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Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw Review [Best Value For The Money]

Any Yard. Any Task. This is what the manufacturer had to say about the chainsaw model we are presenting here. Understandably, we were very eager to get our hands on it and try it out. Therefore, we bring you our verdict on their particular model, the PR5020.

The Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw

Our Rating
Poulan pro chainsaw reviews


The Poulan Pro PR5020 gas powered chainsaw is an excellent power tool which is highly suitable for both homeowners and professionals. We can classify it as a lightweight chainsaw, weighing at only 17 lbs excluding the cutting equipment. 

When it comes to the power, it is built with a 2-stroke OxyPower engine that gives out 50-cc, which is powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks. On a side note, thanks to Poulan Pro’s innovation, it manages to reduce the emission levels by 70% and lower the fuel consumption by 20%.

The PR5020 supports a 20-inch bar and chain, designed with low kickback in mind to reduce the likelihood of injury during operation. With its conveniently designed side adjust chain tensioning, it provides fast and easy access for chain adjustment. 

Other features of this model include an effortless pull starting system that reduces the pull force by 30% which helps you get your saw started within the first few pulls. Along with a purge bulb which provides the carburetor with fuel and a user-friendly combined choke/stop control. All these features allow faster startup and provides greater reliability by reducing the risk of engine damage.

Poulan Pro chainsaw is reasonably priced, without compromising the performance, safety and durability. The following post explains all the features of this robust chainsaw in detail.

What Makes This Chainsaw Stands Out?

  • The spring assist pull cord combined with purge bulb ensures fast and simple startup with fewer pulls
  • It is powerful enough to cut through hardwood
  • The handle is ergonomically designed with advanced anti-vibration system
  • The side mounted chain tensioning allows easy access for fast actions
  • The patented OxyPower engine guarantees 70% less exhaust emissions and consume 20% less fuel


Cylinder Displacement: 50-cc

Maximum Power Speed: 9000 RPM

Idling Power Speed: 3,000 RPM

Bar Length: 20-inch

Weight (exclude cutting equipment): 17 lbs

What To Look For?

You may be a seasoned pro or a homeowner seeking to buy his/her first chainsaw. Whatever the answer is, you will want a unit that fits certain criteria, right? And what are those?

In our experience, we have reduced factors that play a role in picking a chainsaw to the very essentials. Reliability, ease of use, power, and price. And when we say 'reliable', this factor entails several others, such as durability, quality, construction, and design.

In general, there are two types of chainsaws easily available on the market, 1) gas-powered chainsaws, which are usually bulky but the great thing about this type is the power. And, 2) electric-operated chainsaw, this type typically suitable for working on light-duty tasks and perfect for those who doesn't prefer hassle when it comes to oil-mixing.

Next is the price, of course, plays a significant role. We have gone out of our way to find and try out a chainsaw that will satisfy ALL of our criteria.

The Manufacturer

When you think of buying a serious piece of hardware, the company's reputation is always an important factor. In a lot of ways, our decision to review a Poulan Pro chainsaw was determined by this brand's long tradition.

Ever since lumberjack Claude Poulan established the company in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1946, it has recorded an upward trajectory. Back then, Poulan Pro was one of the first companies to expand the power tool market to include everyday users.

Doing so, they have maintained affordable prices and quality of products that appeal both to professionals and casual users. Today, we may take it for granted. However, back in the 1970s as Poulan Pro developed its growing business, this was nothing short of astounding.

With the decades of experience under its belt, Poulan Pro is now a reputable brand, but also one that keeps its hand on the pulse of its consumers' needs. They are renowned for keeping their prices highly competitive, without compromising the quality of the products.

Last but certainly not least, Poulan Pro is part of the mighty Husqvarna group, another brand synonymous with high-quality chainsaws. This means that the two brands share the same technologies.

Features Of The Poulan Pro PR5020

1) Engine

Let us take a look at the Poulan Pro's most important feature, the OxyPower engine. This technology offers more power, but with decreased emission levels. The manufacturer promises a whopping 70% decrease in emissions, along with 20% less fuel consumption.

If there were any concerns that this engine was made 'for hobbyists only', from our first contact with it, it proved to be a beast. Achieving a maximum of 9,000 RPM, it gave us enough power to master any task we put before the PR5020.

Lastly, the engine features the new Super Clean air cleaning system which helps it go easy on the air filter. Namely, the majority of the debris generated during operation doesn't even get to the filter.

The good news? You will spend less time changing the air filter, and will instead be enjoying your new chainsaw.

2) Easy Starting System

If you are a chainsaw enthusiast, professional or hobbyist, you're bound to have had a bad experience with faulty starting.

One of the reasons why we picked this model is its solid reputation in that regard. We are happy to confirm that our testing has only confirmed this.

Poulan has added important features that ensure a hassle-free starting process. They have improved the pull starting system so that the necessary pull force is decreased by 30%.

Thereby, less pull force also means less wear and tear to the starter mechanism, which will pay off in the long run.

Also on board is the purge ball which serves to add more fuel to the carburetor. This, linked with the integrated choke and stop control, all makes for an easy starting system that will not let you down.

3) Bar and Chain

The 20" bar and chain included with the Poulan Pro PR5020 is made by Oregon. This is certainly another assurance of quality.  

