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Ariens Ikon XD 52” Review – A Powerful Zero Turn Mower

Ariens Ikon XD 52" Zero Turn Mower

The Ariens IKON XD 52” Zero Turn Mower is the perfect lawnmower for clipping medium-sized to large lawns efficiently. Thanks to the powerful Kawasaki 23 HP engine, you can finish the job in significantly less time than average.

Also, its wide cutting width of 52” greatly reduces the amount of time you’d have to spend on the job.

Our Rating
Ariens Ikon XD 52 review
  • Powerful 23 HP 726-cc Kawasaki FR V-Twin engine
  • Offers a wide 52-inch cutting platform
  • 13 cutting heights to choose from, 4.5 - 15 inches
  • High manoeuvrability

why should i get the Ariens IKON XD?

Owning a big piece of land comes with its issues, and chief among them is getting the right lawnmower to keep the yard looking trim all the time. With the introduction of mountable lawnmowers, many landowners are leaving manual lawnmowers behind. One of the best among mountable lawnmowers is the Ariens IKON XD 52” Zero Turn Mower.

With the IKON-XD 52 mower, you will spend a lot less time on the field than ever, and you still get an expert cut every time you use it.

This mower has a 52-inches fabricated deck made with 11-gauge steel for the most sturdy and durable construction. It also has vibration absorbers that reduce the vibrations while using it and make the cutting process smoother. You can drive smoothly on this mower on flat ground, and uphill at any degree not lower than 15°.

It is also versatile and has 13 different cutting heights with a range between 15 and 4.5-inch, and a quick and efficient blade speed of 17,000 fpm. It offers 7 mph forward, and 3 mph reverse ground speed. The blade tip speed of 17,000 fpm helps to reduce your total work time. The mower also has a foot-operated, dial selection deck system.

The Features

1) Powerful Engine

This lawnmower possesses the 23 hp 726 cc Kawasaki FR V-Twin engine that makes it one of the powerful lawnmowers of this range. The engine makes cutting large areas of land look easy, and it covers a lot of ground in a remarkably short time.

It has a high cutting speed, and it is more than capable of taking on demanding jobs and finishing them in half the time. Although this mower is primarily meant for residential use, you can use it for some commercial jobs without breaking a sweat. Of course, we would always recommend users to put on hearing protection when operating any outdoor power tools.

2) Cutting Platform

The IKON-XD 52 has a wide 52” manufactured cutting platform, which means the lawnmower can cut width of 52” at a time. This means that large fields can be cut down in minutes without having to go over and over. You can adjust the cutting options on this platform and trim your yard neatly and proficiently.

3) Different Cutting Selections

You can’t treat all yards and fields the same way because they require different trimming patterns, and a good lawnmower should be able to perform various cutting tasks.

The IKON-XD 52 is versatile enough, and it has 13 different cutting heights to choose from in a range from 4.5 inches to 15 inches. The cutting platform comes with three blades that can be adjusted to fit the different cutting options, and the adjustments are quite precise.

4) Sturdy Construction and Design

It is designed in a user-friendly manner that is easy enough to understand for both beginners and professionals. It is also built to last long and withstand heavy use. The reaction time of this mower is faster due to its two hydrostatic Hydro-Gear EZT transaxles that make controlling the direction of the machine easier.

Its twin-arm lift also has a 4-point suspension system that balances the blades for a more even and precise cut. This ensures that all operations on this mower are balanced and stable. You get a comfortable sitting arrangement with an upholstered backrest, armrests, and padded levers to absorb the majority of the vibrations.

5) Fuel Gauge

Unlike many other lawnmowers out there, the IKON XD 52” has a fuel gauge that lets you know how much fuel you have left. This is an often overlooked feature that is more important than you may know. You can easily get stranded in the middle of your trimming if you run out of fuel all of a sudden. The presence of this fuel gauge shows how much thought was put into manufacturing this product.

6) Hydraulic Transmission

One popular feature on the IKON-XD 52 mower is its hydraulic gear drive. It makes driving and controlling the mower easier because you don’t have to increase or decrease the speeds by yourself. It makes going uphill a more manageable task, and you can reach higher speeds without stress. You can also go up roads with blockages without fear as this lawnmower drives like a car.

7) Additional Features and accessories 

The IKON-XD 52 comes with a selection of extra features that add to the experience. For example, it has a high fuel capacity, which translates to longer running time, three steel spindles, and a belt deck drive. It also has warranties and some accessories you can buy to improve your trimming experience.

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Key Specifications

  • 52” fabricated cutting platform made with 11-gauge steel
  • Fully tubular steel frame
  • 23 horsepower/726 cc (displacement) Kawasaki FR V-Twin engine
  • Hydro-Gear EZT Transaxles drive system
  • 2.8-gallon fuel capacity
  • 7 mph/3 mph ground speed (fwd/rev)
  • Blade tip speed: 17,000 fpm
  • Foot-operated, dial selection deck system
  • 3-year machine warranty and 5-year limited deck warranty

Accessories included in the Package

  • Mulch kit
  • Bagger
  • 48” dethatcher
  • 8” wheel covers
  • Headlight kit

The Pros & Cons


  • Powerful and quiet operation
  • The product comes with user-friendly design and controls
  • Versatile cutting selections
  • It comes with high cutting speed and fuel capacity
  • Durable 11 gauge steel construction
  • Smooth hydraulic transmissions and adjustable wishbones
  • The product is suitable for amateurs and experts


  • The running time goes down as long as the lawnmower is on, whether the engine runs or not
  • The springs in the seat get quite uncomfortable when you go up a rough and steep hill

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I store my lawnmower if it doesn’t fit into my garage?

Consider getting a waterproof tarp cover that can protect it from sun and moisture, and secure the ends with weights, so it doesn’t get rusted.

2. Does the IKON-XD 52 lawnmower require tools for assembly?

The IKON-XD 52 comes already assembled, so you will not need any tools for assembly. But you may want to keep some basic tools around in case of an emergency.

3. Does this product come with a guarantee?

Yes, it does. The IKON-XD 52 has a 3-year machine warranty and a 5-year limited deck warranty.

Final Verdict

Ariens Ikon XD-52 Mower

Our final verdict is, the IKON XD 52” is the ultimate lawnmower for all kinds of thick, unruly yards, and it will not disappoint you, no matter the size and roughness.

The 10.5-liter fuel tank is more than enough to handle those large areas of land, up to 6 hectares.

Last but not least, you will never run out of fuel unexpectedly with its easy to read fuel gauge.  Its impressive features, smooth controls, and numerous cutting options make it a favourite amongst land and ranch owners.

While the IKON-XD 52 is not a perfect product, it more than makes up for it with its strengths and specifications. It is a premium product that gives you a clean and professional look whenever you use it.

Our Rating

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