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Husqvarna L221A Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Our Rating
Husqvarna L221A review
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Convenient
  • Powerful Engine
  • Auto-choke process
  •  Self-propelled drive system

About Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Since mowing is a task that takes a lot of strength, some of us may need a little boost to help us get going. For making our lawns immaculate and manicured, we need self-propelled mowers.

The size of your lawn, its terrain, and your budget would all have to be considered before purchasing a mower. You can also check out other self propelled brands covered in this article.

With the self-propelled mower, one doesn’t have to worry about pushing the whole machine with just their brute strength.

They have special controls, transmissions, and powerful driving wheels that make mowing a cinch! All you have to do is guide them along. If you prefer to use batteries or electric to power up your lawn mower instead, check out our article on the best electric lawn mowers.

While we all love beautiful lawns, it’s a hassle keeping them in shape. The most difficult part of this is probably keeping the grass in check. Lawnmowers have made our lives a bit easier in this regard, but we should have the right kind of lawn mower as well.

Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews - Why We Need One?

husqvarna self propelled lawn mowers reviews

The Husqvarna Honda Lawn Mower is probably one of the best self propelled lawn mower you would find on any online or physical market today.

It hosts no less than three settings to take care of your grass while it’s being mowed. Plus, they have those powerful wheels that are unique to Husqvarna lawn mowers. This gives the Husqvarna mower an edge over all the others, as it can mow down whatever is in its path.

There are several issues that could come up even in something as simple as mowing a lawn. Uneven patches, strong or tall grass, or hilly areas can cause a less than stellar machine to stall and cause problems. 

Additionally, many lawn mowers present issues when starting off, causing beginner mowers and gardeners to fear for their lives.

They may also present some problems when they’ve been in storage for a long time, as happens during the winter months. What’s more, rain-filled lawns, muddy terrain, and several other issues could make mowing even more of a pain than it has to be. Can you mow wet grass after it rains?

The Husqvarna Lawn Mower is the best lawn mower for the price and is sure to make mowing lawns a breeze! You can also set it up so that the grass would be used the way you want it. We’ll be looking at this lawn mower in detail, so you can weigh the pros and cons to make the best decision possible.

  • Three options for grass: discharge, bagging, or mulching
  • All wheel drive
  • Self-propelled drive system
  • Weighs 69.4 pounds
  • Dimensions are 61.5 x 21 x 38.5 inches 
  • Manufactured by Husqvarna Wheeled
  • Features auto-choke process 
  • Cutting Deck measuring 21 inches
  • Forward and Stop functions
  • Trigger on handlebar on speed control
  • This lawn mower is powered by gasoline
  • Cutting desk are powder coated
  • Has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

The Pros and Cons


  • 1
    Easy to Use: 

    Husqvarna mower reviews have generally been highly positive about how easy it is to use them. They require almost no assembly, and have no trouble starting right with the first pull. This would mean it starts working with no frustration on the owner’s part.

    Even if you’re new to lawn-mowing, keeping your lawn spruced up would be easy with this purchase. 

  • 2
    Easy to Maneuver: 

    You can maneuver this lawn mower in all kinds of terrains and grasses and still be sure of getting an equally good result.There would be an option of discharging the grass on the side, bagging it up for easy disposal, or turning in into mulch for your garden.

  • 3
    Additional Features:
    Other features allow for easy controlling of the mower itself. For instance, you can control the pace at which you mow your lawn simply by pressing the handlebar's trigger. No matter how powerful this machine is, it still lets you be in control with ease and convenience.

    With the bagging, one can even clear leaves off concrete and have them ready for disposal without all that tiresome raking and handling.
  • 4
    Very Convenient:
    With the bagging one can even clear leaves off concrete and have them ready for disposal without all that tiresome raking and handling.  The Husqvarna mower reviews leave little doubt that this is one of the best engines in terms of easy control. No matter what the weather or the terrain is like, customers have regularly found this lawn mower to power through and get the job done.
  • 5
    Powerful Movements:

    Just like a four-wheeled car has a powerful movement, one can expect the same from an all-wheel lawnmower like the Honda Husqvarna Self-propelled Lawn Mower. There are several models one can choose from, but all of them have the same effectiveness and ergonomic value. Moreover, these mowers are reliable, long-lasting, and able to deliver excellent results.


  • 1
    Faulty Setup

    There have been some instances of problems with the overall setup of the Husqvarna lawn mower. These result in the sound of metal hitting metal, which is caused by the blade hitting the body of the mower itself. Such a noise could possibly be jarring and disturbing for a user and not a good sign of the overall setup.

  • 2
    Customer Services
    There have been several complaints about not getting acceptable after-sales service with this lawn mower. This problem is usually linked to the fact that big box sellers may not have a speedy or efficient way of dealing with complaints.

    If a customer is in a hurry to get their problem fixed, they should consider purchasing from a local seller. Local and private vendors usually have more power to offer personalized services and quick replacements.

Final Verdict

Husqvarna LC221A Honda Lawn Mower

This mower has been hailed as one that is easy to get started and use. There’s no danger of it stalling on even a novice user. It also expertly mows over the toughest kinds of grass, weeds, and leaves.

With the pros and cons considered, we give this mower a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5. We would also recommend it to anyone with a difficult terrain to mow.

In conclusion, this mower is definitely worth considering. With the convenience and ease it provides, one would be hard-pressed to find another like it in the same price range.

Our Rating
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Convenient
  • Powerful Engine
  • Auto-choke process
  •  Self-propelled drive system

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