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Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Review

The Daiwa Legacy massager lounger

Our Rating


The Daiwa Legacy offers an extra long L-shaped hybrid track that runs 49 inches. This feature enables you to experience a long comfortable massage stroke that extends under the seat, from your shoulders to your glutes and down to the back of your thighs.

This highlight alone beats any massage chairs that typically uses the S-track and does an amazing job in giving you a complete majestic back massage. 

Other than that, with the innovative Zero Gravity feature, you will get to experience how floating and being weightless feels like. The massage chair will be set to an ideal angle at 30-degree so that your knees are elevated slightly above your heart, this allows your body pressing down against the roller for a deeper and stronger massage.

The 3D body scanning technology  will scan the body contour and the curve of the spine of each individual. Hence, you will be able to get a personalized massage to ensure more accuracy. The unit comes with 48 second generation airbags that ensure a relaxing and calming massage. They deflate and inflate based on the program you choose, and between 3 different intensity levels.

In terms of massage mode, you get to target specific areas with its 4 preset massage techniques. On top of that, you are also given 6 auto-programs. With each mode, it delivers different kind of treatments covering the whole body or upper/lower body. Besides that, there is also a Special Heat therapy in the lumbar region, ideal for tending to tight and tense lumbar muscles.

If you are someone who enjoys listening to music while massaging, the pre-installed Bluetooth comes in handy too. Built-in speakers are located on either side of the headrest to provide you a full-surround experience.

What Makes This Massage Chair Stands Out?

  • Offers a 49- inches long L-shaped track design
  • Zero Gravity technology for floating and weightless sensation
  • Rocking Rotation technology that enhance users’ relaxation
  • 3D scanning for a customized massage treatment
  • Provides heat function along the entire massage track, from shoulders to hamstring


Dimension: 59.1 x 32.3 x 47.2 inches

Track Length: 49 inches

No of Preset Programme: 6

No of Massage Technique: 4 ( Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Knocking)

Weight: 306 lbs

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Massage therapy is not new in relieving pain and promoting a healthy lifestyle, yet its benefits go way further than that.

You don't necessarily have to reach a professional salon every once in a while, but invest in your massage chair and relax in the comfort of your home.

It's not just more convenient, but more cost efficient as well.

1) Pain Relief

Pain relief is by far the most common reason wherefore so many people turn to massage chairs. You have probably seen these units in large shopping centers and malls.

We've all tried them. Once we're in, nothing can take us out. When having one in your bedroom or living room, you can relax for as much as you want.

Comfort is achieved through a continuous release of endorphin – the primary effect of a massage. Endorphin are brain chemicals related to relaxation.

They relieve pain and replace it with a feeling of satisfaction. It makes no difference if you suffer from acute or chronic pains, sore muscles or stiffness.

2) Improving Immune System

Most people overlook the benefits of a massage, apart from the actual relaxation.

The truth is a well-chosen program will inevitably boost your immune system as well. 

Apart from releasing endorphin, a massage will also stimulate the lymphatic system.

As a direct consequence, the body is forced into producing more white blood cells. They're responsible for clearing toxins and waste off your blood.

The more white blood cells you have, the more efficient your immune system will become. It's not an effect you'll notice overnight but in the long run.

3) Reducing Anxiety and Depression

There are a series of treatments to reduce the impact of anxiety and depression over one's life.

Many of them naturist and involve various relaxation techniques. What can be more relaxing than a long massage then?

Understanding what massages can do, will help you figure their effects against depression.

Not only they can produce more endorphin, but they also stimulate the brain to produce more serotonin. 

The respective chemical addresses anxiety and depression issues. Most medications have the same effects, only they come with a series of adverse reactions too.

A massage, on the other hand, will only bring in the good things.

4) Improving Rest and Sleep

Whether you suffer from insomnia or you just can't sleep deeply, a massage will work wonders before going to bed.

Most people cannot sleep due to being agitated or stressed, not to mention physical issues like fatigue, tiredness or muscle pressure.

A massage will induce relaxation, but it will also clear anxiety and tension. Practically, it works both physically and psychologically.

When mixed with high levels of serotonin, it will put you in the perfect condition to fall asleep immediately and enjoy a deep rest.

5) Reducing Stress

Stress is a modern disease. It affects pretty much everyone in different ways. Its impact is obvious in everything we do – from family matters to work-related issues.

