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Electric vs Gas Leaf Blower [Exploring The 7 Main Differences]

There is seriously no point in giving several hours to cleaning the garden full of dry leaves and debris, especially if there is a leaf blower that would do the same job for you. This device is not only affordable but also efficient enough to do the tiresome cleaning task quickly.

Apart from this task, a leaf blower is also capable of cleaning the garage, around the home, dryer vents and air filters. Due to these versatile uses, it becomes inevitable for many of us to buy a leaf blower. However, there are different types available such as gas and electric versions. Deciding which one is better for you perhaps needs a meticulous consideration.

It actually depends on what you need or prefer and what is your budget. To make this straightforward for you, let’s explore electric vs gas leaf blower by exploring each of their pros and cons. Comparing the two will significantly help in identifying the one that ideally matches your requirements.

The Differences of Electric vs Gas Leaf Blower

The source of power, gas or electric, is perhaps the most important factor in finding out how the blower works and fulfills your needs. It influences important aspects of the blower such as weight, noise level, maintenance, power output, and maneuverability.


electric vs gas leaf blower

This is where the gas blowers win, as they have relatively more power than the corded and cordless electric models. Cordless electric models on the other hand, are restricted in terms of power when you compare them with the corded electric ones tied to an outlet of 120v.

In theory, cordless blowers are more powerful than the corded one, as their power is not restricted by the outlet’s power rating. In reality, no cordless blowers are at present, available with over 1800 watts.

However, this is likely to change in the near future. This is due to the advanced batteries with higher capacity as well as voltage and dual battery systems.

Well, these facts will encourage you to buy electric models. However, you should not blindly do so. Just consider the size of your yard and the number of leaves to move. Gas powered blowers are the best way to clean up leaves in a large yard.

For example, if your yard is small and only some leaves need to be blown, an electric blower is fine. Otherwise, a gas blower is essential to make your task relatively easier.


Here, the electric leaf blowers are winners. Corded electric models can weigh just 4.5 lbs, which is lighter than the cordless models. The gas leaf blowers are likely to be twice this weight and they still form the category of lighter models. The heavier gas blowers weigh almost 12 pounds.

Some powerful backpack models operating with gas are likely to weigh even more. However, these models give a significant benefit of putting the weight on your back while being more maneuverable.

Electric models, although lighter, are likely to restrict your mobility. Here also, do consider the size of the yard and the amount of leaves to be cleaned, which will determine the time required for using the blower.

Ease of Use

Mobility is limited when you use a corded blower, which is because of the cord length. Further, it might be a bit cumbersome to keep dragging the cord.

Corded blowers are usually limited to around 100 feet from their outlets. Any cord longer than this is likely to be unreasonable. So, if you wish to use an electric blower, ensure that the extension cord is fine and manageable.

Cordless electric leaf blowers also have limitations imposed by battery power and life. Due to a lifespan of only 15 minutes of stock batteries, many look for higher-quality batteries. On the other hand, the powerful gas blowers can do the job quite faster.


Leaf blowers are noisy, especially the gas blowers. Many regions have regulations for using these noisy leaf blowers. In many nations, their use is strictly regulated. For example, you can only use them during the daytime.

On the other hand, electric blowers are also noisy but are less noisy than the gas models. Thus, they do not have such strict restrictions.

There are remarkable exceptions. A few gas models are made to produce noise of around 65dB, which is equivalent to a normal conversation. However, these gas blowers are likely to be more expensive.

It is vital to note that the sound ratings from manufacturers are typically ascertained at 50 feet from the blower. Thus, the noise is surely going to be higher for the user, especially if it is a backpack blower featuring the motor near the user’s head.

Anything more that 85dB could lead to hearing loss. Therefore, it is advised for the users to use hearing protection when operating the leaf blower. Look up this article if you are interested in getting one. 

Environment Friendliness

It is obvious that electric leaf blowers are environment-friendly, while gas blowers are not. However, for a few buyers, the power and convenience of a gas model together offset the green advantage of an electric one.

On the contrary, for some, the consistent cost of refueling and maintenance is an issue due to which they go for electric leaf blowers.


Electric leaf blowers are comparatively cheaper. However, the so-called costly gas blowers deliver more value for money. So again, here, the choice is yours.


Warranty tends to vary from one brand to another. Generally, the warranty is more for gas-operated leaf blowers, which is for five years. Warranty in the case of an electric leaf blower is typically between 60 and 90 days. This can be a concern if warranty time is important for you.


A leaf blower can be one of the most reliable devices for you for cleaning waste from lawns, sidewalks, and driveways, only if you choose the right one.

To get the right one, it is sensible to weigh these factors. It will help in deciding which of the two leaf blowers is ideal for your requirements or budget.

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