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How to Remodel Your Kitchen [Save More and Spend Less]

In any home, the kitchen is perhaps the most challenging space for remodeling. This is perhaps because of the many critical decisions to be made in terms of safety and convenience. After all, it is the place where healthy cooking will occur with optimal comfort. So, now that you have made up your mind to give your kitchen a new look. But how to remodel your kitchen efficiently and what is the next step?

Well, the fact is that as not many of us know how to start, they either start by gathering modeled kitchen snaps or by observing the appliances.

Set Your Budget Right

While some just need more space for cooking and moving, a few seriously intend to upgrade the cooking area. So, how to get started actually depends on your ultimate goal of remodeling. However, many take a year to start due to budget restrictions.

For most of us, remodeling seems to be costly, especially if it is a full-scale or a custom project. So, if you have a small budget for fulfilling a dream of a big modular kitchen, you may feel totally disappointed.  

However, there is no need to give up. This is because it is still possible to refurbish your kitchen on a limited budget. By having the right mix of innovation, few thousand bucks, and patience, a great difference in kitchen look as well as functionality is inevitable.

Such modelling also adds values to your home. When done at less cost, the resale value can significantly increase your savings. Here are some things to concentrate on while remodelling so that you can complete it within your budget:

Goals of Remodeling

remodel your kitchen

Prior to deciding what should be modified or replaced and how much to re-invest as remodeling cost, it is wise to candidly assess your kitchen and your requirements. Are you planning to stay here for long or will you be shifting soon? Consider these questions to remodel with a smart financial sense.

If you are going to stay forever or for several years, it is wise to spend such that makes you feel peaceful and makes your daily chores easier. If you are likely to sell it, do not spend in making big or stylish changes. While bright colors give a warm feel, neutral colors result in a swift sale.

Start by looking at the space and things in the kitchen with an analytical eye. Just find out what bothers the most, what is fine, and what is unlikable and can live without it. For example, you might need a well functional range hood to keep your kitchen clean but there may not be any need to change the counters or sinks. With such an assessment, you can end up remodeling only what is required.

Space Utilization

How do you visualize your new kitchen? Do you dream of professional-grade tools and appliances, a big island, and appealing countertops? The dream is nice but that is not the only finished kitchen option you have in your arsenal.

This dream actually shows the upliftment of the status quo; it does not reflect how the members at home will conveniently use the kitchen. For example, you may need a big dining table to accommodate the frequently visiting guests. Or, the homemaker might need some more countertop space to store some more appliances such as a panini maker or an oven, or an under cabinet range hood for space saving. So, do include all your requirements in the design plan. At the same time, exclude that you do not need. 

It is known that less is more when it comes to selling properties. One way you can implement this idiom in remodeling on budget us to de-clutter the kitchen space. This makes the overall space look bigger at little or no cost and givens a huge payout in terms of vibes.

You can start with countertops. Consider storing on it only those appliances that are in use at least once a week. The remaining ones you can put away in drawers or cabinets. Further, do not place all papers and book of recipes on the countertop. Similarly, you can make your sink appear big by taking away all the soaps, sponges, and other stuff and placing it in a basket.


There is no need to buy a new cabinet or a set of it to obtain the desired appearance. You can simply paint with primer to give that look in a fewer passes. A crude sage green is enough to stay motivated in the kitchen, while Chelsea gray is ideal for having the desired softness. Apart from painting, there are some ideas to uplift your cabinets, which are as follows:

  • Applying new veneers

  • Replacing doors or even removing them for an airy open-shelf appearance

  • Appling removable wallpaper on cabinet walls

  • Adding some design or patterns to dull doors

  • Changing the existing hardware such as handles and knobs

  • Selecting affordable stock or custom cabinets


It is not necessary to replace the existing floor, as that can be a costly affair. The most convenient way to make the existing floor look new is just to clean it well. Many a times, properly cleaning the tiles result in a new look. If mopping does not do the job, professional cleaning is also worthy. 

You can even paint the floor, even if it is of old vinyl. Start by cleaning it well and use a sandpaper sheet to scrape it. Now, apply a layer of primer and use a tough paint. If you wish, a two layer of water-based polyurethane does the job of defending the paint. It is also possible to have a desired design and color in doing so.

Another affordable option is to use a peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles. It is easy to install them in case the floor is moderately intact.

Final Thought

Consider these points and remodel your kitchen in stages. Doing so will save both money and time. It also splits the huge task into handy chunks. This strategy works well when it is totally unaffordable for you to remodel the kitchen right from its ceiling to its floor such that it gives the design of your dreams.

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