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PowerSmart DB2401 Snowblower Review

Our Rating
powersmart snowblower reviews
  • Smart and Compact
  • Noise Free
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cordless

Why get the PowerSmart DB2401?

Let’s start with the basics first. The PowerSmart DB2401 snow blower is an electric model that requires no oil, no cords and definitely no trouble at all.

That means that you will be able to remove snow seamlessly and without investing too much effort. This model does not need gas or any other type of fuel to start clearing up the snow. You just have to take the battery, charge it, and it is ready to go.

Speaking of batteries, you will be happy to know that the manufacturer, Power Smart, will send you one 40V lithium battery when you purchase this product. You can recharge the battery whenever you feel like the snow blower is starting to lose its power. The battery life itself is 25 minutes.

However, bear in mind that some users report that the battery life is a bit longer than that. It depends on how much you use it and how much snow there is to clear up.

PowerSmart DB2401 review

When it comes to the clearing width, the Power Smart DB2401 has an 18 inches wide snow opening.

That opening is also 11 inches deep, so it is safe to say that you will be clearing up a lot of snow by using this machine.

In addition, this Power Smart snow blower generates 2200 RPMs, which is more than enough for such a lightweight product. If you want to look more something more powerful, you may want to read our reviews on the best rated snow blowers.

When talking about its weight, users have different views of it. For some, those 43 pounds are not a problem, and they consider it to be lightweight. However, some users might feel that it is still too much for an electric snow blower.

The chute on this model can rotate up to 180 degrees, and it can even blow snow up to 30 feet high. Thus, you will finish clearing up the snow on the sidewalk in front of your house in a blink of an eye.

PowerSmart Snowblower Reviews (The 8 Features of this Model)

1. Small Dimensions

The PowerSmart DB2401 Snow Blower’s dimensions are 44 x 20 x 36 inches. Therefore, we cannot say that it is a big snow blower or that it will clear up all the snow with just one battery charge.

However, what we can say is that those dimensions are quite convenient for an average homeowner. Think about it - how many types of machines do you have already stored in your garage? Probably a lot more than you might think. And adding another bulky machine to the mix is not something you want.

Hence, the dimensions of the Power Smart DB2401 are perfect if you just want a high-quality machine to clear up the snow now and then. In addition, you will easily find enough storage space in your home for it.

2. No Cords Needed

What’s great about this snow blower is that you will never again have to fuss around with cords. Many of you already know how difficult it can be to find the right outlet and spread the cord around so that it doesn’t bother you during snow blowing.

Now, you do not even have to think about it. This snow blower comes with a lithium rechargeable battery - and that’s it. The only thing you have to do is to recharge it after those 25 minutes.

3. Battery Life

Even though the manufacturer says that the battery life is 25 minutes, most users say that it can last a bit longer than that. Therefore, if you are worried that you cannot clear up enough snow in those 25 minutes, you can always test it out.

As far as the charging time goes, you will have to wait about 70 minutes until the battery charges completely. That will give you enough time to relax and do other errands you may have.

4. Simple Design

One of the greatest traits of this snow blower is its simple design. But, that does not mean that it cannot do a lot of things other snow blowers can.

In fact, the design is simple so that you can use the snowblower without too much hassle.

5. Noise-Free

Noisy machines are not that popular because there is always a chance that you will disturb someone.

Luckily, the PowerSmart DB2401 is really quiet. Hence, even if you start snow blowing in the early morning, nobody will notice it, and you will not wake up your neighbors.

6. Easy Assembly

If you are not tech-savvy or you don’t have the necessary mechanical skills, then you will love this snow blower.

When you receive the package, you will also get a detailed PowerSmart Snowblower manual on how to assemble it. The assembly is relatively easy, and you will not have any trouble following the instructions.

Furthermore, you do not have to be outside so that you can assemble it. It does not use any fuel, so there is no need to set it up in your freezing backyard.

The manual contains all the details you might need for the assembly. And, the manufacturer even labeled all the parts so that you do not have to spend a lot of time flipping through the pages.

7. High-Quality Battery Charger

When you get the PowerSmart DB2401, you will also receive the battery charger. What’s great about this charger is that it has a built-in cooling fan.

That means that you will be able to charge the battery fast and without worrying if the charger can handle it.

8. Convenient Handlebar Height

If you have a bad back or you are just tired of leaning forward, then you will appreciate the handlebar height on this snow blower. It is conveniently placed high enough so that most users can easily maneuver the machine over snow.

However, if you decide to lean a bit forward, you can safely do that. Even though this snow blower is lightweight, it is still robust enough to support your weight.

How To Start The Power Smart Snow Blower

Manufacturers often add specific instructions that tell you how to start your snow blower. Still, the safety precautions often come down to simple, overused phrases.

That is not the case with the PowerSmart DB2401 Snow Blower. If you want to start it, you will have to perform two essential steps.

First, you have to push the red button on the right side of the handle. That will prepare it for work. However, to actually start it, you also have to push the handle.

Safety precautions, like this one, are a fantastic addition because you can then use the snow blower safely even if there are children around.

What Sets The Power Smart DB2401 Snow Blower Apart From Its Competitors?

Power Smart Customer Service

If the manufacturer has excellent customer service, most of his customers will be satisfied - and they will come back. Fortunately, this is the case with PowerSmart as well.

Their customer service is available to answer all your burning questions. Whether you have an issue with your product, or you want to use your warranty - their staff will help you out.

Users have reported that the PowerSmart customer service is outstanding, which is a bonus if you ever decide to purchase this snow blower.


Most snow blowers, especially those that require fuel, are quite heavy and difficult to maneuver. That makes them a bit dangerous as well, especially if the snow is wet and if there are children around.

The PowerSmart DB2401 snow blower weighs 43 pounds, which is either heavy or light - it depends on how you see it. However, everyone can agree that this is not too much weight to handle, which means that you will not have any trouble maneuvering it around.

Considering the simple design, we did not expect it to be difficult to use. But, the ease of use has surprised us and given us another reason to recommend this product.

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The Pros and Cons

When we consider all the features, the Power Smart DB2401 is a high-quality snow blower. Even though the design is simple, there are still enough useful features to allow you to clear up snow fast.

However, every product has its pros and cons. Here are the most important ones:


  • It is a battery powered snow blower, which means that it doesn’t have any cords.
  • No need to use oil or gas.
  • Its simple design allows you to use it and maneuver it without too much hassle.
  • It has a great safety precaution and a two-step starting system. That way, you and everyone around you will stay safe.
  • It’s compact, and you can also easily transport it.


  • The battery runtime might be a problem for some users. The battery lasts about 25 minutes, and after that, you have to wait 70 minutes until it is fully charged.
  • It is best to use it on dry snow only. Otherwise, it can clog up.If you use it on wet snow, you will have to clean the chute properly.

Final Verdict

PowerSmart DB2401 Reviews

Overall, the Power Smart DB2401 is a great product to have if you live somewhere where there is some snow during the winter. However, you have to bear in mind that it is not meant to be used for heavy snow.

Nevertheless, the design and the features speak for themselves. It is a compact model you can easily store away in your garage, and the safety precaution is outstanding. Furthermore, the fact that it is cordless will make your life a lot easier - no need to think about outlets in advance. Just add the charged battery in, and you are ready to go.

Our Rating

What we Liked:

  • Smart and Compact
  • Noise Free
  • Cordless

What we Disliked:

  • Not for heavy snow

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