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How to Clean Range Hood Fan In Your Kitchen [9 Easy Steps]

how to clean range hood fan

Range hood is probably one of an important parts in your kitchen. We often overlook them and think that their self-cleaning feature is enough to keep them clean. But from time to time it is crucial to take a proper look in them. So, we have brought a guide on how to clean range hood fan so the performance is always at its best. The fan is attached to the motor and it consists of the inner part of the range hood. 

People often use steam to clean their range hood but they are not aware that by doing so there is possibility of motor damage due to moisture. So, read this article if you want to know how to DIY and start implementing this with your range hood. If you want to check out what is the best range hood in the recent market, click here.

Steps Cleaning the Rangehood Fan

  1. The fan noise should be noted before taking apart of the range hood. This will work as a note of comparison later on.
  1. The first thing you need to do is the turn off the power of the range hood. This is crucial as you are dealing with an electronic device. You can even switch it off from the circuit breaker. Switch off every possible switch of the hood.
  1. Prepare the working space by laying down lots of paper towels. Keep any fire or spark creating object away from the surroundings. You will need Q-tips and alcohol that is used to clean electronic devices. The alcohol shouldn’t leave any residue.
  1. Remove the screens, filters and other components that guard the fan. Always keep notes of them so that you know the sequence of installation. Also, put them in a clean bucket to keep them safe.
  1. Now you will get to see the motor and the fan. Take a picture to help in your assembly later on. Get someone else to hold the fan. You may now use the tools to take separate the fan and the motor. The motor may be attached to a lot of wiring so be extra careful here. Take the photo of wiring as well.
  1. Now, it is time to make the fan shine. Clean the fan as thoroughly as possible to take away all the grease and dirt. If the blades are detachable, let them sit in degreasing soapy water or ammonia for a while. The motor shouldn’t come in touch with water. It does have a protective covering which you shouldn’t take out. Let the fan and motor air dry to the fullest; meanwhile, clean the filter and the screens.
  1. Now attach the motor carefully back into the range hood. Take the help of the pictures for stove hood fan replacement.
  1. The next step is to check the hood sound to determine is there any abnormalities. Should you notice the sound generated isn’t normal like before, apply WD-40 on the fan with a kitchen towel.

        9. Lastly, reassemble everything in the range hood and your job is done. Make sure                 to check out this article if you are looking to buy an under cabinet range hood.


We hope that this will help you in knowing about how to clean range hood fan. Make sure to follow the steps while cleaning. The fan doesn’t need regular cleans but always keep an eye on it when you clean the filters.

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