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4 Interesting Gymnastics Bars Games Discovered On Social Media

gymnastics bars games

Gymnastics doesn’t have to be all about a hard time, hours of exercising and rules. It can be fun as well. There are a lot of gymnastics bars games that are extremely simple, looks great and they are fun. Most of them are designed for children, but adults can try them as well. You will be surprised to find that many adults have actually tried them already and loving it.

1) Gymnastic Bar Rock Climbing

It is probably one of the most interesting, safest and popular game to try. Basically, a child will hold a gymnastic bar in front of him. He will then try to climb a small rock wall backward. The rock wall is actually a board with artificial rocks leaned against the wall.

For those who want to make this more competitive, all you have to do is to measure the maximum height a child can reach or measure the time to reaching a specific point. The possibilities are endless. However, do make sure that your child is equipped with basic gymnastics bar skills if a more competitive challenge is chosen.

2) Swing under the bar (with a coach)

This game is a bit more complicated than the first one. However, it wins in terms of fun factor. It is an extremely appealing game among children of all ages. Also, don’t forget that it must be played with the help of a coach or an adult.

Children will place their legs on the gymnastics bar. The coach will then hold their feet with one arm and hands with the second one. He/She will then release themselves, making a half circle beneath the bar and land on their feet. Of course, the coach has total control over the move, helping the child perform a half circle.

3) Gymnastic Bar Ball Kick

Gymnastics bar ball kick is a game suitable for young children. Surprisingly, there are a lot of adults playing the game too. All you have to do is to kick the ball while hanging from the gymnastics bar. You can swing by moving your legs backward and you can move them forward before the actual kick.

The best way to add a bit of competition is to measure the distance the ball covers when kicked. In addition, children should use big and soft balls while adults can use conventional balls.

4) Gymnastic Bar Horizontal Flipping

The game starts by placing a massive mat beneath the gymnastics bar, diagonally. A child will lie on the mat while holding to the bar. The goal of the game is to flip the body horizontally as many times as possible. You can measure the time, the number of flips or add a countdown timer to make the game more competitive.


These are the most popular and desirable gymnastics bars games currently available on social media. Obviously, we listed only the ones that are safe for your child. Remember to get a good tumbling mat before playing. We are sure that they will offer plenty of excitement and fun.

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