The Oregon company has made quite a name for itself, supplying most major power tool brands. The bar and chain on this model is Oregon's 70-link Vanguard model, with low kickback.

We have found it to be more than sufficient for the average user, to say the least. This chain achieves a maximum speed of 27.8 m/sec, which is no laughing matter.

Still, if you plan on doing some heavy-duty hardwood cutting work, you might want to equip your saw with an even tougher Oregon bar and chain model. We suggest you give it a try and make further adjustments based on your needs.

As for chain tensioning, Poulan Pro has introduced a practical solution. The tensioning wrench is included, stored in the back of the unit. Thus, you will be able to use it whenever necessary.

4) Construction, Design, and Ease of Use

We were delighted with the practicality and user-friendliness of this unit. Poulan Pro has designed it with the end user in mind and it shows in every detail. It provides exceptional comfort with a system that lessens vibrations up to a point that fatigue after long periods of use becomes negligible.

Apart from the overall ergonomic design and lightweight construction, the unit offers easy access to all of the controls. For instance, via the practical cylinder cover, you will be able to approach and change the spark plug and air filter in no time. Servicing your chainsaw tools-free? Well, it doesn't get any more practical than that, does it?

In terms of user-oriented service, we would also like to point out the manual. Not only does it offer the usual important information on how to start up your unit, but goes much further in terms of practical tips. For instance, on how to prepare for various types of work with your chainsaw.

For more information, we also suggest you check out Poulan Pro's website and their excellent customer service.

5) Additional Features and Information

  • In terms of safety features, the unit comes with a well-positioned chain brake. It is a welcome addition as you can activate it manually. It can also be initiated by inertia, automatically.
  • The main handle has anti-vibration properties, which was very apparent and useful after longer periods of use.
  • Poulan Pro provides a 2-year limited warranty for this chainsaw.

What Can You Do with the Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw?

Bear in mind that a full tank of fuel will get you approximately half an hour operation time with this Poulan Pro unit.

In terms of practical application, this chainsaw offers a wide range of possibilities. But before you start doing more demanding cuts with it, you should definitely take it slow and practice.

For example, felling a tree is very doable with this unit. However, we advise the novice user to begin perhaps with some light bucking - cutting a fallen tree. Limbing and pruning are other options.

Having mentioned some of the methods suitable for the Poulan Pro, you get the overall picture. If the chainsaw is well-capable of felling a tree, then it will certainly get the job done around your home and in your backyard. Clearing debris, cutting down firewood or general property management - that is what this unit was mainly built for.

What Sets The Poulan Pro PP5020 Apart From Its Competitors?

While searching for an adequate chainsaw, you may have run into another prominent Poulan Pro model. Namely, the PP5020AV which not only has a similar name but also very much resembles the PR5020. It also features the 20" bar and chain and a very similar overall construction.

There is one major difference between the two, their engines. The older model, PP5020AV, runs on the DuraLife engine, whereas the PR5020 uses the OxyPower. Mind you, both engines have proper CARB certification. However, we have found that the OxyPower engine scores better in the low-emissions department. It is also more fuel efficient.

There are folks who argue that the DuraLife is a tougher, more resilient engine. However, as our review is mainly directed at the regular homeowner out there, we're going with the OxyPower.

Fuel efficiency is a major Pro. Along with its overall sturdy construction, it was one of the reasons why we opted to present you the PR5020 in our review, in the first place.  

What's Included in the Package/Accessories?

As soon as you open the package and acquaint yourself with your new Poulan Pro chainsaw, we’re sure that you will be as impressed as we were.

Most notably, this unit does not require you to assemble it before the first use! Once you take it out of the box and follow the necessary procedures of adding gas and oil, you are ready to roll. 

Unlike many manufacturers, Poulan Pro has considered future transportation and wear and tear issues.

Therefore, as we've mentioned, the saw comes in a hard molded plastic case which will come in handy for years to come.

Since it is a carrying case, it will also protect your new machine from all kinds of weather. If you are working outside - and, face it, it is where you will do most of your work - you will quickly come to appreciate this addition.

The Pros and Cons


  • The performance and user-friendliness. It delivers on its promises. With a light and easy-to-navigate construction, you also get a powerful performance. One that can go as far as to felling trees without any hassle. Best of both worlds, indeed.
  • The Price. Just read the previous paragraph once more and add to that the fact that you can get this chainsaw for under $200. Need we say more?
  • Conveniently designed side adjust chain tensioning. provides fast and easy access for chain adjustment
  • Fuel Efficient


  • Maintenance. One major downside that could apply to this chainsaw actually relates to gas saws in general. With gas-powered saws, you simply have to make a regular effort and attend to its gas and oil tank.

Final Verdict

Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw Review

We truly hope that you have found our Poulan Pro chainsaw reviews helpful. It was our intention to lay out all the factors that play a key role in choosing a perfect power tool. 

Based on our time with this unit, we recommend it to your attention without hesitance. You would be hard-pressed to find a saw that outperforms it. It will be tough to find another chainsaw as good in this price range.

All said, the Poulan Pro PR5020 is a reliable, affordable piece of equipment that will be a most welcome addition to any homeowner's tool shed! For that reason, we give it a 4.5/5 rating.

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