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Best Mulching Blades [Top 8 Models Reviewed In 2023]

Achieving a good looking lawn can be among your environmental goals for this year. It is possible, but you will need to put in quite some effort using the right tools. Mulching simply means using clippings from your lawn as manure to ensure healthy regrowth of the lawn. Having a right lawnmower is one step towards achieving a lush lawn using the best mulching blades.

For those who wants to skip straight to the final verdict, here are our top picks.

best value

  • 21-inch with star center
  • CUB CADET 300 & 900 series mowers
  • MTD & Yard-Man 1995 and newer mowers
  • Yard Machine 1997 and newer mowers


  • For Craftsman 134149
  • For Husqvarna 532134149, 777134149
  • For Poulan 531307223, 532134149

Why should you Get One?

Using the right mulching blade will help you reduce the time required to cut your lawn grass. The time saved can be used for rest or to engage in other activities. Since a good model will cut your grass clippings faster, you eventually reduce the cost of fuel, energy, and power required to get the work on your lawn done. 

It also helps the mower to cut the grass into finer pieces, while preventing grass clippings from bundling on the ground.

Top 8 Mulching Blades Product Reviews

1. Longer Life 595-605 Gator Fusion G5 (Editor's Choice)

best mulching blades

Oregon has made a name for itself with this model. One thing that makes this blade stand out is its versatility. It can fit into different types and models of mowers.

All Gator blades look different in design from other blades. This unique feature is the reason why Gator 5 blades can cut with 30 percent efficiency over most mulching blades. The blades are shaped such that cutting grass is faster, spreading grass is more efficient, and bagging grass doesn't have to be a burden.

It is also worth mentioning that the blades are made of highly durable tempered steel and can work efficiently under any condition. Advanced Fusion technology using Tungsten Carbide on blade edges ensure longevity.

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2. MTD 942-0741A Replacement Blade

MTD 942-0741A blade is a product of the popular MTD brand. It is used to replace blades that come with MTD mowers after they are no longer suitable for use. Aside from this, it can also fit in Troy-Built TB360 and some other mower types. It also uses a 6-point star mount.

With a blade length of 21 inches and lightweight, it can trim lawn grasses faster than many other types of blades. The blades are reinforced with carbon and steel for enhanced durability and strength.

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3. Stens 532134149

This blade is very versatile. It can be used in significant mower brands such as Craftsman, Poulan, and Husqvarna. The blades come in variable sizes and different packs from sets of 2 to sets of 4. They are produced by Stens, which is a very reputable company in the gardening tools market, so you are guaranteed a high-quality product. Besides, the blades can be easily mounted on most lawn mowers using 5-point star mounts.

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4. USA Mower Blades (2) AYP340BP

These blades are majorly high lift mulching blades. They come in various sizes and can be used as a replacement in lots of lawnmower brands, including Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna. The blades can also be used with other brands of lawnmowers that support 5-star mounting.

The blades are made of various qualities of steel. You should get premium blades for a lower price.

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5. Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades Fit – Only for Toro

Rotary Copperhead Toothed blades are reinforced with carbide and titanium alloy to give strength and long life to the blades. The blades have unique teeth for trimming grasses effectively. It has six angle holes that can fit with different types of mowers.

There is a two-year warranty on all blades. Weight of blade is good enough to trim wild lawns without damage.

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6. MaxPower 561739 2-blade set for a 46" Cut 

Max power blades are suitable for many lawnmowers having a 5-star mount hole. The 561739 blades come as a 2-piece set and can be used with major mower brands to achieve 46 inches cut. The sheer weight of the blade helps it to stay strong while navigating between hard soil, stones, and debris. Using two blades increases efficiency and decreases work time.

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7. Oregon Blade MTD Gator G5 21 IN

This is a high lift mulching blade. It can trim grasses, mulch, and bag them at the same time. The blades are suitable for use on small and medium lawns having relatively short grasses. The blades are versatile and can work effectively with both old and new mowers.

Each set of blade comes a minimum of three months' warranty. If you discover any fault on your blade, you can exchange it for a better one from the company.

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8. Honda Lawn Mower Blade Set – Only For Honda

Honda lawn mower blades are specially designed to work correctly with Honda lawn mowers to give easier and faster cuts. The blades come in a set of two pieces - the upper blade and the lower blade.

The two blades combine to provide smaller clippings and to work efficiently even when used on tall lawn grasses. Although these blades may fit in some mowers, it is advisable to use Honda blades for only Honda lawnmowers.

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Buying Guides

Now that you have decided to get a good mulching blade, you need to know exactly what to consider when choosing from the available alternatives. Much of what you consider hang majorly on lawnmower specifications and quality of the material of the blades. This buying guide gives you all you need to get the right blade for your lawn.

Types of Lift

First, you need to determine the ultimate purpose you want your blades to serve. The significant use of these blades can be matched with the three types of lift for mulching blades. This includes high lift, medium-lift, and low lift.

High lift blades are the most versatile of the three. They can cut wilder grasses with stronger stems faster, and can as well cover the farthest distance in the shortest time possible. They are meant for use with bigger lawn mowers for the clearing of large-sized lawns. Apart from clipping lawn grasses, they are also strong enough to bag them.

