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Ego Chainsaw Review [The CS-1400 vs CS-1600]

Your yard looks like a jungle. The trees have branches that seem to be reaching out for your bedroom window. There is a dire need for trimming, and your old chainsaw is dead. Do not worry, we have your covered in this review.

Ego Power+ Chainsaws (CS-1400 vs CS-1600)

There really isn’t a more practical Ego chainsaw than these two Power+ models. Considering how similar they are in terms of specs, we will go into detail with one and briefly go over the other.

The two models main difference is in the bar length (and a few other key features). Below is a quick recap on what we think of these 2 models.


Our Rating
  • Guide Bar Length - 14 inch
  • Dimensions - 9.4 x 30.1 x 9.8 inch
  • Power Speed - 6800 rpm
  • Weight - 8.3 lbs
  • Power Source - 56V ARC Lithium


Our Rating
  • Guide Bar Length - 16 inch
  • Dimensions - 9.45 x 32.1 x 9.84 inch
  • Power Speed - 6800 rpm
  • Weight - 8.69 lbs
  • Power Source - 56V ARC Lithium

Both chainsaws are almost similar. They both perform roughly the same, have the same RPM, the same chain and bar configuration, the same waterproof outer shell, and so on. They are equally great!

Based on our experience, we will suggest you to go for CS-1600 if you want longer reach and a more lasting battery life.

The Ego Power+ 14" Chainsaw

Ego chainsaw review

We chose to talk more about this particular Ego model because it is used in video and written reviews more often than its 16" brother.

On the surface level, the Ego Power+ 14" looks nothing like regular chainsaws. There are no bucking spikes, and the entire frame handles balance differently.

This has a lot to do with the battery being under the handle. You slide it in sideways and do your thing. This design allows for a lot of interesting benefits, but let’s first talk about Ego 14" 's make-up.

Ego Power+ 14” Specifications

Just like most Ego products, Ego 14" spots a cool grey-green-black body. The hardened plastic is not just for show, though. The entire chainsaw is of sturdy material and water-resistant. This includes the easy-to-grip handle, which wraps around and below the saw for more mobility.

On the saw’s left side, across the handle from the battery, lies the chain oil reservoir. It holds five ounces of liquid, but the cap has no tether, so don’t lose it. But the best addition by far is the chain kickback break. This beauty will keep you safe from any unwanted jolts of the saw, and is always a welcome trait. You can never be too careful.

Ego Power+ 14”  Performance

But it’s the performance that makes Ego 14" stand out. The chain runs at the speed of 6800 RPM. The stainless-steel Oregon bar is a double guard one, with a sprocket nose spotting a narrow kerf.

Ego 14" is max cut diameter is the same length as the bar, which is fourteen inches. And speaking of bars and chains, the saw uses a 0.043 inch Gauge chain that has 3/8 inches of low pro pitch. You can adjust the tensioning with a special knob or with the screw on the inner front side of the saw’s chassis.

The pride and joy of this model, however, is the mobility combined with power. A 56V system makes Ego 14" a force to be reckoned with.

Each saw comes with a 56V charger and a 2.0 Ah ARC Lithium+ battery. While you work long hours with this beast, the brushless motor reduces the wear and tear of the saw.

In addition, it prevents overheating and makes everything run smoothly.

Warranty and Add-Ons

The Ego 14" has a five-year warranty. You have an option to purchase it with either a 2.0 AH battery, a 2.5Ah battery (both with chargers), or just the chainsaw itself. The chargers for both models are interchangeable.

The Ego Power+ 16" Chainsaw

As you’ve gathered already, we won’t spend a lot of time talking about the Ego Power+ 16" chainsaw, as most of the specifications match its brother. This model differs in several key aspects, however. The most obvious one is the length of the bar

As the name itself would suggest, Ego 16" is two inches longer in this area. That means a longer chain and a bigger max cut diameter as well. The chain specs are the same as well, as are the tensioning mechanisms, the design, the kickback brake – everything.

However, the battery is the key difference. Ego 16" ’s charger is universal, but the saw uses 5.0Ah batteries instead. This means double the power and longer work time than Ego 14". So if you’re itching for an Ego chainsaw that has a longer cut and a bigger battery life, pick Ego 16".

Comparing an Ego Chainsaw to Other Electric Chainsaws

Every lumberjack will list one major problem electric chainsaws have, their weight. Normally, the batteries that these saws use get huge and cumbersome. This is difficult for cutting down high-up branches with just one hand.

Ego chainsaws solve this problem by making everything lighter. The battery, the motor, all of it. This means you can take your Ego monster high into the trees and not fear that it will weigh your hand as you’re cutting away.

But a light stature isn’t everything this chainsaw has that trumps other electric saws. What it lacks in weight, it makes up for in raw power. The 2.0Ah battery can handle normally around 40 minutes of actual saw time. In other words, you would have to saw through any wood for two-thirds of an hour before this bad boy gives up.

Nearly everyone that’s tested the Ego brothers can attest to how reliable they are. Naturally, they aren’t built for cutting down baobabs, but your average DIY around the yard is as good as done with them.

The Manufacturer

To any landscaping aficionado, Ego products are a sign of quality. One look at their webpage and you will find highly rated leaf blowers, lawn mowers, both string and hedge trimmers, as well as other products. This is hardly a surprise.

