

Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM @ 60 psi

Spout Height & Long: 12" & 9"

Type of Cartridge: Durable Ceramic Disc Valves for Drip-Free Performance

Others: Includes matching side spray

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty for manufacturing defects


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What Makes Danze Kitchen Faucets Unique?

The Background

The Danze brand is one that is widely recognized as its faucets are sold all over the world. Though this manufacturer has been in the US for only about a decade, it has made its way to the top by crafting faucets of high quality and innovative designs.

Quality & Durability

Danze faucets are a work of art, and they offer something new and daring as an alternative to the usual.  Danze’s focus on top-notch quality and innovative designs which aid water conservation has won it several awards. One of such recognition is an Innovation Award that was given by Home Builder Executive Magazine.

Also, Danze faucets are very durable; they last longer than most of the other faucets on the market. This company makes use of solid metal, top quality valves, and cartridges to produce these durable faucets which makes them last for years without damage.

Unique Design

These faucets are also extremely efficient; a design unique to Danze faucets is the three-in-one function. They can stream, stop, spray and still conserve water. Furthermore, Danze also employs an original finish that is unique to the brand; tumbled bronze.

Depending on your choice, you can get an elegant, high class, traditional or modern kitchen faucet.

Price Range of Danze Faucets

The prices of Danze Kitchen Faucets vary, depending on the product. Danze one-handle faucet which is sold in either chrome or stainless steel is available for just $99.95.

There are faucets which go for as high as $400. These high-range faucets are manufactured with a wide array of features that include the Danze unique finish – tumble bronze and the three-in-one function (spray/stop/stream). On online e-commerce sites like e-bay and Amazon, the regular price for a Danze kitchen faucet is $225.

As a whole, the Danze line is made up of the top and stylish products that are good for the price which they are being sold. You can be assured of getting your money’s worth with Danze kitchen faucets.

Danze Kitchen Faucet Reviews

1. Danze Parma Single Handle Spring Spout D455158

Danze faucet reviews

This Danze Parma kitchen faucet is rated quite high in several Danze faucets reviews. It is famous for its exceptional features, and customers love it because it is highly dependable and functional. It has a minimalist and elegant design that is available in either chrome or stainless steel. Irrespective of your kitchen look, each of this finish will fit in well. So, you just have to make a choice.

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2. Danze Parma Wall Mount Pot Filler D205058

This model is the best choice for you if you need a top-notch quality pot filler that will get the job done without taking much space. You can easily fold it when you don’t need it, and this makes it an excellent choice for kitchens that are space-limited.

This kitchen appliance makes it easy for you to fill large pots with water without going through the stress of moving from stove to sink. This kitchen faucet works like a dream for any cooking lover, and it is an excellent addition to any contemporary kitchen décor.

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3. Danze Opulence Single Handle Faucet D401557

The Danze Opulence combines modern functions with a form of traditional charm that is irresistible. It is manufactured in a lamp post style, and it is quite slim.

One main benefit of this faucet is that its flow is steady and strong despite the aerator for flow regulation. This kitchen faucet is beautifully designed, easy to clean and works efficiently. Apart from the single spray head, this faucet has a detached spray unit that enables kitchen chores to be completed speedily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the side spray be detached from the faucet in the case of the Opulence kitchen faucet?

Yes, it can be detached especially if you have only one mounting hole.

2. What is the difference between a single-handle and a double-handle faucet?

Single-handle faucets are those that require only one hand for use while your other hand is engaged with other activities. On the other side, two-handle faucets are those with the two valves and a spout in a single unit.

3. What is the importance of the low content lead requirement?

Most faucets are made up of brass which consists of zinc, copper, lead, and this can leak little amounts of lead into drinking water. To reduce the health risk that can be caused by this, the Safe Drinking Water Act necessitates all kitchen faucets manufacturers to use very low lead content.


4. Does my sink have any impact on the type of kitchen faucet I can purchase?

Yes, it does. A faucet that is too long can lead to splashes if your sink is deep. However, if it is too low, the number of large pots you can fill will be limited.

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Final Verdict

The Danze products featured in this Danze faucet reviews are innovative, beautifully designed, durable and they are of high quality. Each one of them adds a unique appeal to a kitchen’s décor.

The Danze Parma Single Handle Spring Spout D455158 is known for its excellent features and minimalist designs. It’s also top-rated for efficiency. We are rating it with 4.7 stars of the possible 5, known as our top pick.

The Danze Parma Wall Mount Pot Filler D205058 is perfect for cooking enthusiasts. It is a wall mounted pot filler that simplifies cooking and filling of large pots to a great extent. On the other hand, the Danze Opulence D401557 is a faucet with elegance and charm. It greatly simplifies kitchen chores.

If you have used these products, then share your experience in the comments. Do share this post, if you've found it helpful.

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