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Best Shiatsu Massager [4 Types For Back, Body, Foot and Neck]

Whether you do it for relaxation after a long day at work or for therapy purposes, finding the best shiatsu massager can be tricky. You do have some options out there, not to mention the variety of types. You can find a massager for your whole body, as well as different units for specific parts of your body.

All in all, a good shiatsu massager can successfully replace therapy or professional massage parlors, so better take your time and research your options. Obviously, certain models are better rated than others – that's what you have to focus on. But before going into small details, make sure you know what to look for.

Understanding The Art of Shiatsu Massage

Different Types of Shiatsu Massagers

ProductHighlightsFeaturesOur Rating

Naipo Back & Neck Massager
Highly portable

Best for Back & Neck
Dimension: 31.9 x 17.7 x 9 inches

Weight: 15.4 lbs

8 massage nodes (human finger-like)

Optional soothing heat

Car adapter included


Price: $

More Details

Brookstone F4 Foot Massager
Best for Foot Dimension: 16.8 x 8.8 x 14.4 inches

Weight: 12 lbs

Deep kneading massage rollers and air compression

3 Auto massage programs - Soothe, Pulse & Energize

Optional soothing heat


Price: $

More Details

Zero Gravity BM-EC161 Full Body Massage Chair
Offers full body massage

Known as the best shiatsu massage chair

Width: 31 inches

Weight: 275 lbs

L-track design

4 Massage Programs: Relax/ Extend/ Recover/ Refresh

Built-in lumbar heat therapy


Price: $$$$

More Details

Brookstone Cordless Neck & Back Massager
Offers Neck & Back massage

Cordless: Convenience & Highly Portability

Dimension: 16 x 5 x 6 inches

Weight: 4 lbs

8 rolling massage nodes - Kneading massage movement

With heating function

Cordless - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Price: $

More Details

Best Shiatsu Massager Reviews

1. Best Shiatsu Back Massager - Naipo Back & Neck Massager

best shiatsu massager

Featuring a two year limited warranty and designed with back relief purposes, this Naipo's shiatsu massager for back is built to deliver. It's a compact and portable massager that can be used pretty much anywhere – home, office or even in your car. It's a chair cushion, so all you need is a seat.

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2. Best Shiatsu Foot Massager - Brookstone F4

Built as a small box where you can fit your feet in and experience the massage of a lifetime, Brookstone's shiatsu massager for feet can seriously make a difference. Most massagers targeting the lower part of the body can literally massage anything but the actual feet.

This one comes to solve a common problem, as it's focused on the parts with the most nerve endings. What else can you ask for?

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3. Best Shiatsu Massage Chair - Zero Gravity BM EC-161

Designed to target the entire body, BestMassage's is practically a large, powerful and multipurpose shiatsu massage chair fitted with a series of useful features. Its main role is to deliver a spa experience without actually being in a spa. It's pocket-friendly and comes with great value for money.

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4. Best Shiatsu Neck Massager - Brookstone Cordless Neck & Back Massager

Whether you have a weak neck or your office job implies lots of sitting and typing, the Brookstone's neck massager will work wonders in no time. Most people are too busy to take regular full body massages on a weekly basis. That's when portable massagers kick in.

This model is lightweight and portable, fully featured for a proper experience, making it one of the top rated shiatsu neck massager.

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What to Look for in a Shiatsu Massager

Your Expectation

Most people look for a shiatsu massager for two main reasons – relaxation or pain relief. If you want it for relaxation, chances are you can go with pretty much any massager. Make sure it's qualitative and durable though. All these massagers have certain massage techniques that target a specific part of the body.

Pain management is a different matter. You'll need to research a bit more and ensure that the respective models can thoroughly work on the affected area. It goes without saying that your massager should be designed for a specific part of the body.

Click here if you are looking for a percussion massager instead.

Your Budget

Trying to find the best shiatsu massager can take hours of research, as well as daydreaming. With all these, know exactly what you're willing to spend upfront. Setting an available budget will also save you some time by narrowing your potential massager.

Your Space

It depends on what type of massager you're looking for. If you want one of those large shiatsu massage office chairs, better make sure you got enough space for an armchair. It's about that size.

You should also leave a few feet in front and behind the massage chair, as reclining positions will require more space. While they're portable, they're not too lightweight to move, so you shouldn't move it all over the place whenever you want a massage.

However, if your space is quite limited you should probably check out the variety of portable massagers here.

Features You Look Into

Shiatsu massagers come with lots of features, yet some of them are more important than others. Body scanning is quite important if you get a full body massagers. Such a chair will accurately scan your body and adjust the massage for a customized experience.

The zero gravity feature implies a specific reclining position and shouldn't miss from the best neck and back massager. Your feet go up for an even distribution of weight. Simply put, you'll feel weightless. Not only will it provide the most comfortable experience in the world, but this position also relieves stress and pressure points.

The massage length is often overlooked and for no reason. Different body types or pains require specific times. For example, some massagers can go for 15 or 30 minutes and must be restarted if you want more. Having the option to customize the massage length is a plus. If you don't have it, at least make sure it's long enough and doesn't require too much restarting.

Final Verdict

As a short final conclusion, you do have options when it comes to getting a quality massage in the comfort of your bedroom or office. Choosing the best shiatsu massager depends on what you need it for, as well as the most affected parts of your body. We have created a summary list below to help you recap.

If you are looking for a good shiatsu back seat cushion chair that you can bring along to your office, home or car, then we highly recommend the Naipo Back & Neck Massager.

If you are looking for a good shiatsu foot massager instead, then we surely recommend the Brookstone F4 Foot Massager due to its fit anywhere design and its speciality for both relaxation and pain relief.

The Zero Gravity BM-EC161 Full Body Massage Chair is a super high quality, value for money kind of massage chair. If you have the budget, then we will recommend you this model because it is one of the best shiatsu massage chair in the market. 

Lastly, if you want a shiatsu massager that has no cords getting in the way and can find its way to areas for hard to reach muscles, then the Brookstone Cordless Neck & Back Massager will be perfect for you.

Each of the above mentioned models is rated at 4.3 to 4.5 stars out of 5, which means close to 90% of all buyers find them to be perfect or almost perfect. Just like for any other similar tool out there, identify your necessities first and there's no way you can go wrong.

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