Relaxation is the optimal cure for stress. You need time for yourself, do things you like and learn to relax.

Regular massages represent a solid way to combat the effects of stress. The serotonin stimulation and reduced tension are some of the best ways to ensure a good sense of well-being.

Features of The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair

Daiwa legacy massage chair review

This chair adheres to the latest requirements regarding health-related issues. 

It gives you the opportunity to relax whenever you want. You can relieve pain while watching TV or improve relaxation while reading a book. 

According to numerous daiwa legacy 3d review from past customers, Daiwa had thought about everything when it designed this model.

With numerous features and programs to choose from, it's one you should take into consideration.

Editor's note: The Daiwa Legacy is a top-quality massage chair that is a great investment – both health and financial wise.

1) Zero Gravity Feature

You don't have to be an astronaut to experience zero gravity but use this chair. It won't float you in the air, yet you will feel weightless.

Once you choose this feature, the chair will adjust by itself as a 30-degree angle. It distributes your weight evenly and clears the pressure off your body.

As a direct consequence, you feel like floating in space.

Most scientists agree that zero gravity guarantees for the most comfortable position. We can agree to that – there is no stress on any part of the body.

When combined with a deep massage, this position becomes ideal. You should know astronauts are also seated in this position during takeoff to reduce stress.

The zero-gravity position is mostly aimed at the back and the legs. The footrest will align the heart and legs for maximum relaxation.

2) 3D Body Scanning Feature

While more massage chairs can provide some scanning features, the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair takes it to the next level. This 3D scanning system will customize your massage in the most accurate way.

Practically, it determines the unique curve of your spine and delivers a massage based on its curving angle.

If more people use this chair, each of them will have to scan their body before using it. It's not a general rule, but it's the main requirement for a personalized massage.

Those who only need a few minutes of relaxation may not necessarily pay too much attention to this feature.

However, it will scan the contour of the body as well. If you need massaging with healthy purposes, you better go through the scanning procedure before your massage.

3) Rocking Rotation System

We found the rocking rotation system to be one of the most relaxing features associated with the Daiwa legacy.

Once you choose this feature, the unit will come up with a metronome movement. 

Simply put, you will feel like sitting in a rocking chair. You move back and forth, but here comes the great part – you don't have to use legs and rock yourself. Sit back, turn it on and enjoy rocking.

The rocking rotation system works regardless of the position. Some people like rocking while they sit, while others would do it while laying down.

Similar to the zero-gravitation system, this rocking movement provides a floating sensation.

Stopping the rocking motion is a piece of cake – no hard to find buttons or uncomfortable settings.

The massage chair has its own remote, so you can do it while laying down in it.

4) Airbag Massage Therapies

The Daiwa Legacy massage lounger provides multiple types of massages. Airbag massages are the most attractive ones because they're... Well, new.

The unit comes with 48 airbags to ensure a calming massage. They deflate and inflate based on the program you choose.

They put light pressure on muscles to release tension, but they also stretch them. This feature boosts the blood circulation and clears fatigue. It covers the whole body.

The calf massage is based on compression. It's ideal for those who spend a lot of time on their feet at work, as well as for cyclists.

Larger airbags target ankles and heels. These areas are less sensitive than other parts of the body, hence the necessity of more pressure.

Believe it or not, U.S. Jaclean has also implemented an undulation sole shiatsu massage. Airbags perfectly mimic the actual massaging technique.

Close the eyes, and you won't be able to tell if an airbag or a professional masseur are massaging you.

5) Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity is incorporated in this model. Forget about wires and music systems around your chair. Simply put, play your favorite music wirelessly.

Find the right position for your massage, then connect the smartphone or player to the chair and enjoy. The Daiwa massage chair is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

Music goes through a few clear speakers around the shoulders, so your ears – excellent surround sound locates them.

It may not be a good option if you have other people in the room though.

6) Reflexology Rolling Feature

Reflexology is based on highly customized massages that target one's reflexes. Professionals in salons normally perform it.

However, this massage chair is able to provide you with this kind of massage as well which is intense and deep.

It comes with triple rollers, and it targets your feet. They activate the nerves and improve blood circulation.

Moreover, the rollers will eliminate tension within minutes and renew the vitality of your feet.

