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Shindaiwa EB802RT Backpack Blower Review

To a significant extent, the Shindaiwa EB802RT has incorporated features that make it easier to use than most backpack leaf blowers in the market. For those who wish to jump straight into the final verdict, here is a quick recap on what we think about the product.

Our Rating
  • High quality 79.2 cc 2-stroke engine
  • Able to move through wet and dry leaves/debris
  • Noise rating of 76 dB
  • Ideal for smaller areas, clear out about 672 square feet of area
  • Large fuel tank capacity - 68.3 fl oz
Shindaiwa EB802RT backpack blower review

Why Should You Invest in One?

In general, there are three types of leaf blowers that you can get from the market, handheld, backpack and walk behind. However, if you are planning to work on a medium to larger-sized yard, we would recommend you to get a backpack unit.

Usually, handheld blowers are lightweight and convenient (thanks to their cordless feature), however it may not be suitable to work on a larger sized yard over a long period of time, your hands will get weak and tired due to the vibration from the leaf blower during the long hours of operation. Hence, getting a backpack blower like the Shindaiwa EB802RT is your perfect resolution.

The Shindaiwa backpack leaf blower is efficient and can work for the whole day in a medium-sized yard or lawn. The great thing about a backpack leaf blower is that the weight is distributed all over the shoulders and back of the users. Thus, with the correct posture and proper usage, you may not feel a thing, or perhaps a minimal sore on your back after a whole day of blowing leaves.

More often than not, their backpack leaf blowers are more affordable and comfortable when compared to their handheld counterparts. Apart from blowing away leaves, you can even use them to blow away small layers of snow and some debris or dust around your home compound. Great idea, isn’t it?

Detailed Review of Shindaiwa EB802RT

Key Specifications

  • Type of Fuel: Gas
  • Displacement: 79.2 cc, 2-stroke engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 68.3 fl oz
  • Speed at Nozzle Tip (Round Pipe): 210 MPH
  • Speed at Nozzle Tip (Turbo Pipe): 243 MPH
  • Dry Weight: 24.9 lbs
  • Sound Level: 76 dB(A)


One attractive attribute of the Shindaiwa EB802RT backpack blower is that it is not intrusive or cumbersome. The weight is at 24.9 lbs. and it is the average weight of all the other backpack leaf blowers, which means that it is not too heavy or too light. The blower distributes weight properly on your back and has a small and lightweight design.

This unit makes use of hip controls, and for convenience, it has a cruise control and a kill switch which is very easy to access. This feature allows you to quickly turn it off in case of a hazard or when necessary. It also has a throttle lock. 


In terms of quietness during operation, Shindaiwa EB802RT emits about 101 dB(A) to the ear of the user and when you stand at most fifty feet away from it, you will only hear about 76 dB(A). The silent feature is a bonus because some leaf blowers can be very noisy and this is what put off people from purchasing one.


The Shindaiwa EB802RT blower has one of the highest air speeds when compared to a lot of leaf blowers available on the market, which is at 203 MPH. The manufacturer mentions that at top speed, it can even get up to 245 MPH. This makes it fast and powerful in clearing out your yard or lawn in no time!

Other than that, the unit generates about 28 newton’s of force which is quite efficient for a leaf blower its size. It is ideal for smaller areas and can clear out about 672 square feet of wet sand.


The Shindaiwa EB802RT blower is also very durable and reliable. It would last for a long time without getting damaged as long as proper maintenance, cleaning and storing is done right. Some users have even used the model for eight years without having to replace it or fix it.


Shindaiwa offers an attractive five years warranty for home use and two years for commercial purposes. This is why this backpack leaf blower is highly recommended to be used for home.

In addition, the manufacturer also provides a money back guarantee that lasts for seven days and this is also very attractive because it lets you test it at home for a while before you decide to keep or return it.

The Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and small which means that it does not put much pressure on the back and shoulders
  • Very easy to operate
  • The kill switch is easily accessible and it makes use of hip controls rather than pistol grip controls
  • A feature that keeps it standing upright when it is placed on the ground
  • Highly durable - last up to 8 years despite the 5 years warranty
  • Ideal for small yards, lawns and home use
  • High and powerful air speed
  • Consider quiet when being operated
  • Revs very quickly


  • Does not have an anti-vibration shock reduction.
  • Active cooling system not available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is hearing protection necessary?

The Shindaiwa EB802RT is one of the most silent backpack leaf blowers you can find. Its 76dB (A) is surprisingly lower than the average traffic noise someone hears. Despite this benefit, you, as the user, are still recommended to use hearing protection as a precaution. Check out this post if you are interested in one!


2. Is this model suitable to be used for commercial purposes?

As this Shindaiwa blower review has shown, the five years warranty for homeowners offered by the manufacturer indicates that this model is popular amongst homeowners.

Although there is no restriction stating that this unit cannot be used for commercial, we advised that you should just get a commercial unit for more powerful engine and longer coverage of warranty. 

All in all, the Shindaiwa EB802RT is more ideal for home use. If you are interested in a more powerful model, check out our list of good backpack blowers here.

3. What is the difference between the Shindaiwa EB802RT and the Shindaiwa EB802?

These two models are made from the same manufacturer and are pretty identical except from one difference between them. The EB802 makes use of hip controls, unlike the throttle handle of the EB802RT which is placed on its tube.

Final Verdict

Shindaiwa EB802RT Backpack Blower

Our Rating

The Shindaiwa EB802RT backpack leaf blower is very efficient, proficient and competent in doing what it was designed for. Although it emits less power than some other brands in the same category and price range, this is what makes it more ideal for homeowners and not in commercial settings. It has an impressive lifespan, durable design, and easy to use controls.

The Shindaiwa EB802RT would do its job very well and carry it out for a very long time. The model is nimble and efficient, plus the footplate is a nice addition.

With so much benefits and great features that this blower has to offer, we would definitely recommend EB802RT from Shindaiwa to any homeowner who owns a small to medium-sized yard or lawn, wishes to finish the leaves-collecting jobs in a short period of time.

shindaiwa blower review

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