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Echo PB 580T Reviews [Why Is This Blower Our Favourite?]

Most users compliment this product for its simplicity and effectiveness of use. Well, we have decided to test out ourself to find out if this model is truly as powerful as what people have claimed. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this blower.


Our Rating


The Echo PB-580T’s box contains one swivel pipe, two straight pipes, and the main unit. Assembly is simple – all you’ve got to do is put the throttle in place and lock the pipes. Fill it up with 50:1 gas and 2-stroke oil blend and you’re good to go with just one pull! Certainly a treat to hear that roar after just one pull.

It weighs 28 lbs but since you’re wearing it on your back, it’s no big burden. The shoulder straps are nicely padded making it comfortable to carry it around. This is such a welcome change from handheld blowers which leave your arms aching from all the carrying around.

When it comes to actually blowing leaves off the yard, the Echo PB-580T certainly packs a punch. Live in a heavily wooded area? Fall happened? No problem! Even a wet mountain of leaves stands no chance against the PB-580T’s 510cfm blast of air.

The handheld throttle gives you control over the blower’s speed. This is a nice touch from echo as it helps you save gas when you’re just walking around. Push the throttle to full speed and you will be cleaning your yard in minutes this fall instead of the hours it took you last year. It is indeed that powerful!

More power usually equals more noise but that is surprisingly not the case with this backpack blower. At full throttle, the sound meter shows just 70 dBA. The build quality is also excellent with a well-balanced mix of plastic and steel parts. The blower is perfect for home use as well as for handymen and landscaping businesses.

It is reasonably priced and certainly offers great value for money. The review below explains all the features of this versatile blower in detail.

What Makes This Backpack Blower Stands Out?

  • Easy to assemble and easy to start – just one pull!
  • Backpack mounted, so is easy to carry around as well
  • Super powerful air blast ensures quick cleanup
  • Silent operation – 70 dBA max. sound
  • Reasonable pricing and excellent value


Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.9 x 19.3 in

Weight: 28.6 lbs

Power Source: Gasoline-Powered

Max Air Flow: 510 cfm

Max Air Speed: 215 mph

General Overview And Features Of The Echo PB 580T Backpack blower

By going through this article, you will learn about the unique sides of this product. Does it have any drawbacks? What are the positive aspects of using this leaf blower? Read below in order to find out.

1) Power of the Device

Echo PB 580T reviews

For the purpose of reviewing this product, we have decided to purchase one and test it out on our own.

We have come to the realization that this is a very powerful product indeed.

In fact, its engine is powerful enough to create a maximum air speed of up to 215 miles per hour. 

As you can imagine, it can blow over even the most difficult and hardened piece of waste in your yard.

This backpack blower features a 2-stroke engine with a tube-mounted throttle which will guarantee the development of potentially great amounts of power that you can use for the purpose of cleaning out your yard of debris.

Also, we have found out that it’s very easy to modify the speed and the power of the device while it’s working.

There is a throttle where you can modify so that you can use this device to its maximum potential.

Different debris types and levels means that you will need to use different settings.

But this backpack blower makes it all worth your investment due to the easiness to change the speed and power during operation.

2) Handling of the Device

We have tried and carried the device while operating it and found that it’s actually quite easy to carry around, just like their handheld counterparts

The Echo PB 580t also features a powerfully ergonomic design that will help you wear the device in your hands without feeling tired at all.

This will lighten up the load significantly as you will be using both your arm and back muscles to operate the device.

Another positive, this device is very easy to handle . We have used a soft grip while working with it and the process was a breeze.

There is a handle on the device that can easily be modified depending on your personal style and preferences.

3) Durability of the Device

This device's durability is superb! You will be able to use it for years with proper storing and most users hardly ever complained about malfunctioning.

Add on top of that is the fact that you can use the device for hours without without having to refuel it. The container of the fuel will be visible at all times. 

This visibility factor adds another layer of practicality that many leaf blower models fail to implement.

4) Noise Levels

As is the case with most leaf blower, it produces a steady level of noise.

However, we found that the level of noise is no way as high compared to others.

In fact, it’s estimated that the Echo PB 580t produces only around 70 dB(A) of noise while operating.

When you take in the fact that this is an exceptionally powerful device that can reach a speed of up to 215 miles per hour – it makes perfect sense!

Long story short – you won’t have to be worry about excessive noise levels while using this device.

In any case, if you happen to find the noise unbearable – which is unusual given the relatively low noise output of the device – you will still be able to block out excessive noise with the help of noise-suppressing headphones.

5) Additional Features

There is another special option that this backpack blower features. If you work in hot climates, then you know just how difficult it can get with the sun shining on top of you while you work and sweat.

Well, this device is built in a way to cycle cold air around the person that uses the device.

Of course, we’re not talking about extremely cold air here. But just enough to help you feel all right even when the weather is freaking hot.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s very easy to assemble the device.
  • It’s highly durable and will last you a long time.
  • Very simple in terms of overall maintenance.
  • It’s very powerful.
  • Silent operation at only 70 dBA.


  • Plastic material looks cheap

What Could Be Improved?

No device in existence is perfect, and such is the case with this model. Most of the device is made of plastic. This is normally not the preferred choice of material for most people.

Also, the price of this device can be rather steep, as it’s usually sold for well over $300. 

That being said though, there are many other models that are even more expensive than that. To learn more, check out our post on the best backpack blowers that covers all their pros and cons. If you wish to own flagship models that will be very effective for use, then you can find a better model than this.

However, we felt that this backpack blower still packs a powerful punch in the sense that while it’s expensive – their pros outweighs their cons. 

It still maintains a powerful functionality and effectiveness of use. Hence, the 580T is still a great option for anyone that wishes to have a great leaf blower in their possession.

Final Verdict

Echo PB 580T Backpack Blower

Our verdict after testing this blower issuper effective and easy to use!

We particularly like the unique “cool-down” option that can circulate cold air around you and keep you cool during hot weather. 

Lastly, we also like the visibility factor where you can see how much fuel you have left in the device – it’s a Godsend when it comes to practicality. We rate this device 4.5 out of 5.

Our Rating

What we Liked:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Cool down option.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Powerful and Durable.

What we Disliked:

  • Plastic material.

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