While some massage chairs may attempt copying this technology, the triple profile of these rollers ensure that the particular necessities of your feet are properly handled.

7) Special Heat Therapies

Special heat therapies are particularly aimed at the lumbar area – the lower back. It's one of the most affected areas of the human body.

The treatment aims to eliminate stress and clear tension, only to ease pains.

It won't benefit people dealing with heavy physical jobs, but also elders suffering from arthritis. Back pains are among the main symptoms of this affection.

Unlike other features in this chair, the special heat therapy must be activated manually from the control panel.

It simply heats the chair in the common pressure points – especially in the lower back. The whole body will benefit from the therapy though.

Different features can be mixed for a more relaxing experience too. For example, you can rock the chair or opt for the zero-gravity position while the special heat therapy runs.

8) Design and Adjustability

The chair is L shaped, so it supports the whole body – from neck to toes. The track is quite impressive for this segment, but the manufacturer has made it possible due to the long roller strokes – 49 inches.

The result? Your whole body can be massaged at once – an exquisite experience. It's an innovative shape because most chairs rely on the S shape. It's easier and cheaper to implement, but not as efficient.

We have found the adjustable foot extension to work flawlessly. It can slide in or out, so the length is adjustable based on your height. When fully extended, this part measures 5.5 inches.

Some people might be surprised to see no armrests – nothing to worry about though! We can promise you that there are plenty of spaces to keep arms by your side.

The Pros and Cons


  • It provides an exquisite value for money.
  • The zero-gravity feature is professionally implemented.
  • It is easy to use, but also durable and sturdy.
  • It can massage the whole body, and it expands based on your height.
  • It has a 3D scanning feature for individualized massage therapy.


  • None

Things to Look for in a Massage Chair

1. Main Features

Massage chairs have a series of features. They work on the same principles, but small details make the difference. Our review will expose the main reasons behind the popularity of this chair.

Some chairs, for example, target the main pressure points throughout the body with different movements – rolling, swaying, pressing and so on.

Also, massage chairs may target different parts of the body. Choose a model that caters to these areas. It sounds easy, yet this idea works only if you live alone and you know precisely what the problem is.

General massage chairs are more popular. They target the whole body. You're less likely to have pains in shoulders or legs only. At some point, you'll feel discomfort around the lower back too, not to mention the neck.

Plus, if you have a family, they'll most likely use the chair as well, so you'll have to consider their needs too.

Furthermore, you can also buy a massage chair for business purposes.

2. Available Budget

The available budget is a common consideration regardless what you buy. A massage chair for home is an investment. They range from a few hundred to thousands.

The daiwa legacy massage chair price varies based on features, design, brand, and quality.

If you want a cheap chair, it will limit your massages and might fail within the first year.

Whether you want quality or you need a chair with business purposes, it's worth spending some more.

Don't go for bells and whistles though. Small features that you'll rarely use will become a waste of money.

For example, you don't want to pay for a built-in USB port for some extra convenience when you can just find a plug nearby.

The Daiwa legacy massage chair is ideal from this point of view. The manufacturer has thought about everything related to comfort and relaxation, but without boosting the chair with useless bells and whistles.

3. Placement

Where do you plan to put the massage chair? This piece of furniture is large and bulky, so you can't just drop it anywhere.

A good-looking model can go in the living room if it matches the overall décor. It's as handy in the bedroom. Spending long hours at work? Get a massage chair for your office.

Apart from the shape and size, the Daiwa Legacy chair also comes with foot support and reclining features, so you'll have to measure the room and calculate the available space upfront.

Luckily, it can be moved around quite easily, so you'll gain some flexibility. More and more manufacturers consider easing the necessity of moving their massage chairs for convenience.

Final Verdict

Daiwa Legacy Massager Lounger

Our Rating

What We Liked:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Zero Gravity Feature.
  • 3D Scanning Feature.
  • Value For Money.

What We Disliked:

  • None

As a short conclusion, this Daiwa model will change your perception of what relaxation means.

Not only that, these features have been pushed to a professional level. You'll find most of them in other chairs, but they'll act like random bells and whistles – no actual efficiency.

The manufacturer has come up with all the features you can think of regarding both relaxation and convenience. After testing it, we agree it's a front-running product in this segment.

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