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Brookstone S8 Back Massager For Office Chair [Review + Specs]

Taking advantage of a professional massage doesn't always imply reaching to a massage parlor. After all, you can't always find the time to do it, not to mention the costs that add up overtime. You don't even have to purchase an expensive massage chair, but just find a back massager for office chair, which is basically a top that can go on regular chairs.

This cost efficient option has gained some notoriety lately, so it might feel challenging to decide on the right model. Some products do stand up in the crowd though and that's what you have to focus on. Brookstone S8 Massager is currently a leading massage topper, but what makes it so special?

Brookstone S8 Back Massager for Office Chair Review

There are no doubts about it – this massager is built with efficiency and convenience in mind. After all, it's cost efficient and it can go on pretty much any chair. It's portable and easy to use, even if this is the first time you use a massager. Featuring a solid warranty and some interesting bells and whistles, it's easy to tell what makes it so popular. But then, can it reach to your expectations? A little research will give you all the required answers.

Key Specifications

  • Weighs 15.56 pounds
  • Measures 32.5 x 8.5 x 18 inches
  • Kneading movements
  • Vibrations
  • Rolling movements
  • Upgraded Dynamic Squeeze technology
  • 3 levels of intensity for the vibration mode
  • Remote controller
  • Heating function
  • Massage height adjustability
  • Foldable design

Sizing and Portability

Back massager for office chair

Brookstone S8 measures 32.5 x 8.5 x 18 inches. Apart from the actual thickness, it's about the size of a chair. It's soft and flexible. Basically, it has a foldable profile, so you can just fold it and roll it inside your backpack. Take it and use it anywhere – work, home, a friend's house, your holiday or even your car. It barely weighs 15 pounds, so it won't put too much pressure on you anyway.

Storage is just as simple. While the pad doesn't come with its own backpack or carry case, it's compact enough to fit into a standard one.

Controls and Operation

Even if you've never used a massage pad before, chances are you'll get used to this one out of the box. It doesn't require any experience or a degree in rocket science. Just unpack and run it. Controls are intuitive and straightforward. You won't have to stop the massage and get up in order to change settings, as everything is available on the remote controller.

Small adjustments and all the features are only a button away. Each button has a word that describes its action next to it. If you do experience any problems, you have an owner's manual to explain everything.

Kneading Movement

The way this chair massager pad operates is easy to understand. Its massages are based on deep kneading movements. Practically, once turned on, the kneading movement is so deep that it perfectly imitates a professional's hands and fingers. Close your eyes and imagine you're in a professional parlor while enjoying the comfort of your bedroom. Of course, if you are only looking for a specialized massager just for your hands and fingers, click here.

As a result, muscle tightness is successfully relieved, not to mention soothing aching muscles and improving muscle recovery after an injury or just a long day at work. Kneading movements also improve the blood circulation, which inevitably feeds the muscles and provides more energy.

Rolling and Effects

Apart from the kneading mode, this back massager brings in a series of rolling nodes as well. The nodes are stuck together and roll simultaneously in a reciprocal stimulating movement. It feels different from the classic kneading sensations, but it's just as efficient.

Rollers are fitted throughout the whole back, but they also cover the shoulders. Their main role is to stimulate core muscles. You'll feel the movements on your back, as well as the sides. As a result, muscles won't longer feel stiff, while chronic back pains will slowly disappear.

Vibration Settings

Last, but not least, vibration settings couldn't be missed from a shiatsu back massager. Vibration movements are classic and better known for the deep relaxation. The vibration mostly affects the seat though. It relaxes the bottom part of your body and even makes a nice relaxing workout.

There are three different levels of intensity to choose from based on how stiff your muscles are. At the same time, it's worth noting that you can use the vibration mode independently or just mix it with other massage functions – totally up to you. Apart from the actual relaxation, vibration massages stimulate fat burning and muscle toning. 

You can check out our reviews on other different types of shiatsu massager like the foot or back massager.

Squeezing Elements

Most massagers come with kneading and vibrating movements, yet this back massager for chair with heat takes this venture a bit further. The dynamic squeezing technology is not new in Brookstone's massagers, yet it has been recently upgraded for even more comfort and efficiency.

The dynamic squeeze feature is only available for the middle part of your body. It makes a good massage for your waist, hips and buttocks. The way it works is self-explanatory. The elements inside the pad gently squeeze your body in the attempt to push tension and pressure away.

The vibration setting is the only one featuring more levels of intensity, so the dynamic squeeze feature will only have a standard speed.

Heating Function

The heating function is common in professional massage chairs. Even so, plenty of manufacturers tend to overlook it.

This function targets the back. Simply put, the massager has a heating element fitted inside it. It helps in multiple ways. For example, it will prepare the back for a further and longer massage. Also, it can ameliorate pain, but treat stomach flu too.

It can also be used in conjunction with any other massage. Since it is a back massager, it only works on the back – no other parts.

Convenience and Adaptive Profile

At first glance, this back massage chair pad looks like an actual massage chair. However, it doesn't stand by its own and needs some support. It's only a pad, yet it's fitted with the exact same technologies you can find in classic chairs. The only difference is you can fit it on any chair – your office chair or the armchair in your living room.

The pad adapts to pretty much everything and it won't affect its efficiency. It has a few built-in elements that won't adapt to the shape of the chair though, but that's for your own support – such as the pads around the neck.

All in all, in terms of convenience, it's easy to tell what makes the pad so popular – it can turn a boring chair into the most comfortable massage chair. What else can you ask for?

The Pros and Cons


  • Multiple types of massaging movements
  • Easy to control without having to stop it or stand up
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Can be used literally everywhere
  • Ideal for both relaxation and injury recovery


  • Doesn't come with a car adapter
  • Rolling massage balls are stiff so you can't just rest on the pad after having a massage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can pregnant women use this shiatsu massager?

Yes, it is safe, although we would recommend mothers-to-be to refrain from using due to possible risks such as heating pad, pressure points. And vibrations may not be comfortable to pregnant women. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using shiatsu massager. 

2. Can I use the shiatsu massager whilst on medication?

Yes, the massage will not affect your internal assimilation of medications. It makes no difference what kind of medication you take or what you suffer from.

3. Do I need to be ill to use the shiatsu massager?

Absolutely not. Lots of people invest in shiatsu massagers for enjoyment and relaxation, but also to relieve tension and stress after long days at work. In fact, regular treatments and massages may even help you prevent certain conditions and keep your body in good condition.

Final Verdict

Brookstone S8 Shiatsu

As a short final conclusion, Brookstone S8 Massager is certainly worth some attention. This back massager for office chair is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars.

About 70% of all buyers find it perfect or almost perfect and it's easy to tell why – more cost efficient than a massage chair, convenient, portable and with just the right features.

Our Rating

What we Liked:

  • Foldable/Portable
  • Can be used anywhere
  • User friendly

What we Disliked:

  • Stiff and hard rolling balls. Cannot rest on it after the session.

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