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Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Massage Chair Reviews

People buy massage chair either to achieve optimal relaxation or for slow physical recovery. Continue reading and find out why we think Medical Breakthrough 6 massage chair is one of the best from the many brands on the market.

Our Rating
Medical Breakthrough massage chair reviews
  • Superior L Track Design
  • Designed by doctors
  • Smart Full Body Medical Scan With True 4D Arm Massage.
  • Human hand massage system
  • Zero Gravity

The Features: Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 review

Medical Breakthrough series massage chair have advanced features you cannot find in other massage chairs. Listed below are some of the vital features of this product which makes it one of the best massage therapy chairs for home.

1) Superior L-Track Design Chair

One the important features of Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair Recliner is their superior L-track design.

The shape of the chair fits into your body curves easily.

When reclined, your body will be in zero gravity position, so you can relax and enjoy the massage you long for.

As compared to regular massage rollers, this one makes sure that it is a bodyfriend massage chair to users with its vertically positioned rollers imitating an L-shape massage direction.

The design is done in four separate rollers, each of which works in harmony to shape the idiosyncratic back-frame of users. 

The massage technique keeps the users from being subjected to the discomfort. Thus, it does not matter if they have a narrow or broad body-frame.

The massaging motion is initiated by the L-track roller system starting from the neck all the way below the thigh to make sure that tension points trapped in the body are removed.

2) Memory Functions and 5 Levels of Speed

Also, the Massage Breakthrough 6 massage chair has two memory functions which allow you to store your preferred massage settings and your most comfortable massage postures.

The massage chair store this setting, so you don't have to set it again for your next use. It has five levels of speed to provide you immediate relief.

3) Automatic Full-Body Scanner

The chair makes use of unmatched massaging methods to provide you the best comfort.

It automatically detects the position of your body and adjusts the chair to the right position to provide you the therapeutic massage you want.

The chair can accommodate even the tall users since the footrest is adjustable.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair Recliner has a body-scanner which makes a significant difference in the most comfortable way which is provided to each user.

It enables for all massage techniques and motions to align themselves with every type of user properly.

4) Automatic Massage Function and Customized Settings

This massage chair has six different preset massage settings. Medical professionals like doctors, chiro-practitioners, and therapists were consulted to help in creating a specially designed massage chair to achieve the best results.

Together with the different automatic massage settings, you can manually set massage programs with various recline positions, massage intensities, motions, and massage period.

Flapping, kneading, rolling, knocking, and Shiatsu or combining any two can be selected as a form of massaging motion for customized massage settings.

To improve the ability for users to set their massage techniques, the Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Massage Chair enables for selective body areas with customized massage motions.

Users can set it for upper body massages to fixed points, provide a full-body massage experience or a specific part of the body.

You can adjust it manually between narrow coverage, wide massage coverage, and medium to achieve the mid-point massage experience.

Editor's note: This massage chair is manufactured primarily for relief purposes and physical recovery. It is integrated with advanced technology to deliver great comfort for users. 

5) The Airbag Massage Technique

Airbags are also used in this massage chair to provide acupressure massaging technique.

The airbags can provide a complete body massage, yet users can still enjoy the option to choose from targeted air pressure massage or a full body massage within the legs or the armrest.

The airbag massage intensity can be changed and can be chosen among the three different massage intensities.

6) Zero-Gravity Design to Save Space

For those who want to recover from chronic back pains, this massage chair has zero-gravity positioning.

The zero-gravity design save space which enables the massage chair to recline in a specific position with minimalistic back-space.

It also puts the entire body of the users at an angle that helps balance the strain positioned on the lower vertebrae of users. This is achieved by the Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair by placing users in a reclined angle that imitates the stance of astronauts before they take-off.

By reducing the compression, nerves are relaxed and help in blood circulation for better posture and reduce discomfort.

7) Innovative Chiropractic Back Stretching Technology

Another important element every massage chair should have. This feature promises to improve medical healing and recovery.

The ability to stretch the user’s body is what we are referring to. Stretching is known as a form of not just healing but relieving the body of any strain or tension buildup.

Through stretching and decreasing the tension points within the user’s body, the Lymphatic flow increases. Thus, excreting toxins and bacteria found in the body at a higher rate.

The highly specialized Chiropractic stretch added in the Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair puts the users in an automatic positioning that stretches the body strategically.

As soon as the user is positioned within their preferred position, high coverage compression airbags hold on the back of the users firmly to stretch the muscles even further.

The chair focuses on the spinal cord, back muscles, and the surrounding areas. It releases tension trapped within thus balancing the vertebrae.

The Chiropractic Back-stretching features are one of the main reasons why it is the topmost massage chairs.

It's recommended to those who are suffering from chronic back pains or other ailments associated to muscle and back pains.

The Pros and Cons

Just like other products, the MB series massage chair have their pros and cons, and some of them are enumerated below:


  • This massage chair includes a highly efficient heating system incorporated within to focus on the lower back. The heat transmitters integrated within can be controlled manually.
  • The foot and calf massager have deep tissue rollers that targets the core nerve endings in the user’s feet for great relaxation and healing.
  • The user’s toes are likewise targeted through dual pairs of papillae.
  • 3 year warranty.


  • This recliner massage chair weighs 200 lbs., which makes it hard for a person to move it around without any help or assistance.

What Sets The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Apart From Its Competitors?

Aside from relaxation, this product provides relieve on all the body pains and stress right away without any bad effects.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair is very versatile and durable. Patients with chronic back pain problems due to an incorrect posture, strain or other associated causes will benefit greatly from using this.

Most massage chairs are designed mainly for providing sheer relaxation. However, according to medical experts, this model is primarily manufactured for physical recovery and relief with highly innovative technology to ensure excellent comfort to all their users.

Final Verdict

Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair

Some people purchase the MB6 massage chair to relieve pain as well as muscle soreness. It is integrated with advanced  and highly innovative technology to deliver great comfort for users. 

If you have plans on buying this superb massage chair, make sure you are ready to spend a lot of money. We are all aware that this type of massage chair is not cheap at all. However, the benefits it can provide to the users are worth it.

Our Rating

What We Liked:

  • Superior L Track Design.
  • Chiropractic Back Stretching Technology.
  • Automatic Full-Body Scanner.

What We Disliked:

  • None

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