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Winterize Pressure Washer – Everything You Need to Know About

A pressure washer is a machine or equipment that is used to remove hard stains, dirt, or mud from surfaces such as that of cars, buildings, gutters, roofs, etc. This equipment's high force water release makes it so easy for homeowners and company workers to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains conveniently.

Most people use them because it is easier, fast, and effective. In cases where big washing has to be done, these washers are highly appreciated and useful. In general, there are 2 types of pressure washer, electric and gas, operates in cold and hot water. Besides, these machines have different places where they are most suitable and useful.

The need to winterize pressure washer is essential if you are using the equipment in a cold environment. This act will help to keep your equipment entirely safe and protected.

The act or process of winterizing is by adding antifreeze to the water or emptying the tank and filling it up with an antifreeze liquid. This method helps to prevent the water in the pressure washer from freezing when the winter weather becomes extreme.

Can a pressure washer freeze?

Yes, a pressure washer can freeze if it is not properly managed or winterized in cold weather. Moreover, when they freezes, it can affect its components and the overall performance.

Though your pressure washer can be subjected to heat, the antifreeze will be needed if in a frosty area. The usage of the product will help to forestall your machine from freezing.

How to winterize a pressure washer with RV antifreeze?

  • Firstly, ensure your pressure washer machine is turned off.
  • Remove the hoses, spray gun, and nozzle extension. Also, remove the detergent tank if it is detachable and ensure you drain all the residual washing detergent in it.
  • Pour new water into the water tank through a garden hose and activate the power washer back. You will be able to drain the leftover detergent in the machine with this.
  • After you get rid of the detergent in the pump system, you have to drain all the water left inside, too.
  • After ensuring that the water is fully drained, pour your RV antifreeze solution into the engine pump.
  • Then, turn on the power washer, slowly pull the recoil handle several times and ensure that the solution circulates through the pumping system. Make sure the solution emerges from the pressure water outlet.
  • Remove the garden hose and attach its normal hose and detergent tank. After this, you can now store your machine in a cool, dry place.

What happens when a pressure washer freezes?

If you don’t take care of a pressure washer in a frosty environment, it will surely freeze. Different components such as the gun jet, hose, or water pump, might be affected or damaged.

Also, the aftereffect of a frozen pressure washer might not be immediate. It might start to make strange humming or clanking sound when it is later being used or even start to shut down temporarily every time you use it.

winterizing your gas pressure washer

For you to winterize your gasoline-powered washer, first, you have to remove the hose from the gun and ensure that it is fully drained out of water. You can also hang the hose somewhere outside to get rid of the water in it.

Furthermore, you will have to pull the starter coil a couple of times and force water out of the pump. If your gas washer has a detachable detergent tank, you should remove it and flush the leftovers out. While winterizing your gas pressure washer, you have a better opportunity to check the oil level and make sure it is full.

You will need a pump guard or antifreeze to winterize the machine. Now, you should connect the antifreeze bottle with the pressure washer tube and continue releasing the antifreeze into the pump until the pump guard comes out of the outlet. You can now disconnect the pump guard bottle from the pump inlet.

Lastly, you should also add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel pump. This will help to prevent engine corrosion and keep the gasoline fresh till when it is needed.

winterizing your electric pressure washer

winterize pressure washer

To winterize your electric-pressure washer, these are the right steps to follow:

Firstly, remove the detergent tank and rinse it well by running clean water through it. Besides, you should not forget to drain the detergent tank before fixing it back.

Remove the pressure hose from the hose and ensure that it is fully drained. You can blow the water out or hang it somewhere to dry.

At this point, you can add the pump guard, which will protect your electric pressure washer from freezing. Fix the pump guard to the pump inlet and start the pressure washer engine.

Make sure the pump guard comes out through the other side of the machine. This indicates that the antifreeze has circulated throughout the pump system.

The pump guard will prevent the engine from freezing and keep the pump system healthy till when it will be needed. After following all the steps mentioned above, you can now keep your electric pressure washer in a clean and dry place to use for winter!

Proper ways to store your pressure washer over winter

During winter, good storage of your power washer is required to keep it durable. First, you need to ensure that the machine is stored with no fuel in it, and if you are keen about keeping fuel in it, you should add fuel stabilizer. Run the power washer for a couple of minutes to ensure the fuel stabilizer gets into the engine system.

Then disconnect the hoses and drain all the water in them. Get a pump saver to prevent the pump from freezing. Then, please attach it to the pump inlet and ensure the pump saver liquid flow through the pump engine.

Besides, you are required to empty the detergent tank and flush it out with clean water. Besides, check the oil level and make sure it is full. You might even change the oil before storing the pressure washer.

Pour a full tablespoon of clean engine oil into the spark plug cylinder. After applying the oil, you can reaffix the plug and start the engine for the overall distribution of the oil. Also, ensure the air filter is not dirty. If it is dirty, then clean it with warm water and allow it to dry up before you reattach it.

Lastly, store your pressure washer in a clean and dry place to protect it from dirt elements. You can also try to get a storage cover that will help prevent dust from the engine.


Pressure washers have been of great help to people all around the world. Its ability to clean and wash off dirt quickly is amazing. Apart from being fast, it saves time and does work that would have been arduous and strenuous. They reduce the effort you put into work. For example, you don’t have to scrub with your own hands or exert power doing washing jobs. The tools will do it all. 

The machine helps us to take good care of our properties by ourselves without fearing about mismanagement from other people. It is a professional tool everybody should have and use in their homes and workplace. It is user-friendly, effective, and designed for our comfort.  Also, it is a must to winterize pressure washer if you are using it in an extremely cold environment. This will protect it and make it more durable.

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