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What Is Lawn Mower Mulching [Their Benefits & How Often Should You Mulch Your Lawn]

What Is Lawn Mower Mulching

I believe most of your homes are equipped with some basic lawn care tools, especially a lawn mower. While some mowers merely allow you to cut grass, there are others which also can be used for mulching. Some of you may be wondering what lawn mower mulching is all about? How do they differ from regular mowing?

Do we need to mulch our lawn?

For those of you who are not aware of the lingo of lawn care, you might be wondering about this question. 

When you cut grass, there are two ways you can go about disposing the grass clippings. Either you can collect them in a bag using a tow behind lawn sweeper and throw them away, which is what a regular lawn mower does, or you can choose to return them to the soil and have them act as a fertilizer. The latter alternative can be done by a mulching mower. 

Using the best mulching mower will guarantee the improvement of the health of your lawn. These cool tools are equipped with mulching mower blades. The mulching blades are responsible for cutting the grass not just once but multiple times.

They will be cut to a small length that they are not visible from plain sight. The dedicated mulching mower then returns the clippings back to the ground. For some people who own a mower that does not come equipped with the mulching feature, you can always invest in a good leaf mulcher to do all the mulching jobs for you.

Are Mulching Mowers Beneficial?

Regardless of whether you invest in a John Deere mulching riding mower or a Honda mulching mower, you will find that a quality product can improve the health of your garden.

Each season, your garden is capable of creating a lot of grass clippings. Think about all the nutrients you are throwing away. The best mulch mowers for sale allow you to make use of these grass clippings as a source of nitrogen for your soil.

Rather than using commercial fertilizer for your garden, you can use a riding mower or an electric mower with mulching feature to deliver natural fertilizer to your soil. Follow it up by using the best rototiller on your soil and you will get a very compact and healthy soil in no time.

These natural fertilizer properties are what make grass clippings so important. They contain all the right elements, including iron, calcium, and magnesium.

How Often Should You Mulch Lawn?

Lawn mowers have evolved ever since the 19th century. There is a whole science behind the effective operationality of all mulching mowers. You need this if you want to make the most of a mulching riding mower.

The system involves not letting the grass of your garden grow more than 1/3” longer than the height you want the grass to be. When it gets 1/3” longer than the desired height, you cut away the top 1/3”. This is because 1/3” is the best length for mulching blades to show their magic.

Thus, there is no hard and fast rule to how often to mulch your lawn. It all depends on how fast the grass of your garden grows.

How to Choose A reliable one?

Just buying will not be enough. After you have understood mulching, it is integral for you to know the difference between good and bad mulching lawn mowers.

Check mulching mower reviews to see if you are truly choosing the right model. There is no better person to tell you than a user of the product. Therefore, the best way to choose one is to peruse reviews.

Moreover, try to opt for known quality brands. Possible options to select are Cub Cadet SC100 Push Mower and Honda HRX217K5VKA. Different mowers have different types of lawn mower blades. While some can be easily replaceable, others can’t. Try to select one which has a part that is easily replaceable. Once you get the right mower, make sure you use the right lawn mower oil for maintenance purpose.


It must be clear by now, how great a mulching mower is for your garden. You might think it is a premium investment, but think about all the money you will have to spend on fertilizers if you don’t.

Use self-propelled mulching mowers covered in this article and make a profitable investment while improving the appearance of your garden.

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