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Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

This Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair can easily qualify for the top 3 shiatsu massage chairs out there. It is sturdy and designed to be fully featured. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this massage chair.

Our Rating
Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair review
  • Value for money.
  • L Track massage roller.
  • Heat massage features.
  • Easy to set up.

7 Key Features of the Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair does not come with any bells and whistles, but just the necessary features and high-quality performance. We have had the opportunity to test it, so here's what we found out.

1) Technical Specifications and Design

This massage chair is a beast. It's large and bulky, so you'll have to decide on the right place before it arrives. It can go into a living room, bedroom or even office. It's built-in casters, so it's easy to move around.

The caster construction is mandatory given its weighs – 250 pounds. It would be almost impossible to move without this design.

It can fit multiple types of people. Regarding height, the ideal user is between 5 and 6 feet tall. As for weight, it can take up to 265 pounds. It's quite wide – 31 inches from outside the armrests.

Yes, it does have armrests! We tried other chairs in this segment before, and although they were extremely comfortable, they lacked armrests. The footrest is adjustable and can be extended to 5 inches.

Regarding design, it looks fashionable and can match any décor – both modern and traditional. It's covered in black synthetic leather.

2) L Track Massage Rollers

L track massage rollers represent an innovation in massage chairs. Most chairs come with an S-shaped track. The L track is simply too difficult to implement, yet this manufacturer has successfully done it.

If you've tried previous models of this chair, you will tell the difference right away – they could only provide roller massage from head to the back. Legs were overlooked.

Things change with the new generation because it has a 49-inch-long massage track. In other words, it will cover the most exposed parts of your body.

To most people, it can massage everything between the neck and thighs. Legs are not left behind either. Leg massages are conducted with customizable airbags as well.

The L shaped track is available in a few other chairs as well. However, the feature is pricey and will boost the price – not for this model though, as it offers an exquisite value for money.

3) Heat Massage Features

We went through a series of reviews before choosing to test this chair. Apart from the comfortable experience and the L track, most people are happy with the heat massage features as well.

Heat therapy is said to be one of the most effective treatments for chronic back pains. As a direct consequence, the manufacturer has fitted this chair with heating modules.

The heating therapy can be used in conjunction with other features as well. Whether you want to recline the chair or take a shoulder massage, you can do it while fixing your back too.

We tried a full reclining massage mixed with heat therapy, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The chair has an extra heating module around the waist. It can also be mixed with other programs. It's specifically targeted at the lower back – the most common area for chronic pains.

At the same time, it works against a stiff waist or stomach cold.

4) OPTO Sensor Adjustments

OPTO sensors represent an innovation in massive chairs. Many units in this segment have failed to implement it, yet it works wonders regarding adjustability.

While looking for best massage chair consumer reports, we noticed that most people complain about the impossibility to adjust their massages.

Random massages might work for them, but they won't be so effective for their partners. You must be pretty lucky to find a chair that can match your body curves in small details. This unit does though!

The sensor identifies the contours and shapes of your body before adjusting its massages. It adjusts automatically. It will also handle different positions of the shoulders.

The sensor doesn't affect other features or types of massage though. It allows the chair to provide a more personalized experience.

Its results will be automatically implemented regardless of the massage type you choose.

5) Reflexology Features

This massage chair takes reflexology to a new level. The L shaped track may not fully cover your legs, but just your thighs. As for the rest, you can count on airbag massage.

Foot rollers come in to take this experience even further. A foot roller is associated with an instant relaxation.

It will relieve pain within a few seconds by reducing tension and stretching pressure points. 

Other health benefits include better sleep, improving blood circulation and boosting the immune system.

Based on most reviews, most users rely on foot rollers after long days at work, jogging sessions or long walks. Their feet swell due to the pressure and can use an instant massage.

Rollers are designed explicitly with the most essential nerve endings in mind.

When massaged correctly, nerve endings will affect other processes throughout the body as well, especially if mixed with other massage programs.

6) Zero Gravity Features

There are specific features in massage chairs that should never be compromised on.

Whether you're familiar with these machines or you're about to buy your first one, you should never choose other features over the zero gravity ones. 

Some other chairs advertise for zero gravity, but they're far from what it means.

We tried this model in person, and we can promise you – you'll feel like an astronaut, weightless!

Feeling weightless is the ultimate form of relaxation. There is no pressure on any part of your body. It's relaxing to idle in this position and do nothing.

When we turned the massaging program on as well, we realized we could waste days in that position. 

But then, high-end features bring in high-end prices too, right? Not anymore!

The full body massage chair price puts this model in the middle range of this spectrum.

The zero-gravity feature is similar to the conditions experienced by astronauts before takeoff. They are placed in a zero-gravity position for the stress to be minimized.

Despite the enormous speeds obtained at launch, astronauts feel comfortable and relaxed.

7) Different Massage Techniques

The basic massage is based on deep tissue penetration through vibrations and rolling movements. It covers everything, from neck and shoulders to hips and thighs, as well as the sides of your core.

Each program has its massaging technique, which is designed by intelligent assimilation of human massages. Practically, we felt like real therapists were massaging us.

Kneading is yet another essential massaging technique. It implies going in two directions at the same time.

It relaxes muscles by relieving tension, but it also boosts the cellular core. Sync massaging involves kneading and tapping at the same time.

Shiatsu is among the main reasons behind the popularity of this massage chair. It's a common massage technique given for the ultimate form of relaxation.

The tapping part relieves pressure and feels like a therapist working with the palm of their hands. 

Apart from tapping, the massage also involves energetic movements under the shoulder blades – some of the most tensioned and stressed parts of the human body.

Don't overlook drum tapping. This massage is given around the waist. It also affects the lower back, as well as the stomach. It improves the blood circulation too.

Pros and Cons


  • Value for money.
  • L-Track massage rollers were simply amazing.
  • It can take overweight people too – up to 265 pounds.
  • It's easy to move around, despite its weight.
  • It comes with a remote controller.
  • Heat massage features.
  • Easy to setup.


  • The intense massage may be too painful for some

Who Is this Massage Chair For?

If you're like most people out there, you'll need a massage chair to relieve pain.

This is the primary category of people wherefore this chair was designed. 

Long days at work, exhausting job responsibilities, intense workouts or just age are some of the main reasons behind chronic pains. Most commonly, they affect the lower back, but also shoulders, neck, and legs.

However, you don't necessarily need to suffer to take advantage of a massage chair. Whether you want to prevent these issues or relax, this chair is for you.

It has multiple features to enhance a relaxing experience on your free day, after a long day or on the weekend. Whenever you need to relax, just pop in, set it on and go for it.

Simply put, this chair is for pain relief and those who want to relax. However, its benefits go way further than that. You can use it to relieve stress, boost circulation and even improve your immune system.

If you have ever tried one of those massage chairs in shopping malls and enjoyed it, this chair will make you feel even better. 

Or, if you are interested in knowing other brands, you can check out our Best Massage Chair for Home. In this article, we have listed down our 5 best-rated massage chairs with our honest reviews.

Final Verdict

BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity

Bottom line, you don't need to go through any more Shiatsu Massage Chair reviews – we've done this for you already. This massage chair sells well and is rated at 4.8 stars out of 5. We couldn't agree more. It comes with the right features and no bells or whistles.

Our Rating
  • Value for money
  • L Track massage roller
  • Heat massage features
  • Easy to set up
Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair review

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