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Echo PB-250LN Leaf Blower Review [Is This A Powerful Cleaning Tool?]

To a significant extent, the ECHO PB-250LN has incorporated features that make it easier to use than most handheld blowers in the market. Here is a quick recap on what we think about the product.

Our Rating
echo leaf blower review
  • Powerful 25.4cc 2-stroke engine
  • Able to move through wet and dry leaves/debris
  • Noise rating of 65dB
  • Easy access control

The ECHO PB-250LN Leaf Blower

The ECHO brand has been in business since 1979, more than 40 years. In light of the brand, the convenient and quick-efficient design of this ECHO blower is not surprising.

The pride of the ECHO brand is in how dependable, reliable, comfortable and high standard their products are to the thousands of gardeners, homeowners and professional landscapers that use them.

Before choosing the right model, you should consider the usefulness of its features and how it fits into your needs. What you need the blower for, the area to be covered, the yard size and the number of trees in the yard will determine the degree of power required.

As one of the ECHO’s products, the ECHO PB-250LN Leaf Blower is a powerful tool with superb features. One of its significant assets is its low noise output which makes it among the top best leaf blowers that can be used in a sensitive environment.

This leaf blower is also engineered in a lightweight and compact design, thus reducing the stress on the wrists and arms. Therefore, it reduces the usual problems that consumers encounter with two-stroke engine leaf blowers.

Read further in this review to discover more about this impressive wonderful leaf blower.

Key Specifications

  • The Engine displacement is 25.4 CC
  • It has a 2-stroke engine
  • It comes with a Rotary Carburetor
  • 1.15 HP Power
  • 8.36 lbs. Dry Weight
  • Product dimensions - 17.6” x 15.2” x 12.1” inches
  • 15.8 N Blower Force
  • 453 CFM Air Volume
  • 165 MPH Air Velocity
  • 65 dBA Noise Rating
  • Translucent Fuel Tank
  • Posi-Loc Pipes
  • 16.9 oz. Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 5 years consumer warranty and 2 years commercial warranty

Main Features


One of the first aspects of a leaf blower to take note of is its design. The ECHO blower PB 250LN has a compact design and it is exceptionally lightweight, making it one of the best way to pick up leaves. This blower weighs around 9 lbs. and it features a 3-position handle.

The ergonomic design of the handle allows you to use and carry it around conveniently. Moreover, the rotational control of the blower combined with its lightweight design not only enhances easy handling but also reduces the Gyro effect which is common to handheld leaf blowers.

The blower tube of the blower is fixed to its position with Posi-loc pipes or a locking latch. Rotational control is also provided by an exclusive curvature which minimizes fatigue and stress that is common to several handheld blowers.

As a home-owner or a landscaper, the job of cleaning up your yard always comes up during fall, and this blower has made the job easy. You can clean with minimal stress on your arms and wrists. This leaf blower can also be used to clear out your dryer vent.

Engine System

As it is the characteristic of ECHO technology, this unit is powered by a 2 cycle engine with a 25.4 cc engine displacement. It can produce air volume output of 453 cubic feet per minute and air gushes out of the blower at a maximum speed of 165 miles per hour.

Thus, despite the compactness of its design, this blower boasts of a very high level of efficiency and performance that can be used by even professionals for large yards.

Fuel Tank

Echo PB-250LN review

One of the quirks usually attributed to gas leaf blowers is constant refueling. Though you will still need to refuel with this unit, the ECHO blower features a transparent fuel tank with a capacity of 16.9 oz.

The capacity of this fuel tank is standard. And as such, this device can be used for long hours without constant refueling need. If you are looking for a more powerful and long hours option, check out this article.

Noise Output

For most leaf blowers, especially gas-powered engines, there is usually the problem of noise pollution. Two-Stroke engines generally have loud noise output upon usage.

This ECHO PB-250LN emits a noise output of 65 decibels maximum. Even some users in their feedbacks claimed that they did not need to use earplugs while using this device. This makes the device to be one of the best leaf blowers available for homeowners that have neighbors in their vicinity. Due to its low noise output, this device is appropriate for use in sensitive environments.

Access Controls

For ease of use during operation, the controls of this unit are placed together in a control panel that can be easily accessed. There is a throttle alongside a cruise control switch that controls the quantity of air that moves through the nozzle.

With this feature, you can vary the speed of the device according to the requirements. It also reduces the stress on the arms as a result of a reduced vibration.

Performance Rate

While in use, this unit has a high performance. True to its creative rotational control and curvature technology, the pressure is taken off the arms and wrists. The blower performs without fuss, and it is entirely environment-friendly, despite it being a two-stroke engine.

Based on the power generated by this unit, it makes you get your work done very fast. The device functions not only on dry leaves, but it also caters easily for sprigs, wet leaves, and debris.


This ECHO PB-250LN is sold with a warranty of 2 and 5 years for commercials and consumers respectively. That is, if this unit is purchased for household use, the warranty is 5 years but if it is purchased to be used by professionals for commercial purposes, then the warranty is 2 years.

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The Pros and Cons


  • Extremely powerful: This allows it to move both dry and wet leaves, twigs, and debris
  • As this device is powered by gas, it enables you to walk around the yard during operation. Unlike in corded devices, where there is restricted movement
  • It is lightweight, and so it can be handled easily. That is, this device gives room for maneuvers
  • It can be efficiently used on medium-sized and large-sized yards
  • It features rotational control which minimizes the Gyro effect
  • It churns an air volume of 391 CFM which results in its efficiency
  • It enables quick and efficient clean-ups, owing to its airspeed of 164 miles per hour (MPH)
  • Despite its superior power, it maintains a low noise rating of 65 decibels
  • It is environment-friendly owing to its reduced output of noise
  • Easy to access controls
  • It has Posi-Loc tubes that ensure secure pipes
  • It has options for variable speed, and so it can be adjusted according to the project at hand
  • It comes with cruise control
  • The durability and reliability of this device is at par with the ECHO technology
  • There is a warranty for both homeowners and professional consumers


  • Little sluggishness is displayed while warming up

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the shipping weight of this unit?

12.9 pounds

2. Is it EPA complaint?

Yes, it is.

3. What is its country of origin?


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Final Verdict

Echo PB-250LN 

After reading up to this point, you must now be enlightened on the several selling points of this ECHO blower. One of its highest selling points is its noise emission.

Considering the fact that the noise pollution caused by two-stroke engines has always been a concern, the 65 dB produced by this blower is a huge win.

You will get your money’s worth with this unit as it is efficient, high quality, quick to the task and easy to use.

Our Rating

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