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Best Neck Massager With Heat [Brookstone Cordless Review]

The neck is one of the most affected parts of the body and without an obvious reason. There are mornings when you wake up with a stiff neck, as well as days when you simply turn around your whole body, just because you can't move your neck.

All these issues are caused by small factors in your lifestyle, such as a bad sleeping position, an uncomfortable pillow, an unhealthy position at the desk and so on. For these reasons, finding the best neck massager with heat will literally solve a series of issues.

The Brookstone Cordless Massager is currently one of the best rated neck massagers on the market and for some good reasons.

Brookstone Cordless Neck & Back Massager Review

Neck pains will inevitably target everyone at some point or another. There are multiple reasons behind them, even if they're not always obvious.

Unfortunately, most people don't have the time or money to reach to professional salons on a regular basis.

Built with portability and convenience in mind, Brookstone's best neck and shoulder massager with heat will bring the massage salon to your home or office.

It comes with just the right features for a healthy and comfortable experience, but it also provides great value for money. Now, what should you know about it?

Key Specifications

  • Measures 16 x 5 x 6 inches
  • Weighs 4.05 pounds
  • Kneading massaging movements
  • 8 rolling massage nodes
  • Cordless design
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Heating function
  • 2 massage modes - single direction and automatic reversing

Sizing and Portability

The neck massager with heat and vibration is designed like a scarf – only it looks more sophisticated. It goes around your neck and features two handles – one on each side. You'll have to rest your hands on these handles to put some pressure on your neck and actually feel the massage.

It measures 16 x 5 x 6 inches and barely weighs 4 pounds. Since it's flexible and easy to roll or fold, you can literally toss it in your backpack or bag and take it anywhere. It makes a good choice at home after a long day, but also at work during your break. You can just as well use it in a friend's house or while on the bus or train.

Its portability is given by both its size and operation. This Brookstone's neck massager is cordless and doesn't need a plug. Instead, it comes with rechargeable batteries. They recharge in no time and can go for up to 3 hours.

At the same time, the small profile makes it easy to move around and target the right area. Different people have different sized shoulders or necks. Many large massagers don't provide such a high level of adjustability. This one is easy to pull down or move left and right in the attempt to work on the most affected muscles.

Straightforward Control Panel

Many modern massagers might seem overwhelming at first because of their sophisticated controls – it's not the case with this model.

In fact, it's so easy that you can use it within minutes. If the battery is charged, roll it around the neck and turn it on.

The control panel is conveniently located on the left side as you keep the massager around your neck, close to the handle.

After a few uses, you'll be able to use it without having to look at the controls. After all, it only has four buttons – on/off, automatic reverse massage, one direction massage and heating function.

The portable neck massager comes with a small owner's manual for more details, but you will probably never need it anyway.

Kneading Capabilities

There are multiple types of massage movements such massagers come with. Each of them has specific characteristics. When it comes to shiatsu neck massagers, kneading movements represent the primary choice. It's easy to tell why – they provide multiple benefits, from relaxation and comfort to pain relief and post workout recovery.

Despite its small size and basic construction, Brookstone's model has taken the kneading movements to a new level. Practically, you can close your eyes and you'll feel like in a massage parlor. The movement perfectly imitates professional hands and fingers. It's based on not less than eight deep kneading massage nodes, so they can work even the stiffest muscles.

Check out our CM7 Pure wave massager reviews if you are interested in a deep percussion massager instead of the shiatsu type.

Heating Function

Best neck massager with heat

The heating function gains more and more notoriety among neck and back massagers. Don't be surprised to find out that many massage chairs fail to implement this feature though.

With all these, Brookstone has featured its small massager with a deep heating element. The result? First, the heating function will soothe your muscles and help them relax.

Second, it will prepare your neck for a more intense massage. When muscles are warmed up, tension and pressure are released in no time. Third, nothing feels better than a warm kneading massager around your neck on a cold winter day. It's meant to be relaxing, but it also comes with health related benefits.

The heating function can be used at the same time with the actual massage. You don't even have to turn the massager off. Just press the small button on the control panel and it will go on instantly.

Massaging Modes

Despite being rated the best heat neck massager, you wouldn't expect too many massaging modes from this unit because of its size. Wrong! Brookstone has enriched it with two different massaging modes that work on the exact same principles.

The single direction massage goes in one direction only. It's a basic kneading movement that works on your muscles and pushes the tension and pressure out. It's the basic massage that you can find in pretty much any massager.

The other mode is based on an automatic reversing movement. It's similar to the first one, only it goes in two directions and it changes by itself. It's more complete and brings in some different sensations.

Obviously, what works for some people won't work for everyone else, so you'll have to try both of them and alternative every once in a while.

Modes are selectable through the control panel.

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Operation and Maintenance

The operation is fairly simple. Make sure the massager battery is charged, toss it around your neck, turn it on and rest your arms on the handles. It's a simple job based on a straightforward device. Adjust the heating function or the massaging modes through the control panel.

Maintenance doesn't ask for too much. Just look after the massager and don't overuse it. According to the manufacturer's specifications, you shouldn't use it for more than 20 minutes continuously. For every 20 minutes of use, it requires 40 minutes of break. While you can use it for longer, this kind of operation extends its lifespan.

The Pros and Cons


  • Versatile – can be used for other parts of the body as well
  • Superior kneading movements that imitate professional hands and fingers
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Can be used anywhere due to the cordless design
  • Heating function


  • Requires using the hands for a proper massage, so you can't fully relax

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is neck massaging complementary or alternative?

Neck massagers are complementary to professional medicine and will never represent an alternative to it.

If you use a neck massager with medicinal purposes, it shouldn't replace your medication, but go in conjunction with it. You can also check out different types of shiatsu massagers here.

2. Can I use a neck massager without being ill?

Absolutely! While lots of people invest in neck massagers to heal specific conditions or ameliorate pains, even more people buy these gadgets for recreational uses. Simply put, nothing feels better than a neck massage after a long day in the office.

3. Do I have to change my lifestyle?

Absolutely not. A massage is complementary to your lifestyle. It will cancel some of the negative effects of your hectic lifestyle and activities by relieving pressure and tension.

It doesn't require any changes to your lifestyle, yet it obviously helps if you put less pressure on the affected areas.

Final Verdict

Brookstone Cordless Neck & Back Massager

Bottom line, Brookstone Cordless Massager can easily qualify as the best neck massager with heatBased on its features and build, its main benefits include the powerful massage, multiple massaging options and the possibility to use it anywhere. What else can you ask for? We rate it at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Our Rating

What we Liked:

  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Heating function
  • Cordless design

What we Disliked:

  • Need to always hold it when using

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