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Ultimate L Massage Chair Reviews

With erratic work schedules, it becomes almost impossible for us to hit the spa or any massage center. For long it has been on our bucket list to buy the Ultimate L Massage chair. So finally here it is, we bought it from Amazon last winter. we are in love with every aspect of this chair, and this is what we have to say about the Ultimate L massage chair reviews.

The reason why we decided to buy the Ultimate L massage Chair is because we have heard how great this machine is.

Most people says that this massage chair is able to help lower the stress level, increase the blood circulation, boosting the immunity system and also improves the sleep quality. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this massage chair.

Our Rating

What we Liked:

  • Very Comfortable.
  • 3D Body Scan.
  • Noiseless.

What we Disliked:

  • None

1) Design and Dimensions

The product model of Ultimate L Massage chair is excellent. One could pick from black, brown, red and gray colors to choose from.  

It can recline to a dimension of not more than 76.7 x 36 x 36.2 inches ((L: W: H).

It can accommodate up to 285 lbs (thank God I fit in the weight range). It is a high massage chair for sure as it adjusts for any individual. It offers time adjustment and tightness of the airbags.

I require a little loose airbag while my better half thinks the tighter the better. So yes, definitely this massage chair earns brownie points on listening to our whims and fancies. 

Editor's note: It aids to relieve muscle pains and headache and decreases stress for sure. This was the primary reason why we love the Ultimate L.

2) Customization

It can be customized and target the massage areas. The L feature of this massage chair makes it one of the best inexpensive massage chair.

The L shape makes the acupressure function start right from the head top to the back and then the lower torso, travelling almost 50.4 inches.

It does promise to provide 55% more coverage, and in my opinion, I do think it has much more coverage.

3) Programs to Offer

The model offers three programs (one of the reasons to choose this Ultimate L massage).

  • Automatic mode- Under this program, you could only press the button and relax. The remote also allows you to make sure modifications if you wish to decrease the time, or the heat, pressure points, etc.
  • The manual mode- There are five modes and targeted goals that the manual operation offers. Therefore there are times when you need the massage for a specific area. I occasionally need my thoracic area of the vertebral column a massage. This manual mode helps me target this very area with straightforward access on the remote.
  • Adjustable massage session- It is convenient to select from several options of massage sessions to choose from a 15-minute massage session to 60 minutes session.

4) The 64 Mighty Airbags

This massage chair offers airbags to fit the wrists, the upper arm, the lower arm, shoulders, sides, hips, legs, feet and in fact, it has a reflexology acupressure roller system for the bottom of your feet.

The roller system operates in two different directions to give the bottom of the feet a complete relaxation.

I often recommend my friends who come over a weekend in the house party, to relax first on my new Ultimate L massage chair.

Especially the bottom of the foot requires that gentle massage so that it removes all the pain and stress onto it. 

5) The Chair Cover

Many people often bother about the chair cover and keeping it tidy, for me it was a matter of concern too.

But then when I read through the specifications, I came to know that the chair's cover was made up of excellent strengthening PU material. 

It is often mistaken as leather. It is known as Bicast leather that is made with a split leather backing and covered with PU (polyurethane).

Therefore, the look of the chair is that of leather, but it is not leather. This is why the limitations of maintaining leather products are curtailed.

Therefore the non-porous quality of PU makes sure no element of dust, sweat, water, etc. is absorbed and can be wiped with the help of a paper or a towel. 

It does not smell bad but new as always. Besides, unlike leather where the heat destroys the material, with PU material you can be relaxed.

The Benefits of Ultimate L Massage Chair

1. Maintain Posture

I was really into fitness at some point in time. My posture was my strength. But with time and office life, my posture and muscles went down the drain.

I am really happy now with this new member in the house. It targets specific muscles and uses several kinds of strokes that help me relax my muscle. I have retained my good posture again.

2. Stress Buster for Sure

It is not only the mental pressure that one has to combat but physical too.

When the body is stress and tired it often affects the mind as well. I have seen a significant difference in me and my hubby's life.

Due to stress and tensions, we seemed to have lost the chemistry between us. Poor appetite, high blood pressure, sleeplessness were some our areas of concern. 

But over the past couple of months, we seemed to fight against stress. Life is much sorted. Thus with the improved circulation of blood, it promotes healing. When the muscles are relaxed the blood flows to the tissues and organs.

3. Stimulation of Endorphins

Massage chair can help to stimulate endorphins that act as neurotransmitters. These transmitters help to reduce pain and lessen the effects of stress. It is the endorphins that bring in the feeling of well being and boost up the immunity system.

When there are triggers of massage, the secretion of endorphins starts working immediately. I do not know about endorphins, but I know I have seen a difference in my immunity system. I can handle stress with a pinch of salt and remain relaxed to most of the time.

The features of one of the top selling massage chairs are its L design. Due to this, it gives the entire body including the buttocks. You could choose from a variety of 5 different strokes to choose from. It offers kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, and Pummel.

4. The Wall Hugger Feature

For most homes space is a huge concern. So was ours. We do not have lavish rooms to accommodate this bulky massage, so this was the icing on the cake. It hardly needs 4" space to hug from the back wall.

It is primarily known as the slide feature. Unlike other massage chairs where the backrest requires 20 inches to recline, here it is done at 1/5th the size.  

5. Heat for Your Back

Back is sometimes the most forgotten part of the body. It is only when the heat on the back goes that we realize how badly one needs it.

Needless to state how effectively it has benefited us and post winters we have had no complaints about our back aches. Thanks to the gentle massage chair for our back that we have bought.

6. All New 3D Body Scan

The ultimate feature of this particular massage chair as compare massage chairs of other companies, it provides a 3D body scan. This feature determines the upper and lower torso dimensions. The massage is then adjusted as per the exact body style.

7. The Shoulder Airbags a Sheer Comfort

Although these features exist in every massage chair, there is a difference with the Ultimate L. We say this because we have been experimenting massage chairs at several malls and was looking for the perfect piece of massage chair. 

The shoulder airbags can be adjusted just as per your massage needs. There is a handheld remote LED controller that helps in controlling the adjustments and becomes user-friendly.

Why Should You Buy This Model?

This massage chair has been the most convenient and best investment. You can have the massage at any point in time, any day and for some hours. You can also watch my favorite daily opera without any volume increase. This machine makes no noise. We call it the ‘whisper quiet'.

The second aspect we find interesting is the upgradeable firmware. This means you do not have to keep on investing on new massage chairs with unique benefits. It can just be upgraded in less than 10 minutes time.

We do not see any point to discuss on the unfavorable feature of except for this- how we wish we could carry it to the workplace as well!

However, if you are still interested to check out some other brands, we have included our best massage chair for home use here. 

Final Verdict

Ultimate L Massage Chair

We would definitely recommend this comfortable massage chairs to others. It is a significant investment especially for those who hate to travel long to get the massage and travel back again drained. This is a perfect option to come home, lazy around and then get into massaging.

If we had to provide an Ultimate L massage chair reviews a score, we would have given 5/5.

For me, five elements make it a perfect massage chair- features, size, comfort, durability, and price. If you are looking in for one too, we suggest you can try this with no doubt.

Our Rating

What we Liked:

  • Very Comfortable.
  • 3D Body Scan.
  • Noiseless.

What we Disliked:

  • None.
Ultimate l massage chair reviews

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