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Husqvarna 125B Review [Is This A High-Quality Leaf Blower?]

You can comfortably face the act of cleaning especially when you are using a top-quality machine like the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this handheld blower.

Our Rating
Husqvarna 125B review
  • Can be used for large yards
  • Adjustable blower tube length
  • 16.91 oz fuel tank capacity
  • Auto-return mode stop switch

Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower Product Review

In all, Husqvarna is a brand that is known for their high-quality yard products. This 125B model is a useful and cleverly designed product. Its ergonomic engineering is completely state-of-the-art.

The high quality of this unit is further emphasized when it is used for larger yards or for extended periods of time. That is, you can conveniently use it for long periods without worries about sore joints. If you are a professional who will use this device every day or even a homeowner who just wants a clean yard, this device is perfect for you.

This Husqvarna 125B leaf blower was manufactured with an ergonomic design. It was designed in such a way as to enhance its ease of use, which in turn increases your efficiency.

When in vacuum mode, this device has a vacuum bag that is used for the collection of debris. There are also mulching knives that can be used in reducing the gathered waste into smaller pieces. If you want to remove wet leaves from gutters, it is recommended that you blow them to the ground, wait for them to dry before vacuuming it.

Key Specifications

  • A 28 CC cylinder displacement
  • 1.1 HP output of the power
  • The air volume of 425 CFM
  • Product dimensions – 16” x 8.5” x 16.5” inches
  • 9.4 lbs. in weight
  • It has a stop switch that is an auto return
  • It has cruise control
  • A tube length that is adjustable
  • Husqvarna 125B service manual is included
  • No batteries are required
  • Cordless
  • Air velocity of 170 MPH
  • Two-year warranty on parts and labor

Main Features


This device has a 24 CC 2 cycle engine, which uses 1.1 horsepower. This device is capable of rotations of up to 8000 for each minute. It is also capable of producing wind speeds that measure up to 170 MPH.

With this high speed that this device produces, volumes of air can move out through the tube in large quantities and give a CFM of 425. The engine makes use of fuel at a rating of 575 g/kWh, and this is seen as highly efficient. With its 16.91 oz. fuel tank, you can conveniently use this leaf blower for long hours without worries.

However, the blower produces noise of 94 decibels, which is really loud where hearing protection is needed.


As a handheld blower, this unit is lightweight, and you can be assured of maneuverability even in tight spaces. For projects on your yard that involves light-duty, this device is ideal because it is handheld.

For instance, when you want to remove clippings of grass from your lawns, driveways or sidewalks. However, if your work are more heavy duty, we recommend you to get this type of blower.


The product comes in bright orange and black color. It is lightweight and compact. Regardless if you are young or senior citizens, male or female, you will be able to use this Husqvarna device to your cleaning tasks like clearing the leaves from your yard or even just cleaning your dryer vent. Check out this article to find out how to perform the later.

Its maneuverability is at par with its status as a lightweight power tool; it weighs only ten pounds. It is a dream tool with such efficiency that enables you to concentrate on the job at hand. One can comfortably hold it while using. There are no straps in the package though, so you will need to buy it separately.

Blowing Tube

The inbuilt blowing tube of this Husqvarna leaf blower 125B is made to be adjustable. The length of the blowing tube can be managed to suit the different requirement of yards. This manageable blowing tube is one essential feature for efficient leaf blowing, and it comes in handy for cleaning tasks, especially for professionals.

Additionally, this device was manufactured in such a way that you can choose from two included sets of nozzles. You can make use of the rounded nozzle when you want to carry out regular cleaning, and you can use the flat one when you need a more focused air blast.

Stop Switch

To ensure easier start-up, the stop switch of this unit resets automatically to the “on” status. Equally, the length of the blower tube is adjustable, and the speed of its fan can be set for easier handling.

Access Panel

The panel feature of this Husqvarna unit is quite easy-to-access. All the controls of the blower are contained therein, and so, they can be easily reached. You can also efficiently operate at a constant speed as a result of the switch for cruise control. With this switch, the speed of the fan is locked in.

Air Purge

Air is evacuated from the Husqvarna 125B carburetor and fuel system with the aid of this feature. As such, you can easily start up this device.


The company offers you a warranty of up to two years for the unit. But this warranty can be extended to four years if the products are bought from online stores like Amazon. This warranty covers both Husqvarna 125B parts and labor.

Items Included in the Package

Included in the box is a flare nozzle to ensure maximum air speed, a vacuum kit to perform the task of vacuuming or mulching out the debris. As mentioned earlier, this device was created with your comfort in mind.

The Pros and Cons


  • The device is packed with power, and as a result, it can sweep through heavy debris easily. Even pine needles, wet debris, and sticks are not exempted from the power of this blower
  • Easy to start
  • Very useful in vacuuming and mulching leaves
  • High CFM
  • A perfect pick for both professional landscapers and homeowners


  • The machine doesn’t come with a harness strap and you need to buy it separately
  • Husqvarna 125B fuel mix can be bothersome

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what CFM does this device run?

The device runs at 425 CFM.

2. What is the noise control like?

Compared to some other blowers, this device is noisy with a noise rating of 94 dB.

3. Where can I buy the strap for the device?

You don’t get a strap in the package but you can buy it from Amazon or the official website of Husqvarna.

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Final Verdict

Husqvarna 125B Review

After using the Husqvarna 125B, we have come to an agreement that this handheld blower is a portable and powerful tool. The machine offers an air velocity of 170 MPH and air volume of 450 CFM with its dual-cycle engine. We highly recommend getting this model as it is lightweight and quite easy to operate.

Our Rating

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