Medium lift blades are meant for use in moderate-sized mowers for trimming grasses that are not so wild. They are suitable for use on medium-sized lawns. They are also effective in cutting the grass but inefficient in bagging grass clippings.

And for Low lift blades, they are only required by very small lawns. They usually fit in small-sized lawnmowers. Their primary use is to keep grasses on the small lawn well-trimmed.

Once you can identify your type of lawn according to size, you should be able to tell which lift will best cater to your lawn.

Lawn Mower Specifications for Blade Size

Usually, the best blades come with your lawnmower. When you purchase some mowers, they come with extra blades. It is a common user experience that follow-come blades from the manufacturer of this product perform better and last longer than those sold separately in the market. So, use this opportunity to your advantage, especially if you are already considering buying a new mower.

If your mower is in good condition, but the blades need replacement, you need to know the exact blade specifications for your mower. This will help you get blades that will fit perfectly with your mower and ensure work efficiency. You can check your mower's user manual for information on blade specifications. Once you have the right information, knowing what length or width of the blade to buy will not be a challenge.

If it’s possible, you can take the previously used blade of your mower to the garden store so you can easily find a good replacement. If you enjoyed the previous blade you used, you could order for the same type and shape. If you want a better blade, you will need first to get the various blades that match your specifications.

Consider the weight of the blade

The weight of the blade can affect the efficiency of the mower. If the blade is too heavy for your mower, there is a chance that you will have to spend more time trimming your grasses. On the other hand, a blade that is too light may not be adequate for cutting thick grasses on your lawn.

If you know the exact weight of the blades that came with your lawnmower, use it to gauge the proper weight for the blade you want to use as a replacement.

Number and types of blades per set

Some blades come in two pieces per pack, while others can come in up to six pieces per pack. The fact is that the more the pieces per pack, the lesser the unit costs. This means if you buy a 6-piece pack of mulching blades from company X, you will save more money than when you buy a 3-piece pack from the same company.

Sometimes blade lifts in the pack may be mixed - high, medium, and low lifts. You need to know if your lawnmower can use the mix. As per our experience, using a single lift is much safer and quite ideal for lawnmowers. We advise you choose single lift options that match your type of mower, except you have other valid reasons to get a pack with a mixed blade lift.

Where the sets of blades are supposed to be coupled together for use in the mower, be sure you don't require more than two. This is because, the more blades you couple, the more time you will need to get your mower ready for work. Besides, in our experience, using dual blades is often more effective than coupling more blades. Usually, coupling more blades will add to the weight of your mower and slow it down.


Warranties help protect customers from instances of purchasing low-quality products. A good model should come with at least one year warranty. You should read the details of the warranty terms and conditions to understand what the warranty covers.

Previous Users' Review

Manufacturer's claims are sometimes misleading. It is better to take them with a pinch of salt. Check out previous users' reviews on a brand of the mulching blade before you buy yours. This can be as simple as asking your friends or neighbors about what type or brand has been working well for their lawns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I buy a universal mulching blade?

This depends on what you need. If you must get a universal mulching blade, make sure it is compatible with your lawnmower. However, blades for specific types of mowers are better since manufacturers take into account lots of the features of the mower before designing blades that suit them.

2. What do I do if I find that the blades I bought didn't fit my mower?

You should first try to avoid this situation by confirming blade specifications suitable for your mower. You can also use your previously used blades as guides. Also, you need to be sure of the return policy of your seller. If the policy permits a window period for returns, you can utilize it and exchange it for the fitting type. Where the return policy is not clear, ask your seller directly, then act accordingly.

3. Should I remove the blades from my mower after each use? 

This depends on how consecutive you want to use the mower. If the mower does not stay up to a week or two before use, there may be no need to remove the blades. But if you will not be using the mower for longer periods, you can remove and keep the blades. Learn how to remove blades safely

4. Can I sharpen my mulching blades when they get blunt? 

Yes, you can use a file or any other suitable tool to sharpen your blades. However, when they get so bad, you should replace them. 

5. Can I couple blades of different lift on my mower? 

It is better to use blades of the same lift for them to fit perfectly in your lawnmower. Using blades of different lift may not let your blades fit perfectly. This may eventually lead to injuries during the operation, especially when the blades suddenly come off the mount.

Final Verdict

Longer Life 595-605 Gator Fusion G5 remains our best choice from the list. The reasons are obvious - versatility, durability, and high performance. MTD 942-0741A should offer the best value to people who need to replace their old or faulty blades. 

Of all the blades on the list, Stens 340-066 remains the most popular. This is due to its versatility and efficiency. Rotary Copperhead Toothed Blades are our best recommendation for Toro lawnmowers. The blades mount easily and work correctly with both new and old Toro mower models. Honda lawn mower blade set is perfect for Honda mowers only.

Getting the best mulching blades means that you first try to get blades that are manufactured by mower company. When you can find blades produced by your mower, you can then find compatible blades from other reputable manufacturers. It is better to use universal blades as a last resort.

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