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The 3 Most Important Gymnastics Bar Skills For Beginners

gymnastics bar skills for beginners

There are probably thousands of skills and moves you will want to master towards your goal of becoming a professional gymnast. However, some skills are considered as ‘’building blocks’’ meaning that they are mandatory to master because they are essential to learn for performing more demanding skills.  As such, we will present you with the most important gymnastics bar skills for beginners.

1) Cast handstand

First of all, let us explain why this skill is the most important of them all. This is simply because it is the basic foundation that can be later used in many other complicated gymnastics skills that are more challenging.

It is unlikely for you to become a professional athlete if you don’t master this skill. At first, it may sound too difficult, but with a little practice, you will be able to master cast handstand perfectly.

The starting position is you holding onto the gymnastic bar. Lean forward and at the same time move your legs up front.

Then, move them back and use your core muscles and stomach to lift the legs above your head. 

The end position is you in the cast handstand where your legs are above the head, your arms are between the ears and your eyes are looking at the bar. This list of gymnastics bars for home are of good quality to help you practice the handstands more easily.

2) Three Quarter Giant Swing

A giant swing is another important skill to master. It is very complicated, so you will have to start with ‘’baby giant swing’’ also known as the three-quarter giant swing. Just to explain, the giant swing is a skill in which you will reach the hand still position after completing the entire circle around the bar. 

To perform this skill, start with the cast handstand position we mentioned earlier. Allow your body to move in the counterclockwise position, move the waist and legs in order to place them on top of the bar. Practice the skill every single day until you perfect it. It is very fun and mandatory for mastering the actual giant swing.

3) Flyaway

Flyaway is a complicated skill to master, so always use a gymnastics mat for your safety! The starting position is you in the cast handstand. The second, starting position is you with your waist on the bar and your hands on the bar as well.

Slowly release yourself from the starting position and move your knees over your head and release yourself from the bar. You will start falling, so look at the floor. Lastly, you must stop with your feet on the ground! Make sure to check out our article on the best gymnastics mats for home
if you have not yet invest in a good mat. 

The flyaway skill is used by many which are mandatory for semi-professionals and professionals. It is also a mandatory skill if you are planning to compete in tournaments.


We have listed and explained the most important gymnastics bar skills for beginners that you should start practicing today. They are building blocks for later, more complicated skills and they will assist you in becoming a professional. After you have mastered them, you will see how easy most other skills actually are.

Oh and by the way, if you would like to improve your balancing, check out our coverage on top rated gymnastics beam for home.

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