For the past decade, Ego has been developing a powerful line of eco-friendly, cordless lawn equipment. All of the hard work of gas-powered tools, with far fewer issues. Not to mention that each product has the everyday man in mind – you won’t be using these tools as a professional lumberjack or landscaper, but your yard will look damn good nonetheless.

Why Choose Electric over Gas?

Now, if you’re an avid arborist or an experienced lumberjack, you would turn to a regular gas saw, and you’ll find the one specifically suited for your task. But most people aren’t lumberjacks. In fact, to an average Joe or Jane like you, the reader, a simple, easy to use tool is probably the best option. And before you run off to purchase a gas-powered saw, pause for a moment and think…differently. Think electric. Think Ego chainsaw.

Indeed, every professional lumberjack will tell you that an electric chainsaw just won’t cut it, if you’ll pardon the pun. A gas saw will probably last longer than an everyday electric saw. Not to mention that it can take on more massive cutting tasks, like taking down a heavyset tree.

Oh, and there is little difference in weight, as both everyday gas saws and everyday electric saws tend to be on the hefty side. But this chainsaw is nothing like that. They are as light as any tool, easy to use, practical, and can run for a very long time.

Interested? Check out our verdict on the best electric chainsaws, discover why others would love to keep one of them at home.

Comparing Ego Power+ to Gas Chainsaws

Where Gas Saws Fail

To a lumberjack worth his or her salt, the Ego chainsaw products would not be useful. A good, reliable gas saw would do the trick. They are powerful, cut through thicker wood, and to top it all off – cheaper upon first purchase. But a gas saw would be less suited for a regular user.

For one, it’s impractical. The oil needs refilling more often, they break down more easily, and they have no chain-stopping breaks. You get none of this with the Ego chainsaw brothers.

Both the Ego 14" and the Ego 16" are powerful, yet smaller and more compact. And while you may not be able to cut through thick wood, you will still get your yard work done in a flash.


As far as breaking down is concerned, this brand bar and chain can be disassembled and reassembled in a matter of minutes. Quite literally so. What’s more, there’s video evidence of this, as Youtube chainsaw reviewers actually managed to reattach a slid chain in about ten minutes, tops.

The simple design also makes it easier for maintenance. You can clean it up more quickly than a regular gas saw. This is where the water resistance comes in.

All of the outside material is like this, and it has to be because of the battery. So if your Ego is full of debris, don’t worry, you can wash it up in an instant.

The Sound of Silence

Working with the Ego, you’ll notice something. Or rather, you’ll notice that something is missing.

Yes, while you are looking around at what to cut next, the saw – is silent. Unlike a gas saw, which remains active and rumbles before you use it again,

Ego makes no noise. You press a button, it does the sawing, you stop – it stops. The profound lack of a constant vibrating sound will calm you down and let you approach sawing with more energy.

(Not) a Lightweight

Let’s not forget about how light this chainsaw is. Almost half the weight of a regular gas saw, Ego is perfect for working in high places with just one hand.

It doesn’t weigh you down, and you can maneuver with it at your leisure. No branch is safe with Ego around. When we talk size, it’s smaller than most gas saws, and therefore easier to store.

And considering it’s an electric saw, it’s far more likely to survive a winter. Merely unplug the battery and let it rest in a quiet little corner.

A Friend to Nature

And most of all, Ego chainsaws are eco-friendly. Instead of using gas, they rely solely on their battery, eliminating any emissions of any kind.

If you’re the kind of landscaper who enjoys the greener things in life, this is for you. A gadget eco-friendly enough to keep and reuse.

Potential Flaws of Ego Chainsaws

based on some users' experience

Both the CS 1400 and the CS 1600 are significantly weaker than professional lumberjack chainsaws. As stated earlier, their bar length is too short, and they don’t have the power to run longer than they do. So for major projects that involve lumber cutting, you’d be better off with a larger, more durable gas saw.

The design of the Egos can be a problem as well. There is no tether on the oil cap, so it’s easy to lose it. Especially if you don’t tighten it properly while cutting. Remember, this is placed on the side of the saw, at an angle, so an improperly fastened cap could leak what’s inside. This goes for the battery as well. While it is safely fastened to its socket in the saw, one wrong fitting and you could lose an expensive part.

Getting some spare parts could also be a problem. They are available at certain retailers, you’ll most likely be relying on the company website for them.

Final Verdict

EGO Power+ Chainsaw

So which one should you choose between the two models? Honestly – it depends on your personal preference. They both perform roughly the same, have the same RPM, the same chain and bar configuration, the same waterproof outer shell, and so on. 

So let’s break it down into “tasks”. If you have work to do on smaller weeds, branches and tree saplings, use EGO CS1400 (the 14"). If you want more reach and a longer battery life, go with EGO CS1600 (the 16"). Or ultimately, get both. They will only need one charger, meaning you will pay for two saws and one charging configuration.

We hope that this ego chainsaw review helps with your buying decision. An Ego chainsaw is the everyman’s dream come true. A powerful electric saw with a long-lasting Lithium 56V battery, a stainless steel bar, a waterproof outer coating and high RPM. What more could you ask for? 

Eco-friendly, efficient, elegant – Ego all